Fur The Love Of Dogs

My friend Carmella the basset hound got a fur coat for Christmas. I ran into her and her mistress who wore the exact same one. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was drinking.
Did the furrier have a few extra pelts on hand? I wish I took a picture but I’m not too acquainted with Carmela’s mother. Her father is another story. As a matter of fact, I really like him and since he speaks no English whatsoever, that’s saying something. A man in his early 60s with long gray hair flowing down his back, he looks like an aging handsome hippie in jeans and a nice blazer. His wife, on the hand, has that…I wear the pants face. Carmela, when she saw me gave me a look as if to say, if I were you I wouldn’t recognize me right now.

Women, what can I say.
I don’t wear fur. I can’t. I remember my ex giving me a rabbit hat one Christmas. I wore it once realizing I just couldn’t. I kept hearing the squeals of all the bunnies sacrificed for flippant fashion. It was my one and only gripe with Audrey Hepburn when she posed for a Blackglama.
I’m disturbed Carmela, who you know if she were explained the facts, would never agree to parade around at the mercy of her brethren.
I mean what are her friends going think. Who’s going to tell her? images-2

I saw her again later on in the yard when she was wearing the blue, hand knitted sweater Delia, the cook, made her. images Her father was out there too watering his plants. I so wanted to say something but alas, the language barrier prevented me. It also stops me from asking, so whaddya doin later Senor?

I’m just saying..

“Hola Susannah.”

“Hola, como esta usted?”

“Estoy bien.”


“Hoy hace un frio que pela.”

“Alrighty then.”

I know it’s cold out there, but I have one word for ya Senor how I wish you were single…

How does one say layers in Spanish?

And as far as Carmela goes, there are other ways to be chic…take it from me. images-1



About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Amazon.com. Thanks.
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25 Responses to Fur The Love Of Dogs

  1. Hahaha! I’m dying because MY family thinks I’m crazy just for looking at slippers for Peanut, meanwhile this woman is out buying fur to put over fur, which is way more crazy for so many reasons.
    My dear friend is always dressing up her handicapped Pit Chloe. Over the holiday she had her wearing a faux fur coat with pearls and a a Happy New Year hat. She looked like Baby Jane and yes I told her.
    Ps. Something tells me Carmella is secretly wishing her master was single too!


    • Wouldn’t that be nice. Of course I’d be headed straight to Berlitz to polish up on my Spanish Senora Top Down. Your friend’s pit has a pal…Just now I saw a hotdog in a mauve turtleneck with matching socks. Like it’s epidemic here in the Big Apple.


  2. Is that Carmela in the last picture? Very cute.


  3. Jeanette Hamilton says:

    Like you, I’ve been anti-fur since long before it was cool. Back in the 80 ‘s I once borrowed a friend’s fur coat to wear to a special occasion but I’ve never had one on my back since nor will I ever again. I think people and animals are much more attractive in knitted or woven fibers. I love your animal photos! They are so sweet.


    • Google Images for most of them…I’m not the paint throwing type when I see a woman clad in sable or mink…but I always say a little prayer that next time they’ll choose more compassionately. I hate when someone says…minks are raised for this…it’s so ignorant and PETA educates harshly so you really see the cruelty involved. It’s the only way to get women, and some men, to get it.


  4. skinnyuz2b says:

    A dog in a fur coat? There is something wrong with this on so many plains.


  5. katecrimmins says:

    Back in the 60s it was fashionable around here to have a coat with a mink collar (since people couldn’t afford the real thing). My sister-in-law and mother had one. At a party I walked into the “coat” room to see my then cat laying on top, licking all the mink collars. I guess she was cleaning them up. Never told anyone as people can get grossed out.


  6. micklively says:

    Another lovely post: thanks Susannah. I worry about the stance on fur. There are so many unspeakable things “we” do to animals; killing them for fur seems quite tame in the great scheme of things. But I support the sentiment of your argument and I know it was well meant.
    Happy new year.


    • I think the fewer who buy it…fewer killed…my fantasy…and we need to start somewhere. I do know many wearers don’t care about the cruelty issues. I said earlier that once you know something, you own it. You can’t very well pretend you didn’t get it right. PETA gets criticized for its in your face approach, but how else do you get the rich and furred to pay attention since they live in their own little stratosphere.


      • micklively says:

        Good question: I don’t know. In an ideal world, we’d all be vegetarians. But why fur but not leather? Why mammals, birds and fish but not insects? We’re making species extinct at the rate of five each day. Given that we (homo sapiens) have been on this planet for only one ten-thousandth of it’s existence, we have a lot to answer for.


      • Yes we do and I’d be the last to argue. I was walking the other day watching the geese snoozing early in the morning. It started me thinking how we shoot them because they cause airplane accidents. Don’t like that idea…after all they were here first. They look so beautiful asleep in their wings minding their own business. So many things like that equally as troubling.


      • micklively says:

        Yes, it’s sick. We’ve just had a major badger cull in the UK because it’s alleged they give cattle TB. Why they didn’t innoculate instead, I will never understand.


      • No one cares about wildlife anymore, and those who do are outnumbered. So sad.


  7. poor Carmella! Loved this post… you need a Spanish app for your phone!


  8. Patricia says:

    Teddy would be appalled.


  9. backonmyown says:

    You made me smile. If you want to flirt with Señor, you can access an online Spanish/English dictionary. Some of them will translate whole sentences for you. 🙂


    • I do, but he’s taken so I should behave. He’s kind…as I’ve gotten older that leaves a big impression on me, and throw in that basset hound and well…I could flirt in ten languages till the cows come home 🙂 It is like riding a bike.


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