When Someone Depreciates Your Writing

Had two things happen.

First I get a personal e-mail from someone I don’t even know asking why I don’t read their blog. Then they say, if you don’t read my blog, I’m no longer reading yours.

Okay, because I’m so well-mannered you will remain nameless, plus I won’t call you names like asshole and blowhard, but here’s my truth.

I don’t read your blog because, and I don’t say this meanly, it just doesn’t interest me. I only read blogs that do and not even all the time. You know why? I’m too busy writing.

You also don’t make me think, laugh or want to comment. So I ask you, what’s the point…just to get your numbers up?

Rather than harass a perfect stranger, why not use your time more wisely as in improving your skill. And here’s another tip, like Joseph Campbell said (who’s that? Look him the fuck up) write because you have to not because you’re bored.

You want a hobby? Macrame’ or collect stamps.

At my worse moment, like at the emergency room, I’m writing. That’s how I know it’s serious business.

I’ve heard bloggers will go down their list of followers hitting their LIKE button (mine doesn’t even work) without bothering to read the content.

I’d rather have a handful of readers who enjoy what I write than 300 LIKES who couldn’t care less, and so should you.

Oh yeah, one more thing, didn’t your mother teach you, if you can’t say something nice in an e-mail don’t e-mail at all?

That said.

I just had words with an editor, one I’ve worked with before, who clearly doesn’t like my writing. After a tug-of-war over everything, I finally gave up. I said, “You know, you just don’t enjoy my prose…let’s call it what it is.”

He told me I need to get a tougher hide. If my hide was any tougher you could make a saddle out of it.

He has no sense of humor, problem number one. I don’t care what the theme is, I approach it with mirth and merriment. Why? It’s my style. You want Charles Dickens, exhume the sonovabitch and pay him.

Why ask me for a piece when you really want someone else to write it?

A mystery that, needless to say, will stay one.

By the way, this isn’t ego, but more my sanity that’s protesting. The stress of it all has made my hearing symptoms worse, something I can’t allow to happen, even for a decent buck.

The quality of one’s life needs to come first…and the games people play tend to interfere.

Though I have other issues, control isn’t one of them. Life’s too short to micromanage.

I’m more in the, live and let live camp.

I recently had a great experience with an editor, also one I’ve worked with before, who asked me to write a novella for a new eBook site, which I did, while she did the editing. It was one of the nicest experiences I’ve ever had.

So I can honestly say I’m not being too temperamental with this other person.

You try your best…you speak your truth…

and that’s all she wrote.



About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Amazon.com. Thanks.
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31 Responses to When Someone Depreciates Your Writing

  1. micklively says:

    I hate to roll out my lefty credentials (yet again) but what you’re describing is a symptom of capitalist economics. The blog world is driven by visitor numbers because that’s the yard-stick of the advertising community. Publishers don’t give a damn about quality or literature: their watch words are cost and sales. There are more aspiring writers than publishing niches, so the price (i.e writers’ wages) go down. We live in a supermarket world: never mind the quality, feel the width.
    Your writing is vibrant, funny, compassionate, astute and visionary. I’m still yearning for your book. Don’t let the twats get to you.


    • You never cease to make me laugh…I love the term twat but the Connecticut in me will not let me use it…also…supermarket world is a great image. I know what you’re saying and it’s my chronic naivete to think otherwise.

      Have you ever delved into that now famous Julia Cameron book the Artist’s Way? She talks about writing three pages in the morning to get the kinks out before you actually start writing…blogging though I write on essay form and not just stream of consciousness drivel which is what she recommends, it does that for me…gets me to my next place on the page.

      It’s made me a better writer and treating posting five days a week like a job, has been so beneficial.

      I think the bottom line is Mick…you just have to love to write and everything else is bullshit.


  2. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, I know exactly what you mean about people stopping by your blog, not reading anything, and just hitting ‘like’. And it’s usually for my Home page that contains an intro, but no stories. It didn’t take long in my blogging career to figure that one out.
    I think I told you before, that although there are several blogs I read as often as I can, there is only one that I follow – YOURS.


  3. I have found one of the hardest thing about blogging is keeping up on all the reading. I read yours faithfully because I truly enjoy your writing, but I have also reached the conclusion that I don’t have time to read stuff I don’t enjoy on the hope the person will come and read my stuff too. That person is reading with all the wrong motives. And as for that editor, we can all just write in our own style, right? That’s the only way it’ll be at all authentic.


    • You know I love your writing…was so thrilled you were recently published…and you’re right, there isn’t enough time to read everything so you need to be choosy and there’s nothing wrong with that…I do read the ones I like. Sometimes I’m even too tired to comment and like I said, my LIKE button is on the fritz and WordPress is very truant in regards to fixing things. The only thing they’re really good at is extracting their annual fee from your credit card.

      And yes, staying faithful to our style is the only way to be authentic. I think many editors are frustrated because they’re not writing themselves so they take it out on you. The second one I mentioned is very gifted in her own right and has at least three books under her belt so largess looms from her when she works alongside you.

      It makes all the difference if you’re faithful to your art.


      • That’s a good point about editors. I think I would get frustrated being around writing all day and not having time to work on my own. Another thing that is a problem or at least an issue is when I’m editing something for someone, I have to draw the line between correcting bad writing and changing things that just aren’t my style. Some editors might just object to things that aren’t how they would say it.


