Bad Breeding

A guy I worked with showed me pictures of his new puppy named Teddy.

“Is he a rescue?” Always my first question.

“No, got him from a breeder.” To my credit I didn’t pull his larynx out with the tweezers I keep in my make-up bag, but I wanted to.

Now he’s not the sharpest tool in the box but he did see me stiffen. Ray Charles would have caught my not so pleased reaction since my whole being bristled forced to digest what it just heard.

“I’d never go to a pet shop you know…I draw the line there,” this lamebrain said, trying hard to backpedal.

“Where do you think pet shop animals come from (we’ll call him Sid), the stork?”

It really irks me knowing what I know. images-10Thousands of unwanted, healthy animals get put down daily across the world, but you went to a breeder? images-12

I didn’t verbally attack him because if I had it would have been regretful for both of us, but the truth is, if more people adopted there would be fewer breeders out there. Teddy, a husky, who cost a minimum five grand is cute, no question, but if Sid had gone online I’d bet a kidney he would have found cute in no time. images-16

There’s a site for every breed. You want a collie, a cocker, a rot, even a pit….they’re out there.  images-11And so are amazing individuals who happily will go to great lengths to help you.

Teri adopted Bengi, her beloved Yorkie, from a no kill shelter in Virginia. He was put on a plane in his little crate and before she could say, He’s mine,” he was. All she had to do was pay his airfare and the shelter split the cost.

Alva, who comes across as anything but tough, acquired Cookie, her beloved puppy, after watching her previous owner abuse her. All I can say is, that man’s lucky he still has balls in their rightful place since they could be on Alva’s mantle.

Sam, the French bulldog, hails from Colorado. His owner died of AIDS so John, who just lost his long time lover to the disease, in his memory adopted Sam.

And there are cats too…images-17

Mary, an actress, went to New Orleans to help after Katrina and came home with Cricket who for the first year only sat on the highest cabinet for fear a wave was coming. Breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

Ella rescued a colony of cats that are now acclimating and healing at her house. Here’s a picture of the kitten, Poupette, having one of her first home cooked meals. csc_0200 Look at that grateful face.

My dear pal J.W. along with a slew of adopted dogs, took in Smudge and Smokey, two full-grown cats someone left in front of his vets after Hurricane Sandy. My theory is they lost their home since this took place in Jersey where so many were hit and had no choice but to leave them there. Very romantic conjecture on my part, but they were so taken care of it might not be too far from the truth.

J.W. took them home, fed them turkey from his hand to win their trust and let them live in the bathroom till they decided to meet their brethren. J.W. came home one day to find them all snuggled on the couch like old friends. Nature, if you give her time, always works it out. A lesson in patience and faith to the rest of us.

I can go on and on but you get my point, I’m sure.  images-15

There’s a thuggy Irish guy who owns a pack of rescues I see in the Park….a character right out of the film Gangs of New York. He often wears a T-shirt that says…


Adopt, don’t buy…it will change your life…images-14



About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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32 Responses to Bad Breeding

  1. jimmie chew says:

    wish you could have talked to him before he got the puppy, but this pup need’d a home too.
    tell him to ADOPT a friend for it 🙂


    • I know, but some people just want a dog with no history. What they don’t realize is, not all breeders are kind and you have no idea how these animals are treated before you get them. Ignorance and an itchy wallet are bliss.


  2. gmg says:

    You are absolutely correct, Susannah. Adotped animals are the BEST. My three rescue cats concur with this.


  3. katecrimmins says:

    I have 4 rescued cats. I didn’t mean to have 4 but it happens. My allergic girlfriend found a black kitten in her back yard. They stopped at my house on the way to the shelter and never made it there. Then after my other two passed on, he needed a friend so I adopted Molly who also needed a friend so I adopted Hazel. Then this past spring I went to the shelter to donate towels and there was a one-eyed cat that I was sure no one would adopt so she came home with me. (I am not allowed to go to the shelter unescorted!) Each one is wonderful. They are all beautiful, well behaved and house broken. Nothing says home more than the unconditional love of a pet that is waiting to greet you.


  4. Alva Chinn says:

    Well, I am honored to be in this post. Yes tis true I staved off anger and did the right thing for my beloved Cookie. She is a treasure! I also rescued a kitten who was/is the craziest animal to date who as a little one was running from a Korean deli into the next door diner where I was eating breakfast. Both Cookie and I are kind to this wild child. There is never a need to go to a breeder.


