Is Terrorism Becoming The Norm?

I was in Starbucks yesterday morning when a woman I know came in all shook up over Wednesday’s shooting in San Bernardino, California.  Not a TV watcher, I knew nothing about it, so she flipped open the New York Post allowing me to read the grisly details.

14 people killed, 21 injured…three shooters, 2 dead, one at large in assault clothing with assault weapons.

My first thought…what exactly makes up assault clothing.  Maybe it’s the model in me, but  I suddenly saw Grace Jones in hip boots with an M-16.

As sensitive as I am, you’d expect me to burst into tears, yet I was calm, a numbness washing over me.

I don’t want to believe this, but am I getting used to it, that random massacre every few weeks or so feeling little as I sip my coffee?  I was here for 9/11, the attack launching the trend of mowing people down like we were weeds in a garden.

Brought me back to August, 1997 when Princess Diana died.  I was coming out of a yoga class with an Israeli man I was seeing who, when I said, how tragic her death was, said, “who cares…in my country it happens every day.”  I stopped seeing him shortly after, his coldness affecting me that much.  Was he just conditioned the way I seem to be now hearing about one more shooting?

I can conjure up September 11th as if it were yesterday.  Can hear the bagpipes mewling,  see the line of police and firemen standing shoulder to shoulder for their fallen brethren.  I can smell the smoke that made its way all the way up here while standing in line to give blood no one was going to need.

Is that why the offspring of that day rolls off me the way it did that fellow in 1997?

I don’t want to be used to murder nor flip when writing about it.  It’s not the norm to strap bombs beneath your Barbour having a beef with the country, yours or someone else’s.

It helps to remember what happened at the World Trades Center in 2001, like giving yourself an electric shock.  It was only then the numbness took flight, my heart opening for all those innocent people gunned down on a, what should be normal, day in San Bernardino, California.

It could happen anywhere to any of us, and we must never, ever get used to it…

nor forget to pray for those lost.



About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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56 Responses to Is Terrorism Becoming The Norm?

  1. We just went through active killer training in my office, which made the whole thing a lot more real, not that I haven’t thought of what I’d do. It’s seems that universities are an especially big target these days, although there’s no rhyme or reason to this sort of thing. It seems that something has to change. This can’t just be normal life from now on, with mass shootings every few days or weeks. It’s easy to get numb to it.

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  2. micklively says:

    Terrorism is inevitable. Get used to it. The “superpowers” continue to scrabble for markets and influence in every corner of the world, with scant regard for indigenous populations. There is little hope of a political or military solution for these people: they just don’t pack sufficient punch, technologically or economically. So some of them kick back in the only way they can find. I do not in any way approve of their methods, but I have to say, I don’t have a better alternative to offer them. I ask myself: what would I do if I were Afghan, or Palestinian, or Iraqi, or Syrian, or Cuban, or Burmese, or Chilean, or Mexican, or Vietnamese, or Cambodian, or Angolan, or Malawian, or Tibetan, or Yemeni, or Sudanese, or Somalian, or …………….?


    • Wow Mick, I think at the top of this should go, hopeless. I don’t want to adjust to these violent methods. I really can’t. I caught myself and busted me wide open. I have empathy for everyone but economic circumstances as dire as they may be, hardly rationalize Paris, San Bernardino and September 11th.

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      • micklively says:

        Of course you are quite correct. Terrorism won’t win anything but terror, and what’s the use of that? But if the only alternative is to sit back and watch whilst the bully boys squabble and divide your country between them, what then?
        The mess in Syria is a classic example. “The West” and the Saudis encouraged various groups to mount a challenge to Assad, because he’s an ally of Russia and Iran. The forerunners of ISIS were amongst them. They were armed and supported, using your and my taxes. Now ISIS are getting a bad press and causing problems elsewhere, so we’re trying to distance ourselves from their activities. We’re also trying to enlist Russia and Iran to help!
        The Saudis, allegedly our allies, are a bunch of blood-thirsty maniacs; at least as bad as Assad and not much better than ISIS.
        Meanwhile, the Turks (NATO members), are buying ISIS oil and continuing their policy of wiping the Kurds off the map. Oh, and shooting down Russian aircraft too.
        Our answer: drop bombs on Syria (well, it’s worked so well in Iraq, hasn’t it?).
        I used to rail at the foreign policies of both the US and UK. Now I’m convinced we don’t have a foreign policy. We just promote chaos.
        I am not so arrogant as to claim to know the answer, but I know the answer currently peddled in Westminster and Washington is JUST PLAIN WRONG.


