Virginia Beach…May 31, 2019

12 dead in Virginia Beach.

Been hearing in my head the song Neil Young wrote about the Kent State shooting on May 4, 1970… 4 dead in Ohio, though there’s no connection. Well, that’s not exactly true. Guns are guns, no matter who’s toting them legally or otherwise.

The first gun I ever saw was my father’s hunting rifle he kept in the garage. He belonged to the Newtown Fish and Hunt Club where he’d go do manly things like drink beer and shoot helpless animals no bigger than his work boot.

I had just turned 4 when I came upon dead baby rabbits still warm, laid out on our back porch. Balloons from my birthday party I remember, were still stuck to the ceiling.

When I went to play with them, my mother grabbed me by my ponytail.

“Don’t touch them. They’re dead,” she said.

“You mean like Uncle Danny?”

Took a while for my little mind to digest this since I used to play with my uncle too, so I then asked, does that mean there would be no Easter Bunny anymore.

I remember adding them to my prayers.

The 12 people in Virginia Beach who did nothing but go to work, were like those bunnies who did nothing but cross a field at the wrong time.

I’ll pray for them like that little girl who prayed for those bunnies.

Will it ever stop?


Tin soldiers and Nixon’s comin’
We’re finally on our own
This summer I hear the drummin’
Four dead in Ohio… 


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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29 Responses to Virginia Beach…May 31, 2019

  1. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, it is so hard to understand why anyone would kill people they have never met and have no argument with; people that, if met under social situations, they may have become friends with.
    I was supposed to transfer to Kent State for my junior year in college. My mother was so freaked out at the shooting that she gave up our deposit and had a guidance counselor friend quickly enroll me at St. Norbert near Green Bay.

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    • I remember it well. I was in high school and wrote and wrote about it until my teacher called my parents to say, there might be something the matter with me. It still chills my heart and now the 12. Also brings up 9/11. They just went to work too. Oh Skinny. Our world is so wounded.


  2. The horror of it all!


  3. Sorryless says:


    How does it end when we refuse to pay attention to the warning signs? When too many of these days are the result of cracks a mile long to which the perpetrator slipped through while screaming. Mental illness is still given short shrift, and in the overwhelmingly majority of these shootings, this is how they problem solved. Horrific.

    One time is a tragedy, several times a pattern. What we have is an epidemic.

    Brilliant piece of writing about our new reality.

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    • Nobody’s reading it. It’s not entertaining, but I just couldn’t post just anything after reading about it. It’s upsetting and nothing is being done. I just don’t get it. This irate, depressed, pissed off, fucker walks in and steals 12 lives. And two people are seriously wounded. One is doing better, the other not. Random…so damned random. Too much so. Chills me to the bone Marc.

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      • Sorryless says:

        At the end of the line, you have to write and think and say and do what you are. Not what everybody else mandates. Because you’ll discover that ‘everybody’ was nobody.

        And this is brilliant. If I say so myself. And I don’t say so myself. Anyone who reads it will agree.

        Like I said, this is how too many people problem solve now. Our elected representatives would rather offend the parents of dead children than the powerful lobbies who spend the budgets of third world countries in order to keep government off their backs.

        I’m not saying we take all guns away, because it’s not going to stop this. But for one thing, we make it a process. Not a stop and shop deal. Hard vetting, waiting time and more clearance checks on top of that.

        And when is mental illness going to be taken seriously?

        Lastly, why in the fuck are the overwhelming majority of these cases a matter of someone who slipped through the cracks?

        I’m grateful to you for writing about this, because it’s a damned great piece of writing on a horrible time in our history.

        Sorry for the ramble.

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      • I appreciate what you wrote. I’ve read so much about random shootings beginning with Columbine and when you think how long ago that was, and how it’s only gotten worse, you ask yourself, where’s the hope. You’re going to tell me this recent shooter never showed signs of mental illness? Someone said, he’d been acting odd recently. And? Did anyone report it? I don’t know what else to say since my two cents seem moot. People on this nice spring day, want to think of other things. Fuck those who were unlucky on Friday. But I say wait, till it hits closer to home, because, if you consider what happened in Virginia Beach, at Columbine, and Parkland, and let’s toss in September 11th why don’t we, it could happen at anytime, anyplace to anyone of us.

