Best Story of the Week…March 7th

It’s Sunday at 6 a.m. as I limp to the park, my left knee mysteriously throbbing like a drum.

I hear someone weeping in the distance.

It’s a Latino girl in her car, crying the blues. Naturally, Joan of Bark goes over.

“What is it…are you okay?”

“No, I am no okee’.”

“Can I help?”

“No, my fad’en, she no come to help de-liva noos’.”

That’s why she looked familiar. She’s the local paper girl I see scampering around most mornings.

Now she’s crying harder.

“Listen, I was all set to run, but my knee hurts, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.”

“A’ scuse me?”

“I’ll help you. Just tell me what to do.”

“No Senora, I cannot. You, you, yua’ Senora.”

Was that her way of saying I was old? No good turn goes unpunished, I’ll tell ya, but Joan still insisted.

“Come on. It’s okay. God sent me.”

See, this did the trick, because Latinos are famous for their faith. Just mention the Lady of Guadalupe and all bets are off.

“Okee.’ You dive?”

“Well, that’s not a great idea being Lucy behind the wheel, but I can make the drop.”

“A’ scuse me?”

“Deliver. I’ll deliver.”

“No, no, Senora toss out window. I dive slow.”

“No, we’re from Connecticut. We don’t toss.” I can’t say how many times I’ve rescued a Times in the gutter that didn’t quite make the step.

So for 45 minutes, as Conchita drove, I delivered the Sunday Times, my knee suddenly fit as a fiddle.

“Oh Senora, gracias, I pa’day’ fa you.”

“That’s great. A girl can’t get enough prayer. I’ll tell ya what. How bout we drive to Starbucks. I’ll treat.”

As she pulled up I said, “So, what’ll it be? Coffee, tea?”

“I no drink coff-iene. High bloud’ prussure’ Chocolata?”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her chocolate could send her and her bloud’ prussure’ to the moon, since she had such a rough morning already.

Oh what the hell.

“Whipped Cream?”

“Yayz..por favore.”

I left her parked at the curb smiling like she had just won a contest.

As for me, I beamed, my day beginning so brightly, just being able to help.

Service…it could change the world.


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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67 Responses to Best Story of the Week…March 7th

  1. ruthsoaper says:

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your stories. You are such a blessing to so many.

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  2. Clever Girl says:

    Wow, that is so nice that gave up your entire morning to help this woman. Just as an aside, what if it was a ruse to rob and murder someone? Is that a New York state of mind? I’m from L.A. and I think about those things.


  3. Eilene Lyon says:

    I love your rescue stories!

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  4. Well, of course you helped her. When people are in need, you deliver!

    It’s a sweet story and an event that girl will remember for the rest of her life. Bless you for being so very kind!

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  5. Sorryless says:


    SO much better than a run!

    I do believe changing the world comes in the quiet things we do, away from all the grand proclamations of all those blowhards who insist they’re making a difference in OUR lives. It’s these quiet moments that keep us, as a world, ticking.



  6. aFrankAngle says:

    I raise my glass of wine to toast your goodness!

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  7. It reminds me of delivering newspapers when I was a kid, every day of the week, although I didn’t throw them, I had to go deliver them to the mailbox. I’m sure she’ll never forget that act of kindness.


    • You’re supposed to deliver them to the mailbox, or in the city’s case, the door. This toss thing is hit or miss. When I walk to the running track, I find them everywhere. And yes, I think Conchita will remember me in her prayers since she got a double dip of whipped cream. It all comes down to who you know. 🙂

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  8. Dale says:

    You know one of the many lovely things about you, Susannah? When you share these lovely moments of grace with us, it never feels like a “look at how great I am moment” at all. There are those who seem to do nice things (and yes, they are nice) but they have their camera at hand to capture it and put it on the evening news with a “Look! Am I great or what?”
    With you, it is an honest, “this is what happened this morning, and it touched me, and I am sharing it with you”. And I thank you.
    The world is full of loving actions that should be shared but are drowned out by the ceaseless pounding of negativity. You keep doing what you do and sharing what you share and we’ll keep reading and feeling the warmth of love wash over us.

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    • The truth is, I can’t walk by anyone in tears. I always stop. I’m a big weeper myself, so I know, even if I refuse help, I feel better someone noticed me and my grief, if you will. When I was a kid, my mother ignored my sensitivity, made fun of it. I’m sure my awareness has a lot to do with that. Thanks for your nice words. 🙂

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      • Dale says:

        And that makes you, you. And the world a better place.
        Sad your mother didn’t appreciate your tender side and glad it didn’t make you hard.

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      • Was thinking of you on my run…as we tool along, things are put in front of us, and we have the choice to step up or not. I see it often. 30 people go by a blind guy who’s afraid he hasn’t the light, and no one stops. I don’t believe they don’t see him, they just choice to pretend that they don’t. Me, on the other hand, adheres to whatever I see. I want to scream, YOU CAN SEE MOTHER FUCKER…but keep my own council and just offer my hand. Service is always a choice. sigh

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      • Dale says:

        Touched you thought of me on your run… yes, we always have choices: to see or not to see; to act or not to act. And an act of kindness will not always be received honestly but the way I see it, if we choose to give, we don’t have a word to say about how it is received.
        My hubs once gave me shit for giving $20 to a guy who said he was stuck and needed it for I remember not. Which was kinda funny that he would do so, when the guy gave constantly… I think he didn’t buy the guy’s story and I said, well, I do. And I’m good with that.
        Service is a choice, no argument there.

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      • There are lots of scams around here but, you spot them, like the guy who’s needed 22.00 to get back home for five years now. He could have traveled easily around the world by now.

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      • Dale says:

        This is true. I chose to believe this guy. Maybe I got scammed, maybe not. I’m good with it.


      • What matters is not whether you were scammed or not but that your heart opened. It’s about you. ❤️


      • Dale says:

        That’s exactly what I said and believe. ❤

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  9. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, you never cease to amaze me! I can only hope that karma comes around to you ten-fold! And if you ever need to a career to fall back on, now you’ve got experience, ha ha!
    That young girl will never forget the beautiful senora that came to her rescue.

    Liked by 1 person

    • She looked like a short piece of fruit. I don’t think I ever encountered anyone so little and round. I also know, Latinos are the kindest people on the planet so she understood my need to help. She would have helped me with or without a toss. 🙂


  10. My son has told me of a growing movement in which you place an ad saying what you can/will do as a service and people trade you (no money involved) for what they can/will do. Yes, service can change the world. I suppose comes close…uses money, but relies on basic people.

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  11. God love you, Susannah. You have such a great heart. :O)

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  12. This blog sure is cheering me up. Thanks

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