Humbled Beauty

Unknown-1.jpeg I saw a French Poodle whose hair looked better than mine.

She knew it too, the haughty way she walked passed me, with her nose in the air.

“What did ya say there, Babette?”

I said, “Perhaps you should see a groomer, you can use my name.”

Don’t think I wouldn’t at this point either since, I have no idea who it is, looking back at me in the mirror.

Oh hello, and you are? Will you be staying long?

Unlike my pal Skinny, I don’t have an in-house hairdresser to squirt color on my head that’s beginning to look like the Alps, after a thaw…wisps of white peeking over my ears.

My only solace is, I’m not alone.

I have visions of women camping out in sleeping bags 8be62f4636f0550c25b293656f4eee96--sleeping-bags-touring.jpgthe night before all the hair salons reopen, like buying tickets for a Springsteen concert.

And don’t think I won’t be one of them, with cookies, to get seen faster.

Maybe I should see a groomer.

She’s lucky I didn’t pull her tail.   images.jpeg


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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67 Responses to Humbled Beauty

  1. Mine just gets long with no color issues. I can do long. Not sure the color thing would sit right. Good luck with your sleeping bag.


  2. As Bruce S would sing….Glory Days of the barber will return.


  3. Oh, that is amusing! Sleeping bag lines for the hairdresser! Will they have to stay six feet apart?

    Do poodles PANDA to people?

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  4. In the marketplace WEASEL dog costumes.


  5. robprice59 says:

    I don’t colour. I’m committed to growing old disgracefully. But my hairdresser has a broken wrist. I cut my own last week. I’m not sharing photos. Some aspects of social distancing are a blessing.

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  6. Dale says:

    So funny… my hairdresser called me yesterday to inform me that they were NOT opening any time soon (I didn’t think they were!) I took advantage of the call to ask her if she thought the dye she sold me three years ago when she was going through her cancer treatment would still be good. She said it definitely would not harm my hair and to have at it. I have come to realise that if I let the grey continue, I shall be a perfect skunk. I only have one stripe in the front (kinda like Stacey London but wider)… considering keeping it. Haven’t decided yet!!

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  7. kingmidget says:

    I was born with curly hair. I apparently acquired it from my dad. Pictures of him from his childhood showed a kid with an unruly mop of curls. When he was 18 he joined the Air Force and, in 1951, he got it all cut off as he was inducted into the military. For the last 69 years, he has never let it grow long enough to see any of the natural curl. But then the pandemic came and his barber shop shut down. It’s been a couple of months since his last haircut and the curl is driving him crazy. I offered to give him a shave the next time I come over. Which will be tomorrow.

    He’s looking so forward to this that he wrote a blog post about his hair history. How he absolutely hated the hair when he was a kid and how much he is looking forward to this haircut.

    I hated mine as well. It was amazing reading his blog post because some of the childhood experiences he described were identical to mine. All of the old ladies at school oohing and aahing over this hair he couldn’t stand. I had the same experience.

    When I was in high school, I started blow drying my hair … which gave me a massive afro. When I hit 20, I got it cut and styled and lost the fro. And then about 15 years ago, I just started shaving it off. For a few months, I close shaved it so I was truly a cue ball. I got tired of that, so now I just get the electric clippers and take care of things every few weeks. I hope to never see those curls again. 🙂

    Anyway … sorry that I kidnapped your comments section to tell my story. It’s just funny how these random things come out and make a connection.

    Good luck to you upon your return to the hair salon!

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    • No apologizes necessary, since your thirst for WRITING clearly needed quenching. Get your journal out Mark and put something down. Log a few miles. I mean it.

      Love the image of your dad’s hair driving him nuts. I can certainly relate as I sit here with olive oil on mine slicked back like Sal Mineo. Now there’s a blast from the past. Have one word for ya Midget…WRITE!!!

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      • kingmidget says:

        I’ve never journaled, except to the extent I do so on my blog. So … but I have a couple of short stories I started in conjunction with writing challenges. I’m going to try to see if I can finish one or two of those.

        This morning’s barbering event appears to have been successful. My dad’s head is much lighter and he is much happier.

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      • And I, envious. I’m looking like a mushroom. Sigh. Yes, FINISH YOUR STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. skinnyuz2b says:

    You can’t look too bad, Susannah, or you wouldn’t have been asked for your ID. Pookie did a good job on coloring, but I’d never let him near me with scissors.
    His hair is super curly and cut short. (He had an afro when we were younger) On the morning of his brother’s wedding, over 40 years ago, I cut his hair. This was after harping on him for a week to get it cut professionally. Let’s just say it was a very unfortunate and traumatic experience for him. He won’t let me near his hair again and he now looks like a hobo.


  9. Sorryless says:

    My aunt used to cut my hair when I was younger since she had come over from Cuba and straight into the hairdresser game. Well known and so damned good at what she did. It was the barter system with her in high school once I had my wheels. She cut my hair and I would take her out to the Harp and Mandolin in Bayside. Worked out well for all parties.

    Later it was my wife, until I met the hairdresser of my dreams, Judi. Thus began a beautiful relationship with a girl who cut my hair like nobody’s business. I had an in with her that allowed me to come by the mall before it opened, since some of the girls took clients early like that. I’d get my hair cut before work and all was right with world until she went and fell in love and moved away. Broke my heart. Well, it broke my streak of luck when it came to hairdressers anyways.

    Then my daughter picked things up again and did Judi to a standstill for me. Until she moved to Santa Fe for school for a while. After which I took her lessons and began applying it to my own self, cutting my own hair. Been doing it ever since.

    Damn, that was a long winded comment!

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  10. aFrankAngle says:

    Miss SB …. You’re looking good!

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  11. I’m lucky that I can cut my own hair, although shave my head is closer to the truth. I’m letting my beard grow so we’ll see how long it gets. Hair dressers are going to be working overtime at the end of this though.

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  12. For the record, Tony Orlando is currently looking back at me in the mirror. It’s the mustache that’s most startling.

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  13. Vasca says:

    i’m concerned about the ‘girl in the box’.


    • Every morning when I go run, she’s asleep in her box. So life is probably more or less the same for her, and that’s a good thing for now. No one has asked her to leave her little niche by the church that remains closed. Many of the homeless are being chased since the city shut down but she’s, let’s say, sheltering in her own place. I think she is faring in her own way. It’s sweet that you think of her.


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