The Way It Is Now

Today I was chased by a Corgi named Goldie who I’m madly in love with. She’s a little more than a puppy with fur that feels like silk, nuzzling you, like a low to the ground lover.

Her owner, however, in her 20s, doesn’t say hello nor comes within 30 feet of me.

She calls the dog incessantly, who having more sense, ignores her.

Wonder of Goldie gets sprayed with disinfectant once they get home.

I’m the new enemy, with or without a mask, even miles away.

I went to Kinkos to laminate some pictures and was firmly told, I can no longer do it myself. They will, and furthermore, they’re very busy, and I’ll just have to wait.

Then, at Starbucks, was halted at the door by a kid with a thermometer making sure I wasn’t totin’ a fever. I thought it only fair if I could take hers.

Madewell, a store I like because they’ll monogram all the leather they sell, no longer provides the service.

“But it’s why I shop here,” I tell the manager. “Why would you stop?”

She gives me her best Valley Girl head shake before saying with snarky sass, “Why do you think?”

“Cause you’re slipping?”

I knew the answer, but was angry at the stupidity of it all. Covid 19 somehow will affect one’s initials…

How so?

What am I missing, besides what’s left of my mind?

Unmasked groups yes, an SB here and there, no.

I let it go, but my Connecticut was rightfully wronged, already on life support after learning that Brooks Brothers had closed their Madison Avenue Flagship store.

It was where Hemingway and Teddy shopped.

It’s where my mother took me to get my first navy blazer, practically a rite of passage. 

And as far as the government goes, it’s as though everyone is performing in a one-man show.

I’m waiting for Nancy to open at the Shubert, and McConnell, the Public, known for its groundbreaking productions since, after publicly announcing, he’ll make sure Mr. Biden, who hadn’t even officially won yet, won’t get his cabinet passed, well…I think he’ll be a sell-out since, we’ve never seen nor heard anything quite like Mitch before.

Toss in our sitting President, playing golf while we all quietly die, and not only Democrats by the way, since the plague belongs to no party.

I’d now like everyone, you too Mr. President, to take out a dollar bill and read…”E PLURIBUS UNUM,” that graces the front.

It’s Latin for…one of many.

Does anyone still need a translator?

Don? Mitch? Nancy? 


About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Thanks.
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96 Responses to The Way It Is Now

  1. skinnyuz2b says:

    Susannah, I agree that we all need to act responsibly. But some of the preventive actions leave me shaking my head too; like what in heck is it preventing?
    I proctored at a school last Tuesday reading a test to a student. We sat 10 feet apart and wore masks. Then I was logged into a computer that had been used by God knows how many people Luckily I wore disposable gloves and refrained from touching my face.
    Happy days will come again!

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    • That’s one of my favorite songs Skinny, and FDR’s Presidential theme song, during the dark days of the Depression. I shall take it as an omen of what’s to come. 🙂

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    • kingmidget says:

      I just talked with a long-time friend yesterday. She works for a company that proctors tests required for certification for all sorts of different professions. She was telling me that a lot of the test-takers are surprised and frustrated that she doesn’t take their temperature when they come to the testing center. To which she wants to say “did you take your temperature before you left your house?” Here in California, almost nobody takes temperatures, even at the health care facility that I’ve been to many times over the last eight months.

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      • The Pollyanna in me wants to believe, people are attempting to do their best, but no one wants to hear any criticism or even what one could be perceived as a suggestion. My post I’m convinced is tanking because no one wants to even hear what I have to say, and with the exception of Skinny and now you, my regulars don’t either. I think it’s important to talk about what’s going on and how it’s affecting us. The page is my bully pulpit, if you will.

        New York, alas, is stumbling again, blaming it on the Governor who’s trying to take small measures, but no one is listening. It’s wild to me. We need to stop it. sigh. Thanks Mark, as always.

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      • kingmidget says:

        I’m a firm believer that a majority is trying to do the right thing. It may not be what you or I would do, but they’re trying. And sometimes the effort gets annoying. But we’re trying. Any little thing that reminds us of the reasons for that effort is a good thing. This should be a time when we come together. Sadly, a chunk of America is using this as an opportunity to demonstrate selfishness and stupidity.

        Keep blogging about what you’re seeing and feeling. It’s a part of the reminder.

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      • I will, since I have no choice but to express myself. I’m grateful I can do it in words by hand, since, I’m alone most of the time.

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  2. Your blog is amazing 🙂


  3. Dale says:

    The trouble with this bloody situation is no one is sure what to do, really. So they go to extremes in one place and do nothing in another. I’m truly starting to think the world has gone mad. Do you remember, in the old days, when life was simpler? During flu season, one was supposed to stay home when sick but still, as a preventative measure, we, the healthy, were to wash our hands incessantly after touching anything that could be contaminated. Seems like that good advice is all we really need. It makes zero sense to be shutting down one thing while leaving another open. How is worse to be handed a coffee cup than to embroider a piece of clothing?

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  4. The sad reality is our lives are not going to be the same for a while. Loved your take on the Nancy, Mitch, Joe, and I’ll add Chuck show. The goof sitting as a lame-duck president could make our lives so much better by trading information with the incumbent socialists and getting his hot little hand away from the missile buttons. Would love to see him go play golf for the next two months leaving Nancy, Mitch, Joe, and Chuck home to solve some problems instead of creating them.

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  5. Vasca says:

    I applaud your words, Susannah. This is a most serious business…who expected it to be this widespread and determined.

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  6. Vasca says:

    I agree with your words, Susannah. Covid-19 has played havoc everywhere and who knows whenever…if ever…it will play out? Any day now a person wearing one of those walking billboards could appear on the streets with the job of taking temps of all the passing crowd. It seems no matter how cautious we are someone in the smallest group will succumb to Covid. My little 2 year old great-grandson has been exposed so now he and his family are quarantined. My niece, an attorney, has contracted it somewhere. And all of these people are always masked, etc. My oldest son was exposed this week so our Thanksgiving dinner is cancelled…only four of us for a small dinner. Businesses open one day…slam bam, thank you ma’am…they’re shuttered. Seems it doesn’t pay making plans! Please keep on writing…writing is important. Hugs galore!


  7. Sorryless says:

    I guess we have arrived at the point in our history where we take a look around the landscape and realize, yanno? It might not ever go back to the way it was before.

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  8. Good for Goldie, who is blissfully unaware of all the turmoil in the world these days and just wants to have fun. At least we still have the innocence of animals and children.

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  9. Eilene Lyon says:

    I feel your frustration, really I do. “Leadership” in this country has become anything but. We mere mortals are left to define life as best we can. But there have been worse times and better times. Have heart. ❤️

    (Maybe some of the SOBs won’t see the new year.)

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    • Funny you should say that because we have faced so many trials before and came out the other side, perhaps not unscathed, but survived.

      Just finished a new bio on Eleanor Roosevelt, Eleanor, by David Michaelis, and reading about the depression, and World War I and II, called out to just, hang in there. We will see another summer, as the poet said.

      I love when you comment Eileen. Your clarity shines through.

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