I’ve been hearing an awful lot about Mitt Romney these days. I’m not very politically minded so for me to be tuning in there’s definitely something in the air.

Let’s start with his name…

why Mitt?         

Was his father a baseball fan, his mother a cook? I’m wondering if that’s part of the reason why he just seems different from the rest of us.

I mean, Barack Obama’s Black so he’s the one who should stand out being the first African  American President and all, but I’m thinking Mitt, you’re in a category all your own, aren’t ya buddy? Remember the expression ‘the cheese stands alone’? I think what we might have here is a big hunk of recalled Gargonzola.    

The story about him as a young man being so incensed over the color of a fellow student’s hair, that along with a group of peers, wrestled him to the ground and cut it off is a rather    disturbing one.

Boys will be boys though so I could easily understand why they did what they did, but how can Mitt say he doesn’t remember doing it?   Is he that removed?

I hated a girl named Debby in high school and told everyone she slept with our biology teacher. I was jealous of her popularity and she did fool around with my boyfriend, which certainly didn’t justify my act, but I never denied doing it. Am I proud of what I did? No, but I was a hormonally challenged 16 year old who has long since forgiven herself.

Does Mitt think we’ll judge him without mercy if he admits to what he did? Is he worried we won’t like him? From the looks of it, that ship may have already sailed.

Kids can be cruel, plain and simply. You read about it all the time but how many of them want to be president?

Now there’s a poll waiting to be taken.

Sometimes a person is so innately insensitive cruelty eludes them entirely. They just aren’t wired for it. Take dog fighting for instance, those who advocate it don’t even see what a heinous crime they’re committing because to them, they’re just animals after all. Who cares if it’s cruel? Say hello to Nikki who was one of the lucky ones to be rescued from a ring.

Which brings me to the Romney family ‘dog in a cage on top of the car’ business. For those of you who may not know, on a family vacation rather than the backseat of the car, Fido Romney was strapped to its roof. In many states there’s an animal cruelty law so Mitt could have gotten a hefty fine for that, of course if he’s elected president it’s a law he can always overturn.

Now to be honest, I haven’t been so thrilled with Obama either but I’ve given him lots of leeway and will continue to do so because of the mess he inherited from the Bush Administration. I think there’s a good chance, especially after what he said about gay marriage this past week, he could have a much more passionate second term. It was brave saying that gay couples should be allowed to marry.

It reminded me of the Founders who believed in the freedom to worship among other things still found in our precious Bill of Rights. It takes real guts to go against the grain, even nowadays.

Did you know Benjamin Franklin, despite strong opposition, was responsible for the first synagogue in Philadelphia? At his funeral in 1790 all its congregants walked behind his casket in gratitude.

Wonder what Mitt would say about that? A tisket a-tasket, a green and yellow basket?

I’m always lauding The American Presidents Series published by Times Books that really give you a peek at our past leaders, and we’ve certainly had some great ones.

To be honest, not since Bill Clinton have I ever really been moved by any in my lifetime which can explain my lukewarm interest in the next presidential election.   

Why Clinton? Because he was smart, kind and authentic despite his flaws and always got up off the mat no matter what was thrown at him even if it was due to his own inappropriate behavior. No one’s perfect, but unless you allow your humanity to come through I’m going to find you more than a little scary.

So Mitt, I’m thinking, maybe you need to develop a lot more character not to mention compassion before you decide to lead the nation.     

When that happens, by all means, let’s talk since you are awfully cute and in the meantime, keep that pooch off the roof, will ya?   

A-tisket a-tasket,

a green and yellow basket

I wrote a letter to my love

And on the way I dropped it…



About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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25 Responses to Mitt

  1. gmg says:

    I agree about Romney. I am also a big supporter of Obama. Bush was a disaster.


  2. Mitt….dear lord, what can I say other than his talents would be much better served as a Brooks Brothers mannequin. Also, before he starts preaching his views on “a marriage is between one man and one woman” he better take a peak at his family tree, especially the Great-great grandfather branch that includes 12 WIVES. You got the pressure up this morning!


  3. D. D. Syrdal says:

    I hadn’t heard about the dog on the roof incident. Now I am firmly convinced he’s an insensitive, entitled prick completely detached from reality. As they say, we judge a society by how it treats its weakest members. If that’s how he treats the family pet, I can only imagine how he’d treat a human with mental impairment.


  4. Rob says:

    I am surprised you don’t take more interest in politics: you’ve always struck me as quite a caring person. I’m very far from an expert on US politics (about five thousand miles far from!) but as a general principal, I wouldn’t trust a Republican as far as I could spit him.
    I like your post. I love the way you sneak the humour into the simplest of statements.


    • Thanks Rob. I’m always worried I’ll come off like a clown but, I do find the humor in everything. It runs in my family, same as how to make marinara sauce.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rob says:

        Well, I find I’m laughing at the thought of your recipe guide being amusing somehow. You’ve already got me and I haven’t heard it yet! Don’t be worried about being a clown: this world will benefit from folk who take themselves a little less seriously and the gift of laughter should not be spurned.


      • I like the word spurned. Well, I couldn’t pen something seriously political if my life depended on it. I’ve actually tried to have more gravitas – I come off so dull, just not my 20 as they say on the Lower East Side.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Rob says:

        Your 20 what? Me no understandee!


      • It’s an expression that means, ‘not my thing to do.’ Going out with much younger than me is not my 20. Steak is not my 20. Camping is definitely not my 20.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Rob says:

        OK, thanks for that.


  5. hal says:

    You certainly have a lot of liberal readers ! I don’t tune in for the politics I tune in to be entertained of which you do a great job !


  6. Vasca says:

    Yeah, it takes guts to go against the grain; I suppose it depends on whose grain you’re going against…these days everyone’s going against grains!

    Open your mouth and speak…no matter…aargh. Do something…do anything…aargh. And IF you should ever foolishly aspire for any public office…oh wow…batten down the hatches. Everything you ever did, said or thought automatically becomes someone’s ‘grain’.

    Plenty of targets for the stale baguettes!


  7. Vasca says:

    Correct and I can only hope none of my loved ones are of the same accord…suicide!


  8. Jed says:

    Insightful essay, as usual.
    But one more item re: Mitt (no pun intended).
    He’s the most spectacular liar of any candidate in memory. Even Nixon, who lied about 40% of the time was a mere piker compared with The Mitten (and I’ve studied this very carefully) who lies approximately 80, yes 80% of the time. He and his magic underwear, yes, magic underwear, should repair to his new car elevator and atone for his sins.


  9. Vasca says:

    Info concerning the Morman ‘magic underwear’ is out there for public reading. They have their practices just as many other religious organizations do.

    I was under the impression that lying is required to run for office. I must be mistaken; my bad.


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