      • Read Top’s comments. Washington is doing a poor job, no question. I can’t say what the answer is but clearly what ever is being done is doing no good. I’m naive when I ask, how do they get this type of weaponry without anyone questioning their purchase. Is it all underground? Running guns must be a huge business.

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      • micklively says:

        Now you’re getting to root causes! Huge business equals huge profits. Put race, religion and nationality aside. Who is the real enemy?

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      • I don’t know Mick…I just know it’s all getting out of hand.

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      • micklively says:

        It always was out of hand. The global free market economy demands profits and growth. It is insatiable. It is also unsustainable. Something has to give. In the short to medium term, we can beat it out of the third world. In the medium to long term, we’re doomed.

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      • Doomed? Wow, I have to response to that.

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  3. God forbid we should ever become numb to the idea that mass shootings are the norm. It would mean accepting that it’s perfectly natural. And there is nothing that is natural about taking an automatic weapon, aiming it at 20 five year old’s, pulling the trigger and exterminating them from existence. So, let’s just ignore it as if it never happened and hope it never happens again.

    Surely the weapon itself is not natural. It didn’t evolve, but was made by a human being—if someone who creates that kind of weapon can be called such. Nothing natural there. The weapons very existence is totally dependent on someone making it. And there is nothing natural about any individual—legally selling, buying, stealing, or otherwise stockpiling these kind of weapons—aiming and pulling the trigger on such a weapon—especially in order to wipe out so many lives that it took years to develop. But, let’s forget it happened.

    And yet, every day now, we are being asked to accept these kinds of unnatural acts as being perfectly natural. And not all such acts are the work of the mentally ill, as our Congress seems intent on having us believe. It appears that more often than not, they are acts of people who carefully and intelligently plan them out with great attention to detail—like what happened in San Bernardino. In addition, these individuals appear to be able to buy and accumulate these weapons in large quantities—LEGALLY!

    And, it is further appalling to think that our Congress feels content in hijacking the Constitution under the guise of protecting the rights of Americans to bear arms, in order to appease the ARA and gun lobbyist everywhere—who themselves threaten violence against anyone even threatening to take their toys away. “Let them pry it from my cold dead hand”—them being Americans, I suppose. Oh yeah, that’s very comforting and reassuring.

    No, who in their right mind honestly feels, that our forefathers would have ever felt, that being able to legally purchase a weapon like an AK47 would be alright? Just because it is constitutionally legal does not mean it is safe, or right. The mere idea that someone could steal such a weapon from any law abiding citizen, is enough to give any sane person pause. Say nothing of the chance, that someone who cleared background checks, could suddenly lose it and then go on a killing rampage, and indiscriminately start taking more innocent lives.

    And to hear the same asinine rhetoric time after time, after time from the GOP and this do nothing Congress of ours of, “Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones.” rings ABSOLUTELY hallow, knowing full well that they honestly don’t give a damn about the public they claim to represent, or for that matter, want to LEAD.

    And here’s why.

    Because they’ve never had to go in and deal with the shooters, or the horrific aftermath that these incidents cause. Nor feel the grief and agony of such a loss, or feel the frustration of dealing with powers like them—who stand and pretend to understand, when they really don’t give a damn, as long as they get re-elected.

    There eyes are hallow of feeling, and cold and unaffected by each event. And that will tell you all you need to know. They simply don’t care.

    These so-called LEADERS, clearly don’t know the meaning of the word, and they have had plenty of time to prove that they cannot LEAD. Because you see, they and their own, feel more than adequately protected from being touched by what they irresponsibly fail to take action to stop.

    And it is all disgustingly, a result of BIG MONEY in their pockets.

    And so, we, the non-represented vulnerable Americans, who are constantly being told to go about our business as if nothing has happened—or will happen—are likely in for more of the same do nothingness. Because, the big machinery and stupidity that keeps returning these imbecilic self-serving idiots back to office, will likely return them there again.

