Smug as a Bug in a Rug

I marvel at the very rich, especially the women who have done absolutely nothing to become that way, except lassoing a smart husband like a calf at a rodeo, taking them along for the ride.

They preen and prance up Park Avenue like they’ve made such a difference in the world, as if launching a decorator deserves the Noble Peace Prize.

My favorite trait of theirs is their snootiness. How they look down at women who actually have to work for a living.

There’s one in particular I’d like to choke with her Tiffany choker. She’s had two wealthy husbands. One a rake with the worst toupee, who rumor has it, had a heart attack during sex with a flight attendant who lets just say, took him to new heights.

Then she married another flush fellow who also bit the dust during a golf game. What is it with these men? Stop eating red meat, will ya?

But of course I’m digressing since, now they could eat Elsie and it wouldn’t much matter, now would it?

Wanda widow, I’ll call her, has done zip on her own and does nothing but shop, lunch and look down at the world, including me.

“So wasn’t that you I saw skirting across the courtroom on Law and Order?”

For the record, I’m never ashamed of anything I do to pay the rent, since I too could have become a gold digger since God knows, I’ve had ample opportunities, but sleeping with a man for his cash flow was never something I was very good at. In other words, I don’t have a whory bone in my body, which is considered a shame every time I come up a little short.

I know what you’re thinking. At least you have integrity Susannah.

Yeah, yeah, I know, as I break open that can of tuna that was on sale, good till tomorrow.

Of course, the way society works is, you can be the nanny on Monday, and the lady-of-the-house Friday if your boobs are big enough, then you too can be a snoot with loot.

Isn’t that always the way?

Just makes you want to scream.  images



About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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35 Responses to Smug as a Bug in a Rug

  1. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, I can’t imagine how desolate a loveless marriage would feel. The snoots are certainly paying a hefty price. I, too, turned down a proposal from a mega-million back in the 70s. I liked him and he was quite good looking, but there was no chemistry on my part. He continued to pursue me until after I met Pookie.
    Don’t let those empty-hearts get to you. They’ll probably be reincarnated as parasites, ha ha!

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    • I hear ya Skinny. I experienced a relationship that I embarked on on the rebound from one that was very painful. He was rich, but I was never in love. And if you don’t start with that, it ends pretty sadly. sigh


  2. robprice59 says:

    “high school girls with clear skinned smiles
    Who married young and then retired”
    as Janis Ian said (or sang).
    I don’t suppose you ever had difficulty making the basket ball team though? 😉

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  3. I’d take you any day, Susannah. If you were a rich snoot, you would probably be too busy lording it over people to write.


    • Wealth perplexes me, since I do well with 20 bucks in my pocket, a book with a sandwich in the wings. I see people with so much that are so miserable, complaining, carrying on. If I suddenly had money, I’d give it away, after of course I bought those Gucci loafers I’ve always wanted. 🙂


      • I wonder what I’d buy if I got a windfall. I’d get a new computer and a phone for John, because I’m tired of the problems he has. Better yet, rent a techie to teach me how to handle the probs. Giving money away would be easy, because we get called on to do that all the time. I hope you get those loafers some day.

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      • They are SO, expensive, but classics…sigh…I’d also go to D.C. more, staying at the best hotels pursuing my passion for American History. Yes, room service and the Smithsonian, with a run around the National Mall…lunch at Old Ebbet’s raw fish bar, and dinner at The Hay Adams would suit me just fine. Better start buying Lotto Tickets Anne. If one of us wins, we can split it. 🙂


      • You already have your plan on file for winning the lottery! Sounds fantastic.


      • It’s the writer in me floating in infinite fantasy. It’s almost like I’ve gone without ever leaving my house. Great Expectations. 🙂


      • I always have great expectations of you and your posts.


  4. You were on Law and Order? That is so cool! Much cooler than shopping…except for those Gucci loafers. If I had money I’d start a home for wayward cats. 🙂

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  5. Ross de Marco says:

    Yes But consider I’ll bet anything none of them ever experienced being the most beautiful woman in the room onas many occasions as you have. Correction: The song lyrics from Janis Ian that was from a song called at 17 and societies child was from back in 66 It was the one about the interracialIn teenage romance. Sorry I can’t help myself on that one the music is a relentless addiction


  6. Ross de Marco says:

    And besides that money can’t buy you love even the Beatles knew that!


  7. Patricia says:

    I have always had enough money to pay the rent and buy food. I did date a wealthy young man in my younger years. When I told my mother I said no to marry him because I didn’t love him she said…Don’t be stupid, love will come. I am happy but sometimes I wonder…😼


  8. For the record, I don’t have a lot of money and love my life.
    Also, I don’t really like big boobs and you are still beautiful.


  9. As Skinny said, I’m sure a lot of those situations that seem so perfect are just a facade. People can work very hard to maintain that pristine exterior, but it’s more important to be true to yourself. Still, it doesn’t seem fair, does it.

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  10. My acting skills are not good enough to fuck a toupe, even if I were wearing a sleep mask made of diamonds … nope … couldn’t do it.

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