Caught Between Realms

There’s a story gaining rapid speed about a former FBI agent who claims she saw angels on September 11, 2001; she’s even written a book called Shadow of a Badge: A Spiritual Memoir.

Three hours after it happened, Lillie Leonardi was sent to the crash site of United Airlines Flight 93 on route from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco, California that went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania after it was hijacked by 4 al-Qaeda terrorists 45 minutes after takeoff.

When she got there burning pine and jet fuel stung her nostrils and the entire site was eerily quiet, she said.  

“A white mist then began to take shape. It moved and swirled in patterns of spectacular white light. All at once, the mist took full shape and I saw what appeared to be angels…

There were angels standing in the open area to the left of the crash site. There were hundreds of  them standing in columns. There was a field of angels emerging from the realms of the mist. They were Archangels with their wings arched up toward the sky.” 

Kenneth McCabe, her supervisor at the time of the attacks, said after reading the whole book he totally believes her. He also understands why the Flight 93 site was so different from the other two attack sites.

“There were no bodies – not one,” he said. “It looked as if the ground had swallowed up the entire plane…At least in New York and Washington there was the devastation to witness but here, except for seeing someone in the distance, in the woods looking for things, there was nothing.”

Apparently there was a Bible recovered barely damaged turned to the 23rd Psalm…My Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want…though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

I’ll admit that initiated a noteworthy chill.

I find the whole thing more than a little fascinating even though some are saying her claims are due to post-traumatic stress disorder even eleven years later.

She kept her visions to herself for two years before beginning to tell friends. Now she wants everyone, especially the families of the victims, to know that God was there that day.

This is where I’m stumped unless somebody else is holding back vital angelic information. Wouldn’t he also have been at the Towers and the Pentagon? Why only in Pennsylvania?

I mean she saw 100s of angels she said for 44 passengers and crew (and 4 terrorists). What about the other 2,996 people who perished that day or am I just nitpicking?

I’m not making fun of her purposely, quite the contrary since I too believe in paranormal activity of all sorts. I’ve personally had more than one inexplicable experience, like the time I stepped off a curb forgetting the street was a 2 way when someone pulled me back. When I turned around to thank them, there was no one there. All I know is, if that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t be here telling you about it. I would have been an 18 year old hit and run who would have gratefully missed September 11th not to mention three quarters of her life.

As far as angels go, I lean more toward the Wim Wender type variety. In Wings of Desire, his 1987 film about angels in our midst (great movie) Bruno Ganz, who looked as if Agnes b. dressed him,  is my kinda archangel more than Mike and Gabe, but then again, who am I to say?     If Gabriel showed himself to me I’m sure I’d be as thrilled as our spiritual author.

Lillie, who was raised Roman Catholic like myself, insists this is what she saw so I’ve chosen to believe her despite my questions.

Why you’re wondering?

Because It means at least at one of those three unspeakable sites on that bewildering, unearthly day the fallen, as we remember them, were indeed not alone.

I know we could shoot her story full of holes from many different angels I mean angles, but we can also deem comfort from it.

I still can’t get over the events on September 11, 2001 even over a decade later so I say, let’s give Ms Leonardi the benefit of the doubt even if it may be a shot in hell, like that fateful  Tuesday in September that changed the world forever.

We have nothing to lose after all when you consider how much was lost already…

I’m just saying.


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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8 Responses to Caught Between Realms

  1. I have a thought…since Flight 93 was the last plane to go down, perhaps the large crowd of angels were actually all the others who perished earlier coming for them. It was the first thing that came to my mind…who knows. You have my brain working early this morning!


    • Hmm, now there’s a thought. The whole matter is quite thought provoking if you have clearly have nothing to do like me. She’s doing a book tour and the lecture circuit so you know she’s going to get ripped to shreds. I give her credit for that. I’m sure she’ll sell books too.


  2. Vasca says:

    Incidents such as she describes in her book are not accepted by the majority; after all, who knows what took place except the one involved. No one knows; most don’t understand.
    Having had a near death experience, I view such things differently. (I didn’t reveal what happened to me even my husband ’til several years later) He believes me. People tend to view such things w/a jaundiced eye! I still see mine 100% vividly.
    I’ve also had several different things that scared the wits out of me…I keep those quiet…because they all occured a day before the actual events took place…that’s most upsetting.
    Lillie didn’t get to be an FBI agent for nothing…she must be very intelligent…I truly hope she doesn’t get ripped to pieces but I imagine she will be. People are skeptics and can be very cruel.
    True, she’ll sell books…some will say that’s her only motive…she’s the one who knows the truth.


  3. Katherine Boyle says:

    I hope it’s true. What a comfort it would be


  4. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Just because no one has come forward claiming to have seen angels at the other sites doesn’t mean they weren’t there. I’d bet real money there are all kinds of untold stories from the other crash sites.

    Do I believe her? I’m willing to keep an open mind. Like you, I’ve had my share of inexplicable experiences. My own mother had a near-death experience that she did talk about (along with many other odd experiences) so I totally believe there is something beyond this level of existence. Well, you know how woo-woo I can be 😉


    • I like that side of you. I think the more sensitive one is the more that can happen. Remember seeing a woman in an old mansion in Charlottesville Virginia I thought was a fellow guest. Nope, she was the original owner and the house was built in Jefferson’s time. OOPS


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