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When Everything Old Is New Again

Remember that Peter Allen song? I found myself humming it window shopping down Madison.   When everything old i-is new-ew a-again. I took an early morning stroll, the only time to really get a good look in all the shop … Continue reading

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I’m Just Not That Kinda Girl

I saw someone this morning who brought up an unpleasant incident that happened over thirty-five years ago, an event I’ve taught myself never to think about. I had only met Joel once at a party Buffy, I’ll call her, had … Continue reading

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The Audrey Hepburn Of Wildlife

A friend of mine went to a pig roast recently. At first I thought she was joking…her way of saying there were be lots of food. Turns out, it was really a lavish picnic a best friend was having for … Continue reading

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Hell But It’s L’Oreal

I had a sobering experience yesterday that left me in a cosmetic swoon so to speak. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a long time model (nice term for old) who still goes on the proverbial go-see which … Continue reading

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Why We Still Love Lucy

I recently learned that if you go to http://www.cbs.com you can watch practically every I Love Lucy show there is. Last night I nestled in bed in front of my Mac with take-out which included a bag of Pepperidge Farm … Continue reading

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Grace is one of my favorite words. I not only love what it means but how it sounds as well. It has a pure, unassuming ring that reminds me of all things good and noble. I have a friend who, … Continue reading

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I’ve had 5 major aesthetic influences in my life whose likenesses and differences commingled spilling over to me. They’re the reason I’ve looked the same for 35 years. Wow, did I just admit that? This post was inspired by my … Continue reading

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I love Audrey Hepburn.                                                         When I get depressed I’ll turn both phones off, climb into bed with Oreos and a sack of M&Ms and watch Sabrina, Roman Holiday and Funny Face in one glorious sitting. Just seeing her … Continue reading

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It’s Just a Hat Godammit

The other day I mentioned that I bought myself a new hat that has fake fur inside. I received an email from someone who, because I’m so well mannered will remain nameless, claimed rather passionately that I should be ashamed … Continue reading

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