Governor Andrew M. Cuomo…Respectfully

images.jpeg My respect for Governor Andrew Cuomo has increased considerably.

If one wants to see what’s been referred to as a War President, he certainly wears the mantle.

New York, the city where I’ve lived more than half my life, is under siege. Its enemy much worse than any previous one including September 11th’s in 2001, because it’s one you can’t see.

It sneaks and prowls, skulks and stalks, like an invisible sniper.

Think Jack the Ripper without a body…without a face.

Though safely in my home, well as can be, a mile or so away, a makeshift hospital stands filled with those fighting for their lives. I see it in the morning on my run that, if I didn’t know better, with all the tents set up, would think a carnival came to town.

Police line the Park’s perimeter with crime tape laced across because, if this crisis isn’t a crime, then I ask you, what is?

My Governor has been a leader, same as FDR who said, all we have to fear is fear itself, but Andrew, being right up in the front lines, knows, that alas, that’s not the case here.

He sent the National Guard out to collect all the ventilators, masks and gloves other towns blessfully don’t need, but from fear, have covertly hoarded.

Can you blame them? No.

Can you blame him? Hell no, not after what he’s seen.

When attacked and criticized after his plaintive cry to Washington for help, he said…

“This is a time for partnership, not partisanship.”

This spoke to this patriot poignantly, already knowing, it is a time of unity, not separation. To be kind instead of impatient, noble rather than grand.

After coming from the Park early this morning, seeing Fifth Avenue lost and empty, except for the American Flag flying defiantly in front of the Met, I wept, then came home and wrote my Governor a letter.

April 5th, 2020                                              New York City

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo Governor of New York State…NYS State Capitol Building…Albany, New York 12221

Dear Governor Cuomo,

As I looked down a deserted 5th Avenue seeing nothing but our noble Flag, her colors brighter than ever, it made me think of you.

You, who’s been so brave in your efforts, leading the fight against this insidious demon that sadly, for now, seems to be winning. I, as a New Yorker, who’s never seen anything like this before, feel a whole lot safer having you at the helm.

Your Father, if he were here, I know, would be very proud of you.

So thanks Governor Cuomo, for all that you’ve done, and all that I know, you’ll keep doing.

And let God bless you, and keep you safe.

Sincerely…        GettyImages-84237104_cijdvr.jpegLong may she wave.

About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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32 Responses to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo…Respectfully

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    … beautifully written. I was thinking about you this morning so your post is timely for me. Thanks for the update and glad you are safe.

    From afar, I applaud your governor. Given the NYC population, it’s naturally an uphill battle … A battle when being outflanked by the enemy but still fighting.

    Sadly, too many view his work through a partisan lens. Personally, my ears find it hard to believe. People so hung up on ideology. Given where I live, I could go on. So my cheers to your governor.

    I am lucky to also have a proactive governor who is also doing the best he can for the good of all. Interestingly, numerous Trumpians are critical of him … And Gov DeWine is a Republican. Too many people are more nuts than normal.

    Hang in there … Be safe.

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    • Love that you used the term, outflanked. Washington can’t fathom what’s happening here. See if you can Google Peggy Noonan’s Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal for April second. “New York Is the Epicenter of the World – WSJ” She makes what I wrote change jingling in your pocket. I appreciate your words Frank, more than you know, more now than ever. Susannah

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  2. Sorryless says:

    BRAVA Susannah BOOM!

    What a beautiful letter you’ve penned to a man who most definitely needs all the inspiration and support he can get. He has indeed been a leader through one of the darkest times in the history of that great city. His call for unity is something Mario would have done as well.

    I love this.

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    • I am so MOVED by him. He has not shirked his responsibilities for one second. I imagine he’s probably not even sleeping. Also, his brother, Chris, he’s so close to, had it. He’s better, thanks God but not only does he have his citizens, it hit him home too. I hate all this back stabbing and bashing of one another. Hannity from Fox, if I ever meet him, I’ll knock the shit out of him Marc. As he sits on his high end stool, taking shots at people there, who see what it’s like when you can’t breathe, watching them die because no one gets it. Hoarding supplies. God, it’s throws me. Really. As you can see, my Italian is up. It’s like high tide during a nor’easter.

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      • Sorryless says:

        Your Italian is tell your Connecticut to sit this one out, and that’s plenty understandable.

        Chris Cuomo talked about his experience with the coronavirus and how frightening it was. Fevers that led to hallucinations, shivering so hard that he chipped a tooth. And the very idea of not being able to breathe, my God.

        You’re right, Hannity has to go on vacation for a while. Maybe a permanent vacation. Just leave everyone alone.

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      • I just can never wrap my brain around the verbal and written venom. You should see the Park. Someone should take Hannity there and make him stand by the refrigerated City Morgue truck as they bring the bodies out.

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      • Sorryless says:

        Hannity’s too thick to ever get it. But the city most certainly doesn’t have time for venomous attacks.

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  3. I tune into the Mayor’s press conference as often as I can. He is a leader and an inspiration for all of us. Your letter captures the respect that I think we all have for him and thank you for writing it. Stay safe. By the way, I understand your feeling about the flag. I had the same experience during Hurricane Harvey. I was standing in the middle of the town rubble and someone had placed the flag on a crane so it could be seen from almost every point. I cried like a baby seeing the pure symbolism of being part of something bigger than a hurricane. We are all part of something bigger than COVID-19 and you pointed that out with your post today.

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  4. Yes indeed. He is showing REAL leadership. Likewise the Queen in her speech yesterday.

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  5. Dale says:

    I cannot add anything to what the others have so I shall simply say, Yes, Cuomo is a gentleman and a scholar who is not afraid of the front line, standing with is people, for his people. He deserves your beautifull, eloquent letter of thanks.

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  6. Vasca says:

    You did a very good thing, Susannah. This is a time for pulling together…after all, we are The United States of America. As so many have said “We’re all in this together”. Disasters make for strange bedfellows…being human, as we all are, means we have our likes and dislikes. Hatred should have no place in our hearts, for the One who is in charge says to love my neighbor, But God, who is my neighbor? Everyone…every single one! Praying you stay well and safe, friend. Hugs!!!


  7. skinnyuz2b says:

    People usually only take the time to write negative letters. I’m sure your positive missive is what he needs to keep going. Let’s not forget that his own brother has tested positive.
    A lot of upstaters don’t care for governor Cuomo, but I have been impressed by his actions and daily updates.

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    • It’s not the time to criticize. Look what he’s dealing with? And he’s here, like Patton or Eisenhower, not hiding in Albany.

      I HATE ALL THIS BACK STABBING. ENOUGH SKINNY, PEOPLE ARE DYING. I’ve had it with the negativity. It explains why my post was hardly read. I back my Governor and wish there was more that I can do. Thanks, as always.

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