It’s Just The Kinda Girl I Am

It was pouring yesterday morning when I woke up.

I had worked the day before leaving much too early to be able to run so I really needed some exercise.

Rather than running clothes, I donned my ripped jeans, gray hoodie and Hunter rain boots that make me look like Teddy Roosevelt charging up San Juan Hill venturing out to walk.

My neighbor Polly, who was paying for her breakfast order as I was leaving, told me I was nuts for going out in this rain. “Someone’s gonna murder you Susannah,” she said, chomping on a strip of bacon.

“Thanks Polly, I’ll keep that in mind while I’m out, and how bout a plate to go with that?”

Before heading to the park I popped into The Corner Cafe for coffee where I saw Colleen, an Irish woman I see there every day, who was bitching about the rain.

“But Colleen, doesn’t it remind you of Ireland?” I said, attempting to dispel her despair.

“Actually yes,” she said frowning even more. “It’s awful there too.”

I laughed, not being able to help myself since I felt just the opposite. When it rains Central Park positively glistens. All its colors come out to greet you as though it just got a fresh coat of paint.

It got me thinking.

I never let weather get in my way, same as all the critters who live within its borders. The birds and squirrels were all out doing what they always do along with a raccoon I saw, casually eating an apple. It’s awe-inspiring how nature isn’t afraid of itself; life resumes regardless of what’s falling from the heavens.

It dawned on me I’m like that too. I stay my course no matter what and realize I get it from my mother. She got up at 5 o’clock every day, “with the birds,” she always said, and despite what was going on good or bad in her life never strayed from her morning routine.

DNA certainly shows up in more than chromosomes since genetic info can be collected merely by observing ones actions.

I found myself in the throes of gratitude feeling privileged to be in the park without a care in the world, a feeling I wish one could bottle.

It’s uncanny how I never feel alone there. Nature is a powerful presence if you kindly allow her in. I had so much company including just the right amount of runners whirling by to insure my safety…

which brings me back to my optimistic neighbor…

“I mean it Susannah, how can you go out in this awful weather?” asked Polly like a dog with a bone.

“It’s just the kinda girl I am I guess,” I said, disappearing down the stairwell leaving her disapproval behind.

  Happiness, after all, is a decision one makes.


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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16 Responses to It’s Just The Kinda Girl I Am

  1. I think you need to do a Dove commercial…just saying. Badass with a Baguette, slaying one emotional vampire after the next so that happiness can rein on! I’m so glad you enjoyed your walk even on a rainy day.


    • Don’t laugh but I’ve been using Dove for years. My mother used to mail it to me all over the world as if they didn’t have soap in foreign countries. To be honest, the couple times I’ve switched I felt the difference. Most soaps leave your skin very dry. See, I’m doing a commercial just for you. I love ‘Badass with a Baguette’ by the way. Funny – you are very funny.


  2. kerrycooks says:

    Great post and lovely picture Susannah!!


  3. jimmie chew says:

    you look so happy!!!


    • I remember that was taken on a job and while working outside it began to pour so everyone ran into this boys club, note the trophies in the background. A nice woman who had a cafe next door brought all the models tea, scones and towels because we got so wet. I remember feeling so moved by her kindness hence, that grin.


  4. Alva Chinn says:

    Love this !!! I have requested of my fb friends that just for this month, May(I am a bull, in more ways than I care to enumerate) not to post any negativity. The world is filled with “me-awareness” folks, who are functioning on a fear driven/closed off basis. They just don’t get it that what you focus on manifests. I certainly know that one from my own behavior! Appreciation for what is, finding the gifts in something so necessary as rain seems so simple; after all without rain…


    • You know Alva, it took a long time to appreciate something as simple as rain. My glass was always half empty but I’m managing to see through that glass more clearly. I only wish it didn’t take me this long.


  5. D. D. Syrdal says:

    What a wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Nature is such a balm for the soul, I’m glad you got out despite the rain. I hear from so many people that as soon as it rains they want to take a nap and pull the covers over their head. If I did that I’d never get out of bed here in Oregon 😉


    • I hear Oregon is beautiful and wonderfully peaceful. Want to visit one day.


      • Katherine Boyle says:

        Yes, being British you soon learn that if you let rain affect your plans then life would be over!! Carry on regardless (cue the movie)! The park is so peaceful in the rain and shouldn’t be missed. Gorg photo, too.


      • My father, who was stationed in England during World War II said, English women had the most beautiful skin because of the rain. I always think of that when it’s a wet, misty day. I figure if nothing else my face is getting a good spritz.


  6. Vasca says:

    I love rain…smells so wonderful and it gives everything a sparkle. Don’t want to do w/o it and believe me, in Texas we could use much more of the blessed stuff.

    Happiness is a state of mind; wouldn’t it be fantastic is people could/would adopt it permanently? I love it.

    Thanks for doing your part to pass it around…maybe others will ‘catch’ it.


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