Best Story of the Week…January 18

It was early rush-hour on a drizzly day, when the streets of Manhattan most resemble Tokyo.

I was in step along with my fellow New Yorkers, right and left, crossing the grid like ants in a hurry.

This was when I witnessed a young boy of color, no more than 14, take a spill on the pavement.

I watched him bounce up, a brilliant save of face since, no one at any age, let alone his, wants to be seen on their butt with stars in their eyes.

In true commuter fashion, no one stopped, pretending no one saw, except for me, who unusually hesitated, not wanting to humiliate him further, even though tripping is a human blunder we’ve all made.

However, finding myself beside him breaking my own seal, softly asked, “Are you okay?”

He looked at me like I was an alien, or an old angel in a hoodie and a raincoat.

“I think so,” he said, in a way that told me he went to a good school.

“How are your hands?” I knew he hit them pretty hard since even I heard the sharp slap saluting the sidewalk.

He held them out, like a friendly pup, so I saw how red they were, commingling with the shade of his tender skin.

“Hey, ya know what I have?” I said, digging into my tote, “Shea Butter Cream.”

I gave his hands a good squirt they drank in like rainwater, before bidding him a gentle goodbye.

“Thanks a lot,” he said, smiling, recovering quickly as only a kid can.

My only regret was not just giving him the last of the tube.

Oh well.

Angel in training.    🙂 images.jpeg


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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49 Responses to Best Story of the Week…January 18

  1. robprice59 says:

    Women’s handbags never fail to amaze me. Maeve carries one the size of Neil Armstrong’s backpack, from which she produces the necessary and administers to all eventualities with great gusto. Felix the Cat eat your heart out!

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  2. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, you always know the right thing to do. I usually think of things to do or say after the fact. And I’m thinking you have a tote instead of a purse, the way you pull things out like a magic hat.
    It’s always nice to come across polite young people.

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  3. My first thought was the voice of Monty Hall shouting “does anyone in the audience have a half used tube of shea butter?” and the vision of you dressed as Lucille Ball running to the stage to find out what is behind door number 2.
    That kid will never forget your kindness.

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    • Funny you should say that. I loved that part of Let’s Make a Deal where he’d say…who has a hard boiled egg. Some woman from Kansas would jump up like she sat on a tack and scream…ME…ME…I HAVE ONE. as he handed her a 10 dollar bill.


  4. Sorryless says:

    I love his reaction to your query. He is arm’s length quizzical, but you can tell he is plenty good with the interaction. I think the act felt as nourishing to him as the Shea butter. Maybe he’ll think on that angel from time to time, and maybe . . .


    “You alright son?”

    “Yeah . . . I think so . .”

    “Lemme see your hands . . . ooooh! Come in the house, I have something for you,”

    Dad proceeds to administer some Shea butter to his son’s scraped hands as the son looks on. “What’s that?”

    “The best stuff in the world for hands that look like this,” Dad says as he thinks back to that angel in a hoodie he knew for a minute’s worth of time he will always get to keep.

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  5. Vasca says:

    Susannah, this is so sweet; I can imagine how that little guy felt…and you were his special angel. I’m klutzy and trip a lot…and many times been helped to my feet…angels to the rescur.


  6. This is sweet. Keeping it on the low so you don’t embarrass him. Everyone takes a tumble now and then (it’s the great equalizer) but everyone wants to look cool.

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  7. Nicholas says:

    Well done ☺️


  8. I thought I heard a bell this week—and I mean that sincerely. :O)

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  9. You have everything but physical wings — a full-fledged angel. What a wonder you are!


  10. I want an angel just like you!


  11. aFrankAngle says:

    First time here – over from Marc’s Sorryless. Angel in training? Now that made me smile. Although you received the alien look, good for you for reaching out to the boy.


    • I love Sorryless, he’s new to me but inspires one to visit and spar with his comments that are not only intelligent, but funny…re peckerhead. As for arthritic angels in our midst, one tries to be perfect but well, let’s just say this angel wears her halo a little off-centered. 🙂

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  12. Patricia says:

    The world needs more people who put aside their feelings of fear or inadequacy to be kind and generous…people who are angels like you.

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  13. I always picture you as a true human angel in the midst of the mayhem of NYC. You see people not the mass crowds that (after living in Japan) can become the norm of faceless people as you move in tandem with the crowd.


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