Closed Temporarily

I remember when Woody Allen was asked, what was his favorite word in the English language, and he said, benign.

If I were asked that right now, I’d say, temporarily.

It’s what all the shops along Madison Avenue have printed in their windows…


reminding me, this too shall pass.

I’m speaking of our lockdown, still in place, teasing my sanity much too long. Toss in looting reports that may delay it being lifted, and I’m bewildered, to say the least.

That might be my second favorite word at the moment.

The first month I did pretty well keeping to a routine that, though quirky, getting up at 3:30 to run in the mask-less dark, said, I came through with flying colors.

Crawling into my third month, let’s just say, those colors have frayed, like cotton when it’s washed too many times.

I cling to the promise of, this will end soon.

When hearing fear of the second wave, reject it, slamming that door good and hard, choosing to live my life, no matter what’s in store, since God has the last say, not Fox, Trump or the Co-op Board.

If I listen, my forefathers whisper to me.

Lincoln: My son Willie, whom I loved so much, died of Typhoid Fever. Despite no cure, I still got on a train to dedicate that cemetery in Pennsylvania.

Teddy: It’s no secret I lost my wife and mother on the same day, she of Typhoid, my darling Alice, Bright’s Disease. But, as hard as it was, I carried on. Life must continue, nonetheless.

FDR: When I got Polio in 1921, there was no hope for me to ever walk again, yet I stayed my course, though in a wheelchair, never living to see the vaccine that was brought to light in 1953.

I don’t know when we’ll have a vaccine for our virus. Some say soon, some not.

But what I do know is, this terror putting our lives on hold humbling each and every one of us, will have the power to do so, only temporarily.

I’m staring fear in the face today, letting her know the sun still shines, and so do I if I choose to, and I do, and so should you.Β Β  images

A thin girl’s, with a questionable haircut, two cents.


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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72 Responses to Closed Temporarily

  1. Keep your smile ready, Susannah. Things are going to get better.

    I laughed about your questionable haircut, because mine is funny. I end up with a different hair cutter every time. The one I had yesterday did not whack off as much as I wanted. My eyes were still dilated from the annual exam, and I couldn’t see well in the brightly lit salon. Oh well, I’ll go back in a few weeks.

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  2. skinnyuz2b says:

    Our attitude controls so much in our lives. I know that I’m often too optimistic, but prefer that over being too pessimistic.
    We both love to read, Susannah. Imagine the boredom for those who don’t, staring at TV reruns all day. And we find nature uplifting. My bedroom is on the 3rd floor and a window overlooks a huge maple tree. A robin’s nest is in the crook of a branch at eye level. Definitely worth waking up to.
    Life is slowly returning to the new normal, whatever that ends up being.

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  3. As we enter into month 3, I think my word is numb. I long for a questionable haircut.

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  4. Vasca says:

    Sunshine covers my small patio/porch; bright and happy sunlight which I love. My pots of beautiful flowers provided by sweet family all look most comfortable and happy! Out of sight is the tumult of this world…I am on the frienges…far from the maddening crowds. Praying for peace and love to rule. No matter what, I intend keeping a positive attitude and trusting God. Of course when I happen to see myself in a mirror I wonder how long my hair will grow and when will all the color disappear…when? Oh well, before quarantine I was always changing my style…this is an entirely new me…will I recognize Vasca when this is over? Even the thought makes me laugh repeatedly. Oh Vasca, where art thou? Love your thoughts Susannah.
    P.S. ” The time to do right is always the right time.” Martin Luther King, Jr. I’m focused on that along with serving others lovingly.


  5. kingmidget says:

    Yeah, it hasn’t been a good week or two for me. Too distracted by the protests and the endless news cycle on the protests. Too much of a feeling of boredom with the things I’ve been doing to fill my time over the last few months. Just too much of a lot of things. And, while I agree with the sentiment of this too shall pass, I wonder when.

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    • I know, me too, I say it like a mantra that doesn’t really comfort me much anymore . This whole awful Floyd affair, I’ll call it, was the last thing we needed. We all need to be careful…we’re not ourselves. Maybe go for a run…get a new book. You inspired me to reread Assassination Vacation. I’m on McKinley.

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  6. This was worth way more than two cents, Susannah.

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  7. Sorryless says:

    To Woody, “I love you” took a back seat to benign. He knows of what he speaks on this count, since the particulars are linear in nature.

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  8. Your words are inspired. I know that you re correct about the temporary nature of the present mess in which we find ourselves. However, the combination of the pandemic, Trump, and social discord are almost too much. Temporary…yes, but presently it seems non-stop. Any way, thanks for the good advice.

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    • I know we’re being machine gunned, with guns and bad behavior. The Trump Dog and Pony Show doesn’t get good reviews. I am actually becoming fascinated by him wondering, if his brain truly just malfunctions. He makes George Bush another Jefferson in comparison. I understand your frustration, believe me, but live your life, like Teddy and Abe.

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  9. Dale says:

    One step in front of the other, moving forward.

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  10. This is a great perspective. When the evil and uncertainty of the world loom up around us, God has an overhead view and sees what’s ahead.

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  11. Eilene Lyon says:

    If time is a construct, why can’t I be in 2021 yet?

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    • Just remember, we’ll be a year older. The news gets more National Lampoonish by the day. I’m speaking of our mischievous commander-in-chief, and please note it’s not capitalized, who must stay up at night thinking of ways to shock the nation.

      My town is totally boarded up like a fishing village, off season. I yearn for the GAP to lose myself in shorts and hoodies to forget about life for a while, to quote Billy Joel’s Piano Man. And let’s not discuss my hair. Smile Eileen. One day at a time as they say on AA Zoom.

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  12. robprice59 says:

    I like your optimism and I hate to be the harbinger of doom but please understand that lock-down is just a tactic to flatten the curve and relieve pressure on hospitals. Everyone will get Covid-19 eventually. You could no more avoid it than the common cold. It is with us for the duration now.


  13. The respite from being around clueless people in general has been pretty much ok by me. Mostly…that is unless you count the ratty squirrel that seems to have crawled up onto my head and died. I miss my stylist but that’s about the only thing. It’s almost paradise trying to walk around the neighborhood without waiting an eternity for the traffic to clear. Guess those peeps are at home hoarding yeast and flour along with garages full of TP.

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