    • Hi Alva, star of stage, screen and post…I’m sure Cookie is a great sibling for this wild child. Everywhere you look there’s an animal in need. Cat colonies everywhere you go not to mention the overcrowded shelters. Many of the no kill places send them to places who will put them down. So upsetting. You’re wonderful for taking in another pet.


  5. gmg says:

    They are so appreciative of the good home. They give back in innumerable ways. People can adopt pedigree animals as well. There are sooo many of them out there.


  6. Next time you see that Irish guy in the park, hug him for me. Love you creative new background photo, Suannah!


  7. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Pet shops are the worst, they take them from backyard breeders. There are ‘good’ breeders out there who don’t abuse their animals, but still, there are so many unwanted animals wasting away in tiny cages in shelters, it’s really hard to find any justification for paying for a designer dog.


  8. pmahaney says:

    We were given a very playful toy poodle from a friend whose mom was unable to care for her anymore, and she’s a blast to have around. We call her vicious, but she is anything but.


  9. skinnyuz2b says:

    You are absolutely right, Susannah! I had a Teddy. He was an old gray matted Persian that was supposed to be put to sleep. The vet asked if he could try to find a home for him, and luckily the owner agreed. Teddy lived with us happily for the remaining two years of his life.


  10. anon says:

    You create the impression that all breeders are bad and all rescuers are good. I doubt that’s true. I absolutely support folk trying to fulfill their pet needs from rescues wherever possible. But let’s not start an unjustified witch-hunt. Guilt by association or shared name is no guilt at all.


    • I realize you bought Smudge, at least I think you did…my point is…there are many Smudges out there…breeds…that may have started at a breeder but ended up at a shelter…


      • anon says:

        That is correct. I’m only saying it’s not fair to tar them all with the same brush. Smudge came from a farm where they bred collies to control sheep. She was too small to be any use as a sheepdog (my chickens gang up on her) so they sold her to me.
        I also got two rabbits from a rescue. I was assured that, because they were two brothers who had always been together, they would be fine in the same hutch. When they started tearing strips out of each other, I had to take one back.
        If everyone only bought dogs from rescues, within thirty years there’d be no dogs.


      • You make a fair point…but I still feel adoption should be more front and center. Just now on my way back from Starbucks I visited Rosie the florist cat like I do most mornings. She’s the sweetest thing…nothing special breed wise, just a pretty, ordinary cat. If they didn’t need one to scare off the mice she wouldn’t still be on the planet. 1000s of Rosies get euthanized every day not to mention plain, little puppies without lineage no one wants…and who’s to say of you didn’t take Smudge who they felt wasn’t perfect enough to do her job, she wouldn’t have ended up…well…I hate to go there. The whole matter is very upsetting to me. I’m too well educated over it. Jennifer Panton taught me I’m going to say too well. Breaks my heart. Spaying should be free…then we’d have fewer casualties. I could go on and on. At least you adopted a rabbit. Hurrah for that.


      • anon says:

        Well I certainly agree with you on the “front and centre” point. As to Smudge’s fate had we not bought her, I can’t be sure of course, but I think it unlikely she would have come to grief. The farmer’s wife was absolutely gooey with her and in tears when we took her away. She was a sweet little thing!


      • That makes me feel better…gooey is a great image…I bet she was cute as a button…that Smudge.


  11. Patricia says:

    The cats I have had have been found cats… either by me or a friend. Then there’s Teddy he came from a shelter. My parents did buy me a poodle when I was a kid. I think it was a good breeder because we all had to go to her house and be interviewed before we could even see the dog. Missy was a wonderful dog-sister to have for 16 years.


    • I had a cat called Missy. I fostered her for a woman who was sick…kept her when she died of cancer. I’m sure there are decent breeders out there…just can’t bear the thought of so many unwanted animals that would make great pets. Teddy was very lucky.


  12. GoddessJessi says:

    Reblogged this on Animalia and commented:
    So many bad breeders, who DONT do what is REQUIRED rescues are ALWAYS more grateful! RESCUE TODAY


    • Thank you for reblogging. Not everyone was so happy with my point of view. I’m told there are good breeders out there and if there weren’t we wouldn’t have dogs at all in 30 years. Of course I beg to differ. No dogs? There are so many homeless puppies. I think we could never run out of those who need loving homes. Thanks again.


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