Best Story of the Week…November 16

I’m strolling down Park behind a very voluptuous dog walker in her 20s, Rubenesque, if you will, with a chassis, as my dad would have said, stopping traffic.

But what got my attention was her relationship with the sheepdog she was walking that couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Not that I blamed him, she being so beautiful, like a piece of fruit that dropped from the vine.

They made quite a couple, she with bright pink lips while he had barrettes to keep the fur out of his eyes wrapped in a Burberry sweater. One can only wonder who the owner was. I knew right away she wasn’t, not with a Biscuits and Bath T-shirt peeking from her canary yellow parka.

That’s the Upper East Side’s Cartier of dog-sitting, with a logo that says…

The Most Fun Your Dog Can Have Without You.

To say they’re popular is an understatement. Biscuits and Bath are big business in these parts.

Not one to saunter, passing her I said, “You seem to really like your job.”

She bent down, brandishing enough cleavage to make her Playmate of the whole Year,  kissing the sheepdog smack on the lips and said, “I so loove my job.”

It was as if they were dating.

Imagine Brigitte Bardot in sweats with a leash, and a dog with a Beatle haircut and a bone…



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About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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14 Responses to Best Story of the Week…November 16

  1. You read people so well.

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  2. robprice59 says:

    Why have a dog, if you’re going to pay someone else to walk it? Can’t get my head around that.

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  3. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, I love your descriptions, both canine and human! You make it so easy to create mind pictures while reading your posts.

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    • What a nice thing to say. I’m an observer alright. I notice more than the average New Yorker, that’s for sure since they’re mostly glued to their phone in cyber coma land. Such a shame Skinny since there’s so much of life to see. That curvy girl happy to just be in the moment, made me smile more than I can say. 🙂

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  4. I love people who love their jobs. They do a much better job! I would hire her if I had a dog then secretly worry that the dog liked her better! Hope all is well there. We had a helluva snowstorm here yesterday.

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  5. To each their own. From your description, I doubt I would have found her beautiful, but so glad she loves her work ( you kiss your mother with that mouth, young lady?) Gross


  6. Having a job where you get paid to receive unconditional love sounds good to me, not to mention the exercise perk.

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  7. I wouldn’t mind doing a job like that, at least part-time. It’s a great way to get outside with a dog, although I don’t think I’d like to be one of those that takes 10 dogs at once. I once had to sit 3 dogs and they could run me off my feet if they wanted.


    • I’ve come to consider dog walking an art after witnessing as many as 15 on one lead in various shapes and sizes. I remember walking Carmela was quite a feat. I do smile though when they come charging like a herd. They all seem happy to be together, like a 4-legged fraternity. 🙂

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