Everything Old Is New Again: And In Your Closet

images Just now I was perusing the window of the over-priced boutique downstairs admiring a chocolate brown velvet blazer.

What a great jacket, I muttered to myself imagining it with jeans, a peekaboo camisole  underneath…a little cleavage winking at the random passer-by.

The mere thought made me feel 45 again.

Then it hit me. I already have one. Not that I’ve worn it in fifteen years, but sure enough there it was, buried behind my hot pink Versace suit some asshole at an art opening burnt a hole in.

Rule of thumb:

Before I buy anything, I first need to check my closet because three out of five times I already own it, in some fashion, pun intended.

My style never alters. I’ve looked the same since I was 20 with a bit of pruning here and there. I no longer wear bright leather pants in the summer, stilettos with shorts or a hot pink suit at all…but my taste rarely wanders beyond the backyard.

It explains why I own over thirty little black dresses in various shapes and lengths. I could easily dress a Sicilian village providing they had pumps, pearls and perhaps a waistline.

I think I was 40 when it dawned on me I kept buying the same piece of clothing over and over again…jeans in various states of slimness, when holes in your knees came from wear, not the whim of Anna Wintour.

The classic black cardigan for winter, beige in spring, white after Memorial Day. A man’s white button-down under a cozy black cashmere turtleneck every girl deserves to have..cuffs worn on the outside. A chic navy pants suit that can be worn anywhere with flats before 5, heels after 7… and last but not least, my inimitable Barbour jacket I plan on being buried in.

Even my, It Happened One Night pajamas don’t change. I still look like Fred MacMurray every time I go to bed. Hell, the bottoms are so roomy I could rent space in the seat.

I will say, sometimes even the best of the best needs to be passed on. If I look at something and feel no nostalgia, I know it’s time.

Take that hot pink suit for instance…Housing Works may have a new acquisition when they open at 11. I can see the tag now…BUY AS IS…that hole in the sleeve making it less than a perfect deal, but someone with supreme sewing skills like my pal E-vita, or Betsy Ross for instance…if she were to buy it, would make it good as new stitching  a five-pointed star where that idiot’s ash landed.

and no one (but me and Betsy and perhaps E-vita) would be the wiser.





About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Amazon.com. Thanks.
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20 Responses to Everything Old Is New Again: And In Your Closet

  1. Lynn says:

    Susannah, I just did a purge in my closet last week & found a number of gems. Tucked in the very back were a couple of suit bags. I had no idea what the hell was in them.

    One was a purple suede suit with shoulder pads as wide as the closet. I still have no idea where it came from…it was not mine. (Think my sister in law may have given it to my husband when she cleaned out their mom’s closet somehow thinking I might wear it?) Perhaps if it was 1980. I did not ask my husband as he would have wanted to keep it.

    The other was my going away suit from our wedding almost 32 years ago. I know, I am a sentimental fool. The good news is it is a classic suit, beautiful wool with a pencil skirt. The bad news is, the waist on is would fit a 10 year old!

    They both went in the purge pile:)


    • One was a purple suede suit with shoulder pads as wide as the closet…love that…I have a couple of those. You look like a very chic box.

      You sure you don’t want to keep that pencil skirt…how sweet you wore it that day. My things hold little sentiment. Also, love your husband would have opted to keep the purple suit…he sounds like a bit of a collector…nice way of saying hoarder.

      Excellent you purged.


  2. micklively says:

    I guess, like all women, you have two fundamental problems: never anything to wear and never enough wardrobe space. 😉


  3. katecrimmins says:

    I am guilty of the same thing. I have bought the something because I forgot I had it. Navy jackets are my downfall. I have several in different lengths and fits. My fav is an old LRL double breasted one with brass buttons. All I need is the captain’s hat to go with it but I love it. Now when I look at things, they look familiar so I expect that my tastes which did moderate a little in my thirties have remained the same. I like classic with an occasional funky piece that’s cheap enough to use for a season or two and toss.


  4. skinnyuz2b says:

    I went through a Velvet phase in the 80s. I paid a seamstress to sew velvet skirts in every style including gypsy (popular at the time), jackets and coats. I still have one of the swing coats and a maroon jacket. I wish I still had the black velvet jeans that fit like a glove. Unfortunately I wore the butt out, not that it would fit now anyway. Instead of like a glove I’d be more like a stuffed sausage that burst the casing.


    • Velvet…you just made me think of Elvis. I guess we’ve all gone through extreme sartorial stages…I should have framed my pleather pants…what a laugh they’d have gotten over and over again especially when you saw how the seams kept splitting. Talk about sausage skins.


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