Whitney’s Little Girl

images-2 I’ve been finding the story of Bobbi Kristina Brown found face down in a bathtub a week ago Saturday (Jan.31), more than a little disturbing.

Her mother, Whitney Houston at 48, was found dead on Feb. 11, 2012, of an accidental drowning in a hotel bathtub in Los Angeles — just a night before the Grammy Awards.   

How uncanny some say…how sad I say, also being left the unfortunate inheritance of addiction I’ve managed gratefully to elude.

This poor kid who lost her mom not only tragically, but publicly clearly never working through her grief, is now on life-support at a Georgia Hospital. How do I know she was still grieving? Would you be bathing almost three years to the day your mother drowned under the influence otherwise?

She’s only 21 years-old, an aspiring singer trying desperately to resurrect (or join) the woman she had to love most. images-5 There are rumors something suspicious may have occurred involving her longtime boyfriend, Nick Gordon, she has a history of domestic violence with causing the family to ban him from her bedside.

Her father, singer Bobby Brown, has been lavishly lauded by the press for being by his daughter’s side as she fights for her life. I ask you Bobby, did you have to wait until she was comatose to be there for her?

Where were you last Saturday when she was reenacting her mother’s last moments? Parenting for the press just doesn’t cut it there pal.

Did he or anyone else ever suggest college courtesy of all that music money her mother left, possibly launching this young woman rather than stunting her growth?

Reading her family have all gathered at the hospital also made me mad. Again, why didn’t they gather before history grimly repeated itself?

Didn’t they see it coming like a slow train? Three days before she was found, a warrant was issued for her arrest failing to appear in court for driving with an expired registration.

Wasn’t that a clue of sorts…bad behavior…irresponsibility? Doesn’t take Einstein to do the math on that one. She was headed for tragedy as if it were previously programmed into her GPS, unregistered or not.

I’m also tired of everyone blaming Cissy Houston for not being able to do more for her daughter or granddaughter. Addiction is the devil in a syringe, bottle or pill. Once it takes hold, one needs the jaws of life to be extricated. This young girl introduced to drugs and alcohol as if they were siblings didn’t seem to have had a fighting chance, and I’m certain her granny did try, but you attempt sparring with Lucifer and tell me how well you do. Did I mention she’s 81?

An intervention might have been proposed hoping Bobbi Kristina would see the light, because what you learn quickly in AA and Narcotics Anonymous…until you make up your mind to get straight, no one else can do it for you…but they can support and show love so she’d know she wasn’t alone…all sadly moot as Bobbi breathes from the respirator her father refuses to shut off still expecting a miracle.

Years ago before she was a household word, I was invited to hear Whitney Houston sing. I’ll never forget how beautiful she was, virginal one can say nesting in the womb of fame. When she opened her mouth it was as if heaven swung open its doors.

How did this angelic creature end up in a bathtub dead…and now her only daughter who may remain on life-support awaiting that miracle for God knows how long, follow suit?

We learned from Sunny von Bulow (28 years), images one can stay hooked up to machines eternally if the money holds out.

I hope that little girl either opens her eyes in the same state she shut them, or they let her peacefully go into the arms of a mother she so plaintively missed.

images-3 People should be seriously screened before given the privilege of parenthood.


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Amazon.com. Thanks.
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35 Responses to Whitney’s Little Girl

  1. micklively says:

    Pre-screening parents sounds like a fascist idea, though I can see where you’re coming from. Fucked-up kids of fucked-up parents is not a new phenomenon.


    • I come back from a pretty bizarre background myself. What I meant by that was, parenthood is a grace and I believe that kid’s in a coma because of the house she grew up in…and they had a responsibility bringing her into this world. I wasn’t fortunate enough to be a parent…they were so lucky and could have done a better job. Thanks for writing.


      • micklively says:

        I’m sure you’re quite right on all counts. I don’t doubt Ms Brown has been very badly served.


      • My heart has learned to open for those with addiction, but I can’t help being angry this young life is hanging by a thread at best. You know Mick, they were all blessed with talent and recognition that should never have produced the hubris of, we can have kids and still do drugs. They had a job to raise her well…I’m hardly a fascist but if this makes me one, so be it.


