A Miss Understanding

I hate being called ma’am. It makes me think of my grandmother when she’d roll her stockings down to her ankles, to cool off, she’d say.

It sure must have cooled off Grampa.

It explained all those Miss Rheingold Posters he had hanging in the cellar.  beer-miss-rheingold-1948-quinlan

But back to me.

I still prefer being referred to as…MISS.

Hey, call me crazy, and you will after this.

What brought this on?

Charlotte, at J. Crew Factory.     Unknown

Can’t a girl order socks without feeling decrepit?

After the 6th ma’am, I went off on poor Charlotte.

Granted, tempers taunt easily during this tender time, but I still owed her an apology.

Of course, after slamming down the phone, what are the chances of getting her again.

Well God, that little prankster, when I phoned planning on confessing my meanness to the next lucky recipient, guess who answered?

Good afternoon…J. Crew Factory…how can I assist you TOOODAY!!! Charlotte speaking.

Charlotte, it’s me, don’t hang up.

SB, in her Gucci Hair shirt.

J. Crew, unfortunately, doesn’t make one.



About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Amazon.com. Thanks.
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47 Responses to A Miss Understanding

  1. I had to laugh, because I don’t like being called Miss. To the agent: forget the faux deferential titles, and deal with me in a straightforward, pleasant manner.

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  2. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, I don’t care for Ma’am either. My peeve is when a young salesgirl barely in her 20s calls me Dear or Sweetie. I just want to slap her upside her head. It’s fine if the terms are used by someone older than me, but not by some whipper-snapper.
    Happy shopping!

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  3. Dale says:

    I’m not a fan of the ma’am either. However, here in Quebec, we have the formal ‘vous’ vs the informal ‘tu’ (for you) that can replace the ‘Madame’ or ‘ma’am’ when addressing someone. When a gum-smacking, pimple-faced kid uses ‘tu’ on me? I just wanna smack ’em into politeness. So it’ll grate in my ears to be addressed as Ma’am or Madame but at least they were taught well…
    I know, I know, not quite the same thing as Ma’am vs Miss but in the same vein.

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  4. Vasca says:

    Oh my! Life is hard these days.

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  5. I love the term “hair shirt.” It always makes me smile. I asked my boss onetime “Who is your hairshirt taylor?” He had to stop his lecture long enough to say, “I’m not sure they are made in Hong Kong.” Had me on the floor and I’m not sure he knew how funny that was. He picked up the lecture right where he left off.

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  6. Clever Girl says:

    Ma’am… sounds like a noise a sheep makes.

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  7. Sorryless says:

    I remember when Rheingold was a big deal. It was a staple of my parents poker games with their friends. But I don’t remember there were Rheingold girls.

    As for Ma’am . . I think Charlotte will understand some day. And then she’ll look back on her interactions with you and be like “Of fucking course she was right to call me out on that!”

    Perspective is everything.

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  8. robprice59 says:

    Poor Charlotte. I worked in a call centre for a few months, many years ago. Communicating with the public is a nightmare. I am pleased you are suitably contrite.

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    • Yes I am, and ashamed to admit, it happens frequently where my frustration tends to get the best of me. She accepted my apology with a cheerful air. Maybe Charlotte’s not real. Maybe she’s just a very good voice on their automated system. Alright, I’m stretching there, but her forgiving nature made me feel worse.

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  9. Eilene Lyon says:

    Funny story! I hate being called ma’am, too, but I’ve never gotten particularly worked up about it. I did have occasion recently to apologize to a service person after losing my temper (by email, though). I don’t think they’re used to getting apologies – they clearly were surprised and pleased.

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  10. I always wonder…if a military salute calls for an audible “yes sir”…then likewise I guess a salute could accompany “yes miss”.

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  11. Hahaha! I completely understand. After 4 months of complete insanity, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had a Charlotte in our path.

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