The Hubris Of Harrison Ford

It was all over the news.  Indiana Jones images-2 was forced to make an emergency landing in his vintage World War II airplane on a Venice, California golf course surviving miraculously with minimal injuries. A nice way of saying he crashed, but beautifully, they said, due to his piloting skills.  Doesn’t look so beautiful to me.  images I use the term hubris, Greek for excessive pride or self-confidence.  In other words, an alternate name for balls the size of bongos.

Harrison Ford should be worth a zillion dollars by now no longer living in the real world. Simple things may elude him propelling him to go higher, no pun intended.

Reminds me of JFK Jr. who wasn’t as lucky killing himself and two others due to his inherited hubris.  Unlike Mr Ford, he didn’t even know how to fly his new Piper Saratoga he took to the skies with an injury no less.

Wealth comes with entitlement making you feel infallible, special, adhering to your own rules.  Simplicity is no longer an option.  Money means, you can buy fifty of everything, whether you need them or not, like when you were kid in a penny candy store.  I guess Harrison is bored with what the rest of us perceive as normal, like spending the day reading a book.

Trouble is, those who love you, like his wife Carlista Flockhart who has begged him not to fly anymore unless it’s in first-class, aren’t too thrilled.

I’ve often mused about being rich, how would it change my life.  I know I’d buy a great house, but just one…not six.  I wouldn’t even want a summer home. I’d opt for great hotels and enjoy the amenities minus the responsibility. But the other thing I’m certain of, I wouldn’t waste it, putting it to good use, the way Brad and Angelina Pitt have done.

Who knows, Harrison Ford could be as generous with others as he is with himself.  I’m not privy to his philanthropy one way or the other. I’m just saying how amazing it must be to find yourself in such a graced position. Talk about powerful…someone like him with unlimited resources could change the world.

I actually saw him recently coming out of the J. Crew Mens Shop toting a bunch of parcels. Even if you didn’t recognize him, you’d look since he is all male oozing testosterone like a musky cologne.  For a 72 year-old, all I can say is, you just say when and where, and I’ll be there…but on the ground, please.

He used to be a carpenter, like Jesus, so I can’t help but to think how rather than buy another plane to crash, I mean emergency land, he could build a school, become a little Amish in nature like the film he was in (Witness). images-1 Imagine being able to make something that could change a life.  Apparently his carpentry skills are that impressive.

So Mr. Ford, in case you read this (and the way Google links things it’s not impossible), since you were so blessed emerging with your life intact unlike John, perhaps you could dig out that toolbox I’m sure you still have behind all those Tom Ford suits and J. Crew khakis and build something, like a hospital.

Whaddaya say?   images Alright!



About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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36 Responses to The Hubris Of Harrison Ford

  1. I thought about the crash the other day. I know he’s getting up there. The thought occurred to me, your up (possibly the only skilled pilot in the plane) by yourself, or with passengers, maybe family, and your no spring chicken. What if you have a heart attack? Mr. Ford might reason, “Well I’ll go out doing what I love.” Yep…but you’ll go all the same, and possibly not alone. Its just a thought, but one I hope that weighs heavily on him.


  2. cayetanoj says:


    Harrison Ford imágenes previas a estrellarse y fo…:


  3. AF says:

    Excellent post!


  4. seroword says:

    All I have to add is that he’s a very introverted man, as anyone who has watched his televised interviews will know. He’s very nervous in front of camera, and with rumors that he takes pain medication beforehand to deal with it all. With actors that are this way with the press, news stories like this come as no surprise to me, and it’s very hard to judge exactly what he’s going through.

    To be honest though I think stunts like this only enhance his public image, and hopefully he’s having a good time at this (sometimes disappointing for some) latter stage of his career. I’m sure with his return to Star Wars and using his free time actively like this he’ll have fond memories of his 70s. Let’s just hope he doesn’t fly solo any more.


    • Your comment is so interesting. I just hope he’s aware that he was very, very lucky that he’s okay and didn’t hurt anyone else. I mean think about it. He crash lands on a golf course where the last thing people are thinking is, wow…what if a plane suddenly comes down. They are relaxing. Why can’t Indiana play golf. It’s safer. Thanks for writing.

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  5. Unlike you I’m going to have a summer home as soon as I win the lottery. I will build a hospital but it will be for animals and with state of the art stuff. Like the St. Jude’s of critters. When I think of money I don’t always think of things for me (except for that summer home and a regular supply of Starbucks) but rather what wonderful things I could do with it for others. You are always welcome to stay at my summer home. I’ll have some small level of staff so you have the amenities without responsibility! I do expect you to visit my animal hospital in return though and cuddle some friends. As for HF, it’s hard to say when someone is old. It’s not chronological. Some young people are really old and some old people are really young. Flying is his passion just like with Jimmy Buffet who is about the same age. Hard to take away someone’s passion but let’s hope he can refocus it or at least take a co-pilot along.


  6. Elle Knowles says:

    My ears perked the other night when I saw this story flash on the TV screen. Andrew was enamored by Harrison Ford when he was younger – and probably still is. He has the Indiana Jones movies memorized line by line. Said he wished his dad was Harrison Ford because then he would never die. I’ll have to dig up that pic with Andrew in his Indiana Jones hat and send you. ~Elle


  7. MJ says:

    What I like about what you’ve written here, Susannah, is that you focus on excess, and how the wealthy and powerful so easily lose perspective. Adrenaline junkies cut across the social and economic spectrum; but the privileged class can sure wreck some uber-expensive toys as they jeopardize life and limb! Why not channel all that money into saving lives instead? Build a hospital, as you say. It should be noted, though, that unlike JFK Jr, Harrison Ford is an experienced and skilled pilot, and this crash was caused by engine failure, not pilot error. His handling of the emergency was also correct—a golf course is a preferred location for a crash landing—and he brought his vintage PT-22 within 800 feet of the airport runway, which in this case, happened to adjoin the course. There is no hubris like the hubris of the young, though, whose critical reactions inevitably turn on Ford’s age. Yet the first face that comes to my mind when I hear air crash is that of “Sully” Sullenberger, the grandfatherly pilot who safely put down a crippled airliner in the Hudson River.


    • Experienced or not…does he have to have a plane, and a vintage one at that? Engine failure…hmm…I read all that, but I still think he’s full of hubris which is my only comparison to him and JFK Jr. I should hope if nothing else, he’s a better pilot than he was.

      We will just to agree to disagree on this one 🙂


  8. As soon as I heard that the plane was actually as old or older than him my eyebrow went up. I get you are able to buy a cool plane for yourself, but seriously, some things should just be admired on the ground. Buy yourself a cool modern plane when you go to flying around the neighborhood, where other people live and would like to continue to do so,


  9. I really like Harrison Ford, but yes, maybe it’s time he gave up flying by himself. A lot of people give up driving at around that age and they don’t have a third dimension to worry about like in a plan. It would be nice to be able to afford your own planes like that though.


  10. skinnyuz2b says:

    Harrison has always been a hunk! I’m so glad he didn’t stretch his face out of recognition the way some male movie stars have. Don’t they see how so many of the females all start looking the same?


    • As far as I can see, he’s aging gracefully. Men sure have it better than women in that area. If you walk down Madison Avenue between 12 and 3, and notice those identical dinner plates you mentioned, you’d think twice about using cold cream let alone going under the knife. OOH


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