      • micklively says:

        I don’t, for one moment, think you’re a fascist. I’m just very nervous about intervention in such matters. Who could you trust?
        Trust is the root of the problem. Stars can’t trust anyone: everyone is after their wealth. Whitney had the problem from both sides: the hoi polloi wanted a piece of her, while her friends and family were yelling that Bobby Brown is a nightmare. Result: nowhere left to turn.
        Being broke has some advantages.


      • I felt for her, believe me, but that child will not recover. That’s all I see right now.


  2. b268@class74 says:

    I went to t.u.s. with you. Shared a class in spring’72. I remember “Troj”. He would tell “doc” what’s the story auree(sp) You would twirl doc’s hair and he say “Miss. carnesky, behave yourself. Please contact.


  3. bob181 says:

    I went to T.U.S with you. I remember Troj telling “doc” “what’s the story auree” Please contact. Thanks


    • Wow…how can you remember me from so long ago…Richard Trojanouski was my first real boyfriend way back when.

      Liked by 1 person

      • bob181 says:

        Please send me an email i can contact you at. I’m not a troll or nut job. My best friend ken valley dated Kathy Swhing (sp) The nice teacher you talked about must be MRS Tucker. Rebock had ice water in veins turned to vinegar! “norm” the science teacher was hot for her!. I’m so happy for you your dreams can true. When you graduated in ’72 saw you picture in bridgeport post 1973. Said she’s on her way. I’m so glad i found your site – all by accident while on google


      • Yes, I’m all over Google. I appreciate you reading the blog. Thanks.


  4. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, our three youngest children are adopted. We had to go through tons of red tape, counseling, interviews, background checks and a foot-high pile of paperwork. Can you imagine if ALL couples had to go through this before becoming parents?


    • I know it sounds unnatural, but you were and are great parents. What if you weren’t? I don’t know. I’m getting flack for that remark, but remember I was an abused kid and that’s where it stems from…


  5. Sad is an understatement. This poor girl was a wreck and lonely wreck. I too hope that Bobby B. comes to his senses to let her go. “No change” is not a good sign. He is holding on to his guilt.
    As for pre-screening I’m all for it. We have a fucked-up family on our block that are seriously part rabbit!!


  6. I have always said that you should have a license to prune a tree (people do dreadful jobs of that, making them look like mushrooms and squares or pathetic stumps). Parenting is a more critical skill and all you need to be one are functioning parts. I read an interesting article that the human race will dumb itself out as the people who produce the most offspring are not the smartest or the ones with values. Dumbing down isn’t so far fetched as women in some middle east countries aren’t allowed to go to school. How do you learn? How can you make a better life for your kids? I can’t even fathom what happened in this family. So much talent and the money for the appropriate treatments. The press is all over the place with what’s going on here. All I can do is hope for the best. However, sometimes even those who survive don’t go on to be healed. Perhaps pruning and parenting should both require a license.


  7. Oh, how I have loved reading this and the comments. Parenting is hard. It is the most difficult thing I have ever done. I have two completely different daughters. One loves the bad boys and her life shows it, the other – straight and narrow. It is only by God’s grace that they survived me! This whole issue is more than sad. The demise of Whitney was such a shame, a great talent, a life extinguished much too early, and the life of her daughter just hanging there. Having a mother die is difficult enough, but to do it in public view, while you have a history or not functioning right, is almost a sentence of failure to thrive. It is a sad, sad situation. Well written, I think you handled this subject great.


  8. Elle Knowles says:

    This is such a sad story and you are right about screening. It could save a lot of heartache Susannah. ~Elle


  9. I hadn’t heard about that. It seems like some families just have a tragic time of it, no matter (or maybe, because of) how outwardly successful they are. I hope she wakes up.


  10. pmahaney says:

    So much money, and living a very public life can be very nice, but obviously have grave consequences. Money and fame can’t mend a broken heart.


  11. b2B says:

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    • I haven’t heard anything lately…I’m glad they didn’t choose the anniversary of her mom’s passing to take her off life-support. Found that very disturbing. She’s only 21. My heart breaks for her.


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