It’s Ms Lewinsky To You

Nothing like resurrecting yourself from the ashes of ashes.

Monica Lewinsky is once again all over the news. In case you live under a rock, she in 1996 at twenty-two (now forty) gave the most famous blowjob in U.S. history, that we know of that is. I’m certain there are others we’re not privy to that could top hers, but you work with what you’ve got (I heard Snow White was caught with Sneezy, but Disney hushed it up).

This morning as it was being delivered door to door, I was accosted by her face on the front of The New York Post images who naturally will use her up and coming Vanity Fair article to sell a gazillion papers.

The post headline…”MY LIFE SUCKS” is so original, and as a woman in Starbucks said, “Don’t you think it would have been wiser for her to shut-up?”

I have no idea why she consented to such a piece, but I can guess. Money…and I’m not saying it’s necessarily a greedy move.

Where Bill Clinton is still lauded everyplace he goes, she probably can’t buy milk without hearing an ugly slur. And we know how kind co-workers can be if you had Monica in the next cubicle. She probably can’t get a job where she’s remotely comfortable.

Clinton is a very charming man. I had heard this for years, but recently felt it for myself. I was working as a greeter at a fund raiser when he swept in. He looks as if he’s back lit, his silvery hair picking up light like a strobe. When he shook my hand it was warm…ah, I thought, he’s one of those men who barely needs a sheet when he sleeps. He even thanked me for being there even though he was just a guest. When I told him my name he said, “Su-zayna? with a zay or an aes?” See, and he wasn’t even flirting, this is just him flying on autopilot.

Imagine being a young, hormonal girl in his daily vicinity. It’s like a hungry fox walking into a hunter’s kitchen.  images-1

And when he said, he never had sex with her, I remember saying that too when I was fifteen doing everything, but, in the back of Tommy Cosgrove’s father’s Caddie.

Oral sex is sex, and can be much messier than the old in and out, like eating fried chicken with your hands. And to think Bill almost got impeached just like Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s successor. Of course he wasn’t accused of having his pants down around his ankles, but Congress did acquit them both (Johnson suspended Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War, without Senate permission).

I think the republicans were just jealous there were no lusty interns willing to blow their horns, if you will.

Personally I think it’s great we forgave old Bill, but don’t quite understand why Monica’s still wiggling on the hook.

Her latest rendition (like every time Sinatra came out of retirement and sang My Way), I was wronged, we’re both to blame, they made me the scapegoat, is because the lady needs cash, plain and simple.

And by the way, who doesn’t?

Vanity Fair is no shoddy rag. They pay well and will at least make her look less like the bimbo the Post is portraying her as, plus the quality of their photography is legendary.

One of things that stayed with me was when Bill gave Monica a copy of Walt Whitman’s famous book of poetry, Leaves of Grass, images a very nice and sensitive gift. Makes you wonder if he actually had sex what he might have given her. Keys to the Library of  Congress?

I like when she said…

“Sure, my boss took advantage of me, “but I will always remain firm on this point: it was a consensual relationship. Any `abuse’ came in the aftermath, when I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position.” 

If you don’t buy that, just look who’s still standing.

Frankly blowjobs bore me. Like my friend Ed says, why engage when you can do such a better job yourself. The fact that she was seduced and succumbed, pun intended, to his oozing sex appeal isn’t all that fascinating.

What is though, is how many people will buy the June issue of Vanity Fair to read about it all over again.  images-2



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I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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23 Responses to It’s Ms Lewinsky To You

  1. micklively says:

    Monica must have known, even at the tender age of twenty-two, where it was all likely to end. I can’t believe that, having spent time in the White House, she didn’t recognise a political survivor, with all that entails. So they are each equally to blame for BJs and cigars but you wouldn’t get into a fight with a crocodile and then complain about his flagrant aggression (always assuming you were alive to complain). It’s a tough world and rarely a fair one. It should be fair but proceeding as though it is won’t make it so and you’re likely to get mauled.
    If Monica can milk prurient public interest for a few bucks then more fool them and good luck to her.


    • I agree Mick…I hope she makes a tidy sum since, whether deserved or not, she got the shorter end of the stick…if you will. She was 22, and at that age it’s all about flattery and jumping in headfirst. All she knew was she was being singled out by the sexy leader of the free world. I’m not excusing the indiscretion although we do make mountains out of everything here in the old U.S of A. But it’s just not interesting enough to get this much play. And it will play like a broken 45 the minute Vanity Fair comes out.


  2. The headline “My Life Sucks” makes me laugh. What a teenage thing to say. Plus, it just comes off as whining, I think, and not really anything earth-shaking to “break her silence” about. But that’s what sell papers, I guess.


    • The Post is famous for bad headlines. When I think Alexander Hamilton started the paper in 1801, he must roll around in his dust down at Trinity Graveyard.

      Of course Hilary may run for president again so, who knows who’s behind the interview. All those sick powers that be David we never meet eye to eye.


  3. katecrimmins says:

    I too thought the timing was politically motivated. Back in the day I thought Monica was naïve to think he would leave his wife for her. I’ve seen it in business a lot — sweet young secretary and older successful executive with sad tales of “the wife.” But today that’s no excuse. I did feel badly that she received the shorter end of the stick but I can’t understand why in 20 years she couldn’t turn this around! So many other women have. I hope she can get over this on her way to the bank.


    • Women differ in strength…she clearly has iffy survivor skills. I would have moved to France where they’d celebrate rather than stone her.

      The Clintons are trippy, and tricky…Hilary blames her, not Bill. Kinda funny yet you know they don’t do it anymore. What does she expect. He’s as randy as they come, no pun truly, intended.


      • katecrimmins says:

        The news clip I heard said she had moved to London. I didn’t think they would care there. She could have changed her name if she was that troubled. France would be a good move. She would be celebrated for sure.

        What? They don’t do it? Yikes!


      • Of course she could have rebuilt her life. I have empathy…I do. He should have helped her discreetly. I know that sounds crazy, but if he wasn’t who he was, what she would did have been no big deal…plus he lied to make it all the more tawdry.


  4. No doubt politically motivated and I’m sure she was paid a hefty sum for telling her story for the ten millionth time. I think the more interesting story would be how this all resurrected. Talk about beating a dead horse!


    • I’d kill to know how much…it’s out already. My newsstand has it featured in their window. I went in to ask,”What happened to Yoga Journal?” This Indian guy said…”No, Mo-no-cak much more interesten than down dog.” He’s a yoga enthusiast. One day I came in and he was standing on his head. Couldn’t make this stuff up Top…By the way…I went to your site to see what’s up, and was thinking…to kick start your comeback, why not reblog your Mother’s Day piece about your Mom…love that and it will get life With The Top Down on the road sooner than later…Miss her.


  5. skinnyuz2b says:

    I can’t really blame Monica for cashing in. Who knows what I’d do in her place (hopefully I would not be in her place). And I do believe Clinton was a very intelligent and good president, despite his shortcomings, ha ha. Just think of Kennedy.


    • Can you imagine JFK in office now? I read about his antics and can’t quite believe it. I wish what happened wasn’t such a big deal. The drama clearly caused unnecessary pain.


  6. So true, so true! Had read an article about her this week and was wondering what your thoughts would be. So glad to have read this.


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