    That is unless of course, people just really get sick of seeing this arrogant stupidity, and finally say—ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF TRYING TO REASON WITH THESE FOOLS!

    Sorry, Susannah, I think I did a post on your blog. But, I just had to vent. Forgive me.

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  4. When Mass Shootings become idle chit chat around the water cooler we are officially unfazed. What I would like to talk about around the water cooler is how my Congressman grew some balls and put a Bill on the table that banned the purchase of assault rifles outside of a war zone, but that’s never going to happen. He’ll continue to walk safely through his secret tunnels, while I continue to worry if today will be the day when Eugene from accounting finally had enough.
    Thanks for the blood pressure rise this morning…lol

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    • These comments are amazing. Eugene despite the gravitas of your words made me chuckle since that’s exactly how it begins before he takes his mail order weapon out for a spin. It’s a shame Congress is so disappointing. You’d think, well you said it best…grew some balls. It will take one of them to be personally affected like losing a son or daughter for a radical change to happen. Thanks for contributing.

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      • Sadly you are correct on what it will take to make change. The fact that the slaughtered 5 & 6 year olds in Sandy Hook didn’t do it, oh or the crew just studying the Bible or those innocent movie goers, and those students just trying to get ahead at a community college and now the slaughter of a group of do gooders at a holiday party with so many others in between didn’t seem to move these politicians…what will?


      • I don’t know Top, I really don’t know. I was thinking of Sandy Hook just this morning, how the mother of the shooter gave him the guns that killed all those kids and her. The word slaughtered gives me chills all by itself.

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      • Little babies with Santa on their minds. In my heart and mind it doesn’t get worse. Children, the elderly, mentally impaired and animals are just the most innocent. Do not fuck with the innocent.

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      • I agree yet they’re such targets. Was looking at photos of the fallen. There was one beautiful brunette with a smile that could melt ice. So sad.

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  5. I think you should send it in as an op-ed piece. It’s so poignantly passionate Paul, and how’s that for an off the cuff alliteration. The Minuteman led by George Washington carried shovels at least at the onset of the Revolutionary War so the right to bear arms was about protecting themselves within reason. What’s been happening is a whole other animal. And of course the more shootings there are, more people will buy them out of fear. To shoot anyone stuns me, but randomly killing kids is mystifying. Great piece.

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  6. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, the cold and impersonal killing of people they might have befriended or asked out on any other day mystifies me. The fact that there is no personal reason scares me to death. Do these people have no empathy at all for others? I think of all the Christmas presents already purchased for those innocents, never to be given.


    • Christmas, I wonder if that was considered as they made their murderous plans. You do have to ask yourself, who are these people who could do such a thing knowing the outcome, for themselves as well.


  7. Elle Knowles says:

    It’s sad when your thoughts during the day turn to quietly fearing for your life and the lives of those you love because of actions beyond our control. It’s been on my mind constantly because as David Stewart stated in his comment , universities are an especially big target these days, and of course you can’t turn around without it knocking you in the face on social media. This week we are at Florida State University FSU, for an honor band. There are hundreds of innocent high school students attending. What a prime place for something crazy to happen. I find myself looking before I turn a corner. Andrew attends Troy University in Alabama, a small school but non-the-less a target. He’s also traveling this weekend to University of Louisiana, Lafayette ULL , to a football game, held in a stadium holding thousands of innocent people, in one of 7 charter buses full of college band students. H teaches at a high school every day. These are all prime targets and because this is our everyday life what can we do but worry? We can’t close our eyes and hide out until it’s over because the rate it’s going it will never be over and will be the norm for our children and grandchildren which is very sad. As we drive down the street or walk into a public building there is always that fleeting thought – what if? Then it passes quickly and you never know if you will be caught off guard. We can’t stop our every day lives because then where would we be? Let’s hope and pray this craziness stops soon. ~Elle


    • You speak for so many parents who have to be frightened. But what’s the alternative, to pull your kids out of school? Hide out, as you say? The goal is for us to be terrified and we are, even from afar, even if one doesn’t have an Andrew en route to a game. I want to believe it will quell, but then I read the comments here and Pollyanna takes a backseat.

