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Why Holly Golightly Was Not Meant To Get Old

I have a birthday coming up we’re not celebrating. When I think there was a time I looked forward to my special day, it seems comical.  As a kid, birthdays were treated like national holidays making you wonder why banks … Continue reading

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Back In Step

I’ve been a member of Al-Anon, a 12-Step program for those affected by the aftershocks of alcohol, for 12 years. I stopped attending meetings due to my hearing loss, but two weeks ago, went back. It was the best decision … Continue reading

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A Bad Receiver

Why is receiving so hard for some? Why can’t one just muster a gracious thank you and move on? A person’s discomfort after I send a gift or note, brings up such a wound for me. The first time I … Continue reading

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A Three Dollar Bill

Starbucks  5 A.M. Believe it or not, there’s a line that luckily, is behind me. In walks Mr. Brooks Brothers, who I’ve written about ( perfectly pressed, in his usual hurry. He looks perplexed, with six customers ahead of him, … Continue reading

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Susannah and the Fat Man

I was coming back from a job during rush hour on the L train, a line I never take. There I was, squashed, in-between a woman with 8 shopping bags, and a young kid whose backpack was practically smothering me. … Continue reading

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The Point of Christmas Cards

 They’re traditional? It’s nice to get them?  You have nothing better to do than sit on the floor in your undies writing three dozen? I send them every year, get them from Wildlife and The American Humane Society, figuring, I’m … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving At The Carlyle

 I’m so annoyed at Camille who was in charge of reservations. You would think a hotel dining room with a prix-fix menu for 300 bucks would have an extra table, even if it’s in the kitchen. Am I exaggerating? Not … Continue reading

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Why I Love Peggy Noonan

 I never miss her Saturday column