Feed My Sheep

I’m always reading, or at the very least perusing a book, jotting down words or phrases that woo from the page.

For instance, I’m rereading the entire Poldark series, this time in order, and Winston Grahams’s language has me swooning, the latest being…you will come brave again, meaning, you will heal and be yourself once more.

I just love that. 

Dusky, is another term he likes describing a Cornish femme fatale.

Cut to…the Bible, another book sitting on my shelf between Rebecca and a tome on Teddy I too, like to pick up and thumb through.

Peter caught my eye this morning I’ll share in Susannahese.

God keeps asking him, do you love me Peter? If so, feed my sheep. Peter, seems distracted, probably texting some dusky girl he likes, because God keeps asking, Peter do you love me?

Peter finally says, yeah, sure God, of course I love you…

God says, then feed my sheep. 

I interrupt this as, give to someone else. Do a brother a good turn.


So it’s New Year’s Day as I card myself into my bank’s foyer to grace the ATM, seeing a young man of color standing in the corner, bent over scrubbing his sneakers with a toothbrush.

No, I didn’t make this up.

Now the New Yorker in me says, maybe you shouldn’t be withdrawing money at this time since, there’s no security guard, but the Joan of Bark side called out, “Hey, you okay over there?”

A face that would break your heart, looked up from his brushing and said, “Yeah, I’m okay,” paused before asking what I couldn’t hear but assumed was, could I spare a few bucks.

FEED MY SHEEP, was echoing in my head like a Stones song, having 2 choices, one to say no since, the ATM doesn’t give singles or fives, or to just part with a ten.


Okay, okay.

So I hand it over but, before leaving say like an elder since, he couldn’t have been more than 18, making you wonder, what in hell happened here, he’s out on the street…

“Promise me, you’ll use it to eat.”

12 Step would say, I had no right saying that, but God begged to differ since, man can’t live by crack alone.

That beautiful face lit up like a sunrise and said, “Ah promise Miss.” (oh, he called me Miss)

“And maybe you should get a new toothbrush,” said I, suddenly seeing sheep in CVS in the Oral Hygiene aisle, bahing.




About Susannah Bianchi

I'm just a girl who likes to write slightly on slant. I've had a career in fashion, dabbled in film and to be honest, I don't like talking about myself. Now my posts are another matter so I will let them speak for themselves. My eBooks, A New York Diary, Model Behavior: Friends For Life and Notes From A Working Cat can be found on Amazon.com. Thanks.
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41 Responses to Feed My Sheep

  1. Sorryless says:


    As with any good book, you begin with words that make the reader swoon. Yes . . swoon.

    Peruse . . how can you not love the word?

    Woo . . . seriously.

    As for that voice in your head, you’ve got the noble one! Lucky you. Mine asks for wine, when its behaving.

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  2. skinnyuz2b says:

    Pookie and I often interrupt the reading of each other to share a beautiful phrase or description. Pearl Buck’s writing in ‘The Good Earth’ captivates me each time I read it. And Agatha Christie’s casual use of Old Pussy to describe an elderly woman always raises my eyebrows.
    Let’s all make 2021 the year of Feeding My Sheep. After the past year, we need a positive mission.

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  3. Dale says:

    Have to agree with Marc on that one… perusing, woo and dusky (which I would have assumed also meant with a skin-tone that was darker, like a gypsy or woman not given to using sunscreen or a mulatto (is that po-co? I no longer know)) – you’ve wooed us, your readers.

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  4. Words and kind actions! You’ve got it all, Susannah. My brother was robbed at an ATM, so I would not have gone near the machine. Who knows what difference you made in that young man’s life?

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  5. I love phrases in books that make me swoon. Also, I love writers who tempt me with their erudite use of the language. Pilgrim, up there is one. Dale Darlin hits me often, and you are another. Great story. I envy your in head voice. Mine lacks your graciousness.

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  6. Patricia says:

    Yay, you❣More of us should follow the messages of hope and love we are given especially when it involves sacrifice of some sort. Well done, my friend.

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  7. I’m not reading too much these days, but I have been binging the Netflix series Bridgerton, and I am in love with the dialog. The characters are currently trying to prevent a Whistledown after a hot makeout session in the garden without a chaperone.
    As for feeding the sheep, absolutelty, it was no coincidence that you read that passage. That’s a beautiful way to kick-off 2021.

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