      • You’re totally right. I remember a piece More Magazine asked me to pen about short hair…a no brainer you would think, right? By the time the thing went to press I was embarrassed my name was on it. It was so dull and humorless…she took out every joke and turned it into her writing, which I happen to be familiar with.

        Here’s another example. David Sedaris whom I love, penned a piece for Harpers Bazaar last month that was fairly homogenized and after reading it thinking, wow…that wasn’t one of his best pieces. Then it dawned on me, they probably edited the shit out of it, taking the Sedaris out of the Sedaris. It blows trying to make a buck writing.


      • Wow, if someone like David Sedaris isn’t immune to editor bleaching, what hope do the rest of us have? You’d think they’d want to keep his trademark style, but I guess it all depends on the editor and the market.


      • Now that was only a guess, but a pretty good one because you know how funny he is. This was moderately so. Maybe you can get your hands on last month’s HB.

        You could feel the restraint.


      • Here’s another story I like: John Steinbeck sent some pages to his publisher for perusal…the editor says to his secretary, “This is so odd…it doesn’t even sound like John.” The secretary says, “I corrected all of his grammar before I gave it to you.” And the publisher said, “Well, you just took the Steinbeck out of Steinbeck.” Love that…my ex friend Jed told that to me.


      • Ha, I’m trying to picture the dialogue in Grapes of Wrath with perfect grammar and diction. πŸ™‚ It would suck all the authenticity out of it, for sure.


      • Isn’t that a great story πŸ™‚


  4. jimmie chew says:

    πŸ™‚ I don’t even blog anymore and every blog I read before goes in the junk pile but yours! I love the way you write. was it Rumpy who e-mailed you?? She gets over 300 likes and there’s no story, ever! Just a woof woof here and there and a pic of a dog. I don’t understand why you don’t have 300 likes but I sure am glad I can read your post every morn and you make me smile. keep it up S.B don’t let the crazy people get to ya!


    • Dearest Jimmie…you’re the sweetest cat by far, and yes I did hear Rumpy Dog hits all her LIKE buttons without reading anything. What can I say? Who has that kind of time?

      I miss Jimmiechew.com. See, your blog was one I read πŸ™‚


  5. katecrimmins says:

    Your post made me laugh. When I was a new blogger I got freshly pressed. What a freaking mess. I thought I should at least visit and read all the new followers. A lot of them were crap. Many weren’t even legitimate. I think some bloggers just follow others in the hope that the blogger will follow them back. Like you I don’t have time to read stuff that doesn’t interest me. I used to follow a blogger who was a professional writer. She wrote well but most of the time she was posting selfies. No time for that. Delete, delete! As for the like button, sometimes I just hit that if I don’t have time to comment or if I am so late in the game that anything I would say has already been said. It’s sort of “hi, I was here and loved it” kind of message. Sometimes I read but don’t ‘like’ because well….I don’t like it or it doesn’t reflect my beliefs. I love your blog (AND you love animals too!) and was reading it before you discovered me. I only grow by reading better stuff and I can’t expect better writers to want to read my stuff. You are also right that there isn’t enough time to read the stuff you WANT to read.


    • Glad we agree on all of this. I was waiting for someone to slam me over the head. You try to be polite and fair without cashing yourself in by wasting time on stuff that doesn’t serve you in any way, and there’s tons of it out there.

      I like humble writers who just write without preening on the page like a kitty on a window sill.

      Reading makes us better writers, I’m really convinced of this but it also depends what you read…there is a difference between Jane Austen and Jackie Collins.

      Love your blog too, as you know πŸ™‚


      • katecrimmins says:

        I can’t even imagine email anyone demanding that your blog be read. People never cease to amaze me. There is a time for everything. A Jackie Collins is good every once in a while although Janet Evanovich is my evil author of choice.


      • I was only making a cheap point…I loved Jackie Susann…used to sneak her under the covers so my mother wouldn’t see, though it was her book Lol.


  6. As rarely as I post these days, i still make it a point to see what you’re up to. I have always enjoyed your blog. I’ve even shared a few with others that I thought would enjoy it. I’m a proud and happy fan of A Thin Girl!


  7. Patricia says:

    There are weird peeps out there. Those that think their blogs are more than just blogs need to look are their lives and re-evaluate their priorities. There are blogs that are important…ones that have a message and a serious reason for being written and usually written by professionals.. But many, if not most, are written by people who like to write and want to share themselves or something they are passionate about. Blogs by non-professional writers/bloggers are entertainment not “must read or miss the greatest words ever written”. Although, sometimes the words are great.
    OK, I am on a rant. Back to follow me or else. I say who cares. I will follow the blogs I like for whatever reason it is that I like them. They don’t have to follow me…and many don’t. And if someone reads my blogs I am happy but that won’t make my decision on whether or not to follow them.
    Unless you are making money…or trying to…just enjoy the process of writing. Blog stats are just numbers not a cure for what ails the world.
    End of rant… here… I may have to blog about this πŸ™‚


    • All true…for me it’s made me a better writer and makes me show up for what I love to do. It’s a wonderful tool. Pressure shouldn’t be at the helm, this is for sure. You’re great when you rant by the way πŸ™‚

      Could use a Day of Grace.


  8. manty67 says:

    Here here well said πŸ™‚ x


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