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      • Elle Knowles says:

        And every new attack makes the fear grow greater and to be more terrified. Yes, it’s always on my mind. I wonder if Andrew even thinks about it…he would say I worry too much, but it’s when you let your guard down stuff happens. Who would have ever thought we would have to live this way? ~Elle

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      • In a way I’m happy he’s not living in fear. That’s a blessing. What could we do anyway? Be careful but not to the point where you can’t live your life. One needs to go to the game. It’s America even if people want to wipe us off the map.

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  8. Elle Knowles says:

    Reblogged this on Finding Myself Through Writing and commented:
    Susannah wrote a great piece on what is becoming the norm these days – TERRORISM. You aren’t alone in your thoughts on this subject from the comments on her page. It’s scary isn’t it? Our hands are tied and it seems all we can do is vent. ~Elle


  9. Ross de Marco says:

    Our government has been infiltrated by a Marxist Muslim who is dismantling our nation . He has watered down our military , wants to arm a fanatical nation (Iran) with nuclear weapons and disarm law abiding citizens , he refuses to utter the phrase Islamic Terrorism and leaves our borders wide open while we are in a state of war . The liberal media follows like lemmings while Maobama s every decision is contrary to our countries best interests . If someone in San Bernadino or any of the other places where these horrors occurred were armed the outcome would have been different . Our second amendment was put in place by our forefathers in order to defend ourselves from tyranny , I know many law abiding citizens who are armed , lawless people will always find a way to perpetrate their misdeeds because they are lawless
    . I will not become s statistic I’m happy to say some of my daughters own guns and are learning to defend themselves . We are compassionate yet it is written – as much as lieth in you live peaceably with all men . But there are times when it is beyond your control and one has to stand up against evil . My father , uncles , your father had to stand against evil in WW2 . They were not afraid to call the National Socialists in Germany what they were and prevailed and preserved our freedom . We as a nation need to wake up islamofacism is a grave threat to our world our freedom and our culture . Let’s hear the national organization for women and lgbt speak out against these fanatics … They are strangely silent … Why ? Fear .


  10. Gail Kaufman says:

    Great post. I’m shaken to the core with each of these horrific episodes. When crisis arises in my my family, I’m the first one to step up and take action, but in these cases, I feel helpless and therefore move on with my life. I sign petitions for gun control and mental health funding, and try to vote wisely, knowing the underlying issues are so much more than that. I don’t know if that is lack of sensitivity or a frightening sense of lack of power to take meaningful action.


    • But you haven’t given up. You still vote hopeful for a change. So many Americans feel what’s the point. They’re buying guns instead. I was shocked at that comment from someone I know saying his kids, girls, are learning how to handle a gun with his blessing. I knew them when they were small…beautiful and sweet, and now they’re armed. Stunning. Thank you for writing.

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      • Gail Kaufman says:

        I couldn’t give up even if I didn’t have compassion for humanity, which I do. New York is where I grew up and will always feel like home even though I haven’t lived there in many years. Sandy Hook was 15 minutes from my office and who knows where the killer was headed next with his Arsenal? I have a son in college and another who works near Times Square, two likely targets it seems. How can I give up?

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      • I didn’t know any of that. Wow. So you’ve been in the thick of it, same as many of us. Again I will say, as Americans we have the right to live our lives with reasonable caution of course, but we can’t let them take our freedom away. I feel so strongly there. I know it must be hard foryou as a mom and my heart opens wide for you.

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      • Ross de Marco says:

        It would be more stunning if Giovanna or my grandchildren who live in a rural area were victims of a break in while my son in law is away . At least she knows how to protect herself . Although , maybe he’d prefer singing a verse of Kumbayah . They are still sweet and beautiful , independent and strong women with huge hearts . Thank you .

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      • You told once my blog offended you. I remember how generous I was to you way back when. I’d appreciate it if you’d go read another blog more to your liking. Thanks.


    • I don’t want to fall victim to the fear. Fear is much more powerful, and causes much more harm than the chance of falling victim to one of these attacks. I don’t put blinders on to the importance, but at the same time we can’t walk around with our weaknesses on our sleeves.
      As a mother/parent we are already worrying about our cubs, so this is just something else on the list. I have to keep reminding myself of all the tools I gave them to survive. All the common sense I instilled and most importantly all the love. (Not that this is easy)
      As for you Ross….I like Kumbayah and dislike the thought of arming my children with weapons and thoughts of fear.


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