Tweeting History

You know how much I love American History, regaling it at every opportunity.  It’s what keeps me calm during our present, being able to tiptoe back to consult with our noble predecessors.

When I recently was told to shut-up by a young girl of say, 30, who couldn’t concentrate on Twitter while I was naming presidents, the truth slammed me good and hard.

Social Media is the new administration. Has anyone told Congress yet?

No one cares about American History anymore.

This is so sad for me since it moves me more than any Tweet can, unless it’s actual birdsong.

What’s so important anyway? What could you possibly be missing every 3 minutes? Short of NASA, checking your phone like it’s a tick you have, is socially unacceptable.

Of course, we have a Tweeting president who’d probably flunk an American History quiz, but just ask him about Twitter, and he’d win the washer and dryer.

A pal of mine in Britain said in an email, “Aren’t you embarrassed by all this, the way things are going?”

I didn’t know how to respond trying to rise above things one has no control over, not until the next election that is when hopefully the White House will take back the Fun House, that hasn’t been all that much fun after all.

Took everything I had not to go off on that young lady.

I said to someone else, seated at the table, “Please restrain me.”

The Twit Tweeter looked up and said, “What the fuck does that mean…restrain?”

No I didn’t say, look it up, but was close.  Unknown.jpeg


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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53 Responses to Tweeting History

  1. skinnyuz2b says:

    I don’t know what I’d do if I ever met someone so clueless and rude. And twit is certainly an accurate descriptor. If she was an anomaly I’d be concerned about her, but unfortunately there is an army of twits right behind her.
    It’s just as well that you didn’t tell her to look up the word ‘restrain’. She’d probably think you wanted to be placed in handcuffs and were kinky, ha ha!

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  2. Sorryless says:


    You showed amazing restraint. I am a very chill person as a man of a much more certain age, but there are definitely limits. After which I call on my old Queens boy to clean it up.

    In the updated version of “Fahrenheit 451” that was on HBO last year, society is depicted as a bunch of mind controlled mongrels who only show emotions in twitter size. There is actually a virtual “breaking news” scene in which the screen is littered with emojis from viewers watching the search for Guy Montag. It was frightening because it IS happening! Like now.

    I could ramble some more but instead Imma just say hells yes. And damn.

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  3. American history, along with history of other countries, peoples and eras is always interesting. We build from our historical roots and create history with our actions. There seem to be so many people trying to switch off or gloss over what has gone before and appear interested only in the banality of the present which is forced upon them by so many media outlets. Go to a museum and see how many young people are actually looking at the art, and not looking at the phone screens. Go to a sports event and see how many people are videoing the game and not actually watching it.


  4. Dale says:


    I would have remained dumbfounded myself if some young upstart told me to shut up – and because she was TWEETING? Goes to show you how today’s Twits (no, not an error) have the attention spans of gnats.

    History forgotten is bound to repeat itself – and we see that some of that is true already. Can you imagine in a couple of generations? I shudder at the thought. Actually, I know you are not big on TV and Series but Netflix has this series called “Black Mirror” and it is frightening on so many levels how much of this could be our future…

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  5. Eilene Lyon says:

    Frustrating to have rude encounters of that sort. Sad to think what will become of them. Fortunately, not all of the upcoming generations are so clueless.

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  6. Vasca Beall says:

    And hordes of little birdies go tweet, tweet, tweet. ‘too much of our society has gone to the birds…no offense to honest-to-goodness birds. That twit who rudely told you to shut up was way out of line and hadn’t the sense to realize it. Topping it off, she had a small vocabulary, yes? Sometimes it scares me to distraction just imagining what so many come up with. No tweeting is better than putting one’s ignorance on view for all. Then again, the “all” may be so bad they might not know the difference. Ya’ think? Than again, it’s said, ‘Ignorance is bliss.’ Lotta’ bliss out there.


    • The world is changing rapidly but then again, it always has. I think youth is oblivious. Maybe it’s a blessing not knowing what you’ll be in for. Books represent solace for me along with lessons, but there was a time I too didn’t care. It would serve me in the future to remember that. Thanks


  7. Shouldda said, “Google it” or better “Check Urban Dictionary”.

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  8. Sometimes, when I think that every one of Trump’s tweets has to be preserved for posterity by the Presidential Records Act, I wonder what the future will think of this time of history.

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