Worst Story of the Week…September 27

I was accosted at Starbucks by a guy I know who reads my blog.

Why, has always been a mystery since he seems to HATE everything I write.

As I was putting in my customary 25 packets of sugar into my Featured Blend, there he was looming over me like a building that needs serious restoration. His shirt was wrinkled, his tie stained. If you’re going to verbally assault a woman, at least make sure you’re clean and pressed.

“WHY DO YOU HATE OUR PRESIDENT?” he opened with.

I, despite no lipstick, smiled and said, “Well hello, and how are you? Trying to t’ai chi it, out the door.


A hardhat came over and said,” Scuse me Meez, but ez he ha-razzin’ you?”

I shook my head no, the good sport that I am wondering, does this ever happen to Pete Hamill, and said, “It’s okay, but how bout we walk out together.”

He kindly gave me his muscular arm.

I will address Gulliver’s accusation now.

I do not hate our 45th President.

Do I wish he’d behave better?


The presidency is not a 4 year party at Studio 54. It’s an esteemed place of honor, and in tribute to all his noble predecessors, Mr. Trump could muster a bit more grace.

He has just too many cracked plates spinning: Russia, Stormy Daniels, a cabinet with no roots to speak of now touting a Supreme Court nominee with an alleged rap sheet.

And we mustn’t forget his humanity is down several quarts.

His, Make America Great Again, has always disturbed me, agreeing with what Megan McCain said, though harshly, I’ll admit, but she had just lost her dad, so she was allowed.

Who does he think made the likes of him? America has always been great Mr. President, your personal wealth and political rise is proof of it.

This brings me to the new Doris Kearns Goodwin book, Leadership in Turbulent Times. She was very cleaver Mrs. Goodwin, because instead of lambasting Mr. Trump, she resurrected four great men who came before him.

Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, and yes, after reading what she wrote, LBJ more than holds his own.

Would Teddy have been a Tweeter? He was a prolific writer, so possibly, except he’d Tweet only on special occasions, since he’d be far too busy. Did you know he read 3 to 4 books a week?

FDR, I’d say, wouldn’t Tweet since considering those Fireside Chats, he liked being more cozy.

Lincoln would Tweet, but never send them, leave them in his inbox the way he’d stuff letters he penned in pique inside his desk drawer.

Johnson didn’t like anyone knowing what he was up to so he wouldn’t be Tweeting at all.

What would they say to their successor?

Teddy would challenge him to a boxing match, while Franklin suggested he collect stamps, to minimize the stress.

Lincoln would be his gentle, good-natured self, inviting Donald to dinner, regaling him with stories, hoping to lighten things up.

And LBJ?

He’d just take-em out back and kick the shit out of him and say, “Son, that’s enough,” and you know what?

I’m pretty sure that would do it.  🙂

How’s that for an answer, Sparky?     



About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Amazon.com. Thanks.
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21 Responses to Worst Story of the Week…September 27

  1. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, normal people do not read blogs that they don’t like. Enough said on that.
    I think that our president’s tactics worked in private life, but they definitely need to be tamped down and finessed for our highest office. Love your take on past and present presidential confrontations.

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  2. robprice59 says:

    Former presidents as monolithic brass monkeys is a wonderful image. DJT is hell-bent on seeing, hearing and speaking evil at every opportunity. I’m not a hater but I can see how he generates such emotions.

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  3. Without giving away any personal political preferences, I congratulate you on a very well written post that was on target without becoming pedantic or preachy.

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  4. Eilene Lyon says:

    Both you and Doris are fabulous writers!
    We’ll leave LBJ to wrestle with the pigs, yes?

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  5. I laughed at this one. I agree with the reader who suggested that people don’t read blogs they don’t like. Maybe he’s just an antagonist by nature much like someone else. I read about this book and was surprised to see LBJ there. He isn’t universally loved but he did follow through on Civil Rights legislature. Richard Nixon, troubled soul that he was, created the EPA. I keep wondering what the current one will be known for — something substantial or tweets that are offensive.

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  6. I love your imaginings of what the other presidents might do. You’re the closest to a presidential historian of anyone I know, so you’re the perfect person for a side-by-side comparison.


  7. You and I had our initial disagreements, but I think we stand on similar ground. Having voted for our dear President, I can now choose to get upset as he has turned out to be someone who has caused great problems for our nation and its individuals.
    I still say that I could not have, in good conscience, voted Democrat with who was running, but isn’t that what politics is about?
    Anyway, a little over 2 years left, is it?


  8. A M E N!!!
    Who knew Grasshopper would make a public appearance in Starbucks? Now, if you could take that speech to Times Square or the nation’s capital that would be great. I can be your agent!

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