        God bless America.

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      • Sorryless says:

        That’s what I was saying earlier.

        Chief of Staff Mulvaney admitted there is no particular urgency on the part of the administration to tighten the laws. So more than twenty years after Columbine, they’re not ready yet. It’s not considered ‘urgent’. Of course, God forbid one of their family members was hurt or killed, they would probably understand urgency a little better.

        One time was too many. What is going on, or not going on, is shameful. Someone I was talking to about it said things would probably only change if a gunman hit a major sporting event or something of that nature. But really, if schools are considered fair game, all bets are off.

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      • I’ve been told this is what it’s like living in Israel every day. It’s woven into life like natural causes. I’m not accepting this for us. I simply refuse.

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      • Sorryless says:

        Over the years I have lost friends over this. They were gun owners who didn’t believe in any regulations whatsoever. I’m of the opinion that there ain’t no putting the water back in the dam, I get it. People have their guns and ammo and it ain’t going backwards. But. It shouldn’t be a pop quiz when it comes to buying a gun. You should go through a rigorous schedule of checks, and I mean rigorous. No stop and shop.

        Also, automatic weapons are a no. Sorry. Here’s the thing. There IS room for compromise. You want one? Fine. Register it, buy it. And then it is housed in the shooting range of your choice and cannot be taken off the premises. Simple as that.

        Nikolas Cruz was on the FBI’s radar for a long time before the Parkland shootings. Apologies after the fact ain’t gonna do it. Craddock was facing disciplinary action for a fight he had at work! This HAD to be followed up, immediately. Maybe you can’t lock him up for that, but you sure as hell can vet him, check and get a judge to order a search warrant for you. They issue search warrants for much less than this.

        I simply refuse to accept this as well.

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      • The cheese stands alone there pal. This post was one of my poorest read in a very long time. The title is so specific and no one, with the exception you, Dale and a few others, read it. No one cares. Let’s keep our blinders on since, it really doesn’t affect me personally. It’s incredibly bewildering to me, as well as to you. sigh

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      • Sorryless says:

        I’m sorry to hear that, because I think it was one of your most memorable. You hit me right in the gut when you write with your heart and soul.

        People forget. Everything. The shelf life on these stories is pitifully short.

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      • We’ve been reduced to a Tweet I’m afraid.

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      • Sorryless says:

        It began with USA today and just kept downsizing from there.

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  4. Dale says:

    Dearest Susannah,
    I have to agree with Marc. You wrote this beautifully.
    I can only tell you that every time we hear of yet another one, we all sit here wondering why? And what will it take to make changes to the ease in which one can purchase a gun?
    These “slip through the cracks” are far from a rarity.
    I keep hoping things will change. I fear they won’t.

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    • I try always to go back into history searching for wisdom. What would the Founders say? Or Teddy or Lincoln? Sounds lame I suppose, but our present leaders send condolences and little else. Trumpets should be blaring not Tweeting.


  5. robprice59 says:

    The U.K. has very strict gun control laws but the massacres happen here too. Our gun clubs complain that all the strict controls do is make life difficult for law-abiding folk. They may have a point. I don’t know if the statistics support their argument. Seems to me the U.K. has a couple of massacres each decade, whereas the U.S. has a couple each year?

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  6. Susannah, what’s truly scary is that mental illness and guns don’t belong in the same sentence together, yet the two have become synonymous with madness with no genuine attempts being made to resolve the endless heartache that mental illness and guns when combined, leave in their wake. 😦

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  7. I’m glad you wrote about this. It gets to the point where it’s just easier to not think about these ongoing shootings, but we need to keep from becoming inured to them.

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  8. Vasca Beall says:

    I’m glad you wrote about this Susannah. I’ve written two comments on it but they seem to have hijacked en route. Nice piece as always.


  9. While I don’t own a gun, I believe in being able to. What I really mean to say here and you said nothing to contradict it is that people who kill will always find a way to do it, guns or not. People die many times because the people who kill them were not found and stopped before that. Often there is no real warning, but sometimes…


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