Ebola…Silence…And A Bassett Packing

DSC01322I had three people ask if I was worried about contracting the Ebola virus since it hit New York City.

Well, not till you mentioned it. I have so many problems right now, it’s the last thing I need to keep me up at night.

I’ll begin with my hearing that’s at an all time low. When my eye sight took a dive then came back, my left ear took a powder. I’m hoping it will raise itself since it’s happened before, but so far after a week, it remains missing in action.

I’ve learned not to panic since in the past it’s cost me emotionally and financially. I have faith in my body to heal itself even though it takes its sweet time.

As you know, patience isn’t one of my strong points.

In the interim, I isolate so not to explain, grateful for the library where you can’t talk along with the few friends I still have keeping me afloat with a constant stream of hope and support.

Yes, my list of near ones has lessened. If you had told me this, I would never have believed it. For those of you who don’t know, hearing loss is not contagious…inconvenient, but not catchy.

I’m shaky where I live, the new owners of my building being rude and bullish, the biggest cause of my insomnia concerned I’ll lose my home.

I’m told I have rights, but the thought of fighting big business puts me in a swoon.

Nothing in my life is stable at the moment, and here we have the icing on the cake I’d like to send back to the bleakest of bakeries.

Carmela’s parents need to move since their rented town house is tripling in price. They’re looking in the neighborhood, but so far have found nothing they like. They did see a house 35 blocks away that sounds like a real possibility.

You know what that means…me and Tubala will more than likely part ways.

My friend Chris said, “You can go there…jog even, and see her anyway.”

Yeah, and don’t think I wouldn’t do that.

But her parents are strange. To this day I haven’t their number though I’ve given them mine several times, never to be used.

If I go there and no one’s home, I leave. It’s right around the corner.

I have visions showing up at their new house with Carm in the window barking her big head off, while no one’s there not taking the time to tell me.

They don’t treat me with very much consideration, something I don’t take personally training myself to ignore it because all I care about is Carmela and the time we spend together.

To my credit, I’ve made it work.

Her companionship these last six months has been the best medicine for me…that unconditional affection humans find hard to give.

Now for those of you who, due to circumstance, have had to be separated from a loving four-legged friend, then you’ll understand how my heart’s breaking.

Ebola? Doesn’t come close to losing my girl…and as the Tobey Maguire character says to Jeff Bridges in the film Seabiscuit, and I’ll paraphrase.


Love, it doesn’t always come with legal ownership, but that doesn’t make it any less so.


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Amazon.com. Thanks.
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19 Responses to Ebola…Silence…And A Bassett Packing

  1. skinnyuz2b says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Carmella’s move, Susannah. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that a nearby apt magically presents itself to them. I’d suggest volunteering at an animal shelter, but know I couldn’t do it myself. I’d end up like one of those animal horders, and agonize over the ones that don’t get homes.


    • This is sadly true. The last cat I fostered lived with me for 12 years. I get so attached. The thought of not seeing Carmela makes me cry. I’ve decided the only thing to do is take it walk by walk.

      When I think about it, it was a grace they let me take her considering they hardly knew me at the time. I appreciate the empathy Skinny, and who knows how it will play out.


  2. micklively says:

    I am sorry that things seem to be so stacked against you. Canine friendship is such a boost when you’re feeling low. As of the end of BST yesterday, I only get to walk Smudge and Lola at weekends until Spring hops over the windowsill. Nothing sounds the knell of winter like the loss of my “constitutional” with the girls.
    I would have thought a back-yard deficient place like Manhattan would ever offer a surfeit of under-exercised pooches. I know you love Carmela, but there must be other candidates for your ministrations?


    • This seems to be the general opinion, but we’ve bonded and it will be tough to see her go if that is the case. It was only a year ago when we first met…she was just a puppy then and was she cute. She’d stick her head out of the gate and I’d rub her ears. I also liked her dad back then. He’s sweet…but the moment his wife came on the scene the temperature dropped. He actually just gave me a gift from Carmela…a 2015 dog calender…that was big since generosity isn’t one of their strong suits, unless of course you countletting me have her…they never walk her…if I didn’t come on the weekend she’d never get out…only onto the lanai to do her business.

      The maids take care of her during the week, and I don’t know what that’s like. I’m being judgmental…can’t help it.

      I like the image of you walking with your dogs.


      • micklively says:

        I think my presence on our outings is only a technical imperative. I certainly do not feel in charge in any way. Lola is such a tart! Anything in trousers. And Smudge only wants me when she can’t find someone else to wang her tennis ball. But it is good to be out in the fresh air, to sojourn with nature, after a day in the office. I can’t imagine owning a dog and either letting someone else take exercise duties or keeping him/her cooped.


      • micklively says:

        I heard this (again) last night and it reminded me of your post:
        Everybody needs a change
        A chance to check out the new
        But you’re the only one to see
        The changes you take yourself through
        Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
        Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, pretty mama
        Cause I’ll be standing in the wings
        When you check it out
        (Stevie Wonder)


      • I love that song too…:)


  3. katecrimmins says:

    I’m so sorry. I’ve lost more than one animal in my life and it’s never easy. Animals accept you for what you are. They don’t care about stuff and aren’t judgmental. They live in the moment and that’s what you will have to do for now. Not sure what’s going on with the owners. Why get a dog if you don’t want to spend time with them. Maybe the wife thinks you’d prefer to walk the husband?


    • Thanks. I’m sorry too at the whole prospect of it. I knew they’d eventually leave but I figured it was way down the road. The wife treats me like the help…she has no use for me…I ignore it. The husband is much sweeter and I met him first. He’s the one who started letting me come get her. The wife, after giving me the once over, I guess decided I was no threat. She’s very Evita Peronish. What can I say.
      They got the dog for their 20 year-old daughter who doesn’t even live here. A Xmas gift.
      Yeah, I know…it all blows.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lynn says:

    I find it so strange that Carmela’s owners treat you with such indifference. My beloved dog was like my 3rd child. If someone had cared enough to want him in their life, to take the time week after week to spend time together, I would want to know that person better.

    I am certain Carmela will be as heartbroken as you if she moves away. Hoping that her owners are able to source something close enough in order for you to continue this beautiful bond.


    • They’re from Argentina, and their attitudes over many things are very different. They love her, just not the way we love our animals. They have no desire to take care of her…they pet her, I see that. She was unwell a couple of weeks ago and they sent her to the vet. I’m pretty sure they didn’t take her, but took care of her from a distance.

      They know I love her, but are very casual about it. I think they think I’m nutty. Who else would walk a dog for free. It was never about money anyway…it was just this funny, sweet animal poking her head through an iron fence who stole my heart.


  5. Elle Knowles says:

    I love the Carmella stories and will miss the posts about you and Carmella as much as you will miss her if it comes down to that. I can tell how much you are attached to her….Hopefully, things will turn around for you soon in the sight and hearing department. I try to be so patient with H because all that loud band music during his teaching times have taken a toll on his hearing.


    • Not being able to fully hear is a bitch for everyone. I just came from a job and virtually heard nothing, the room was so huge and the ambient noise had me by the short hair, as it were.

      As far as my Basset friend goes, I hope she doesn’t move too far but I’m preparing myself.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. MJ says:

    Love this pic of Waddles & Slim! Anybody but Carmela would have been upstaged by those stunning cheekbones of yours, but she’s stealing the show with her canine version of muffin top. And with such aplomb—no zaftig lady in a too-tight bra es la tubala. I wonder if she senses your concern, and has some thoughts of her own about the possibility of seeing less of her favorite person.


    • I love the idea of Carmela having a muffin top…she has put on a little weight to be sure…so would I if I only walked a couple times a week…the least they should get her is a treadmill.

      I’m trying to be light about this, but it’s all an act.


  7. That’s really sad. You two have a special relationship. It’d be so nice if they gave her to you when they moved, but I guess the world doesn’t work that way usually. Is that a picture of you two at the park?


  8. Umm, no they cannot move. Carmella cannot be without you … she just can’t. Beautiful photo!


    • I’m hopefully going to walk her later though it’s cold and the marathon is happening…traffic. plus Madam is more a summer gal. I left them a note to please get out her sweater, or sueter, in Spanish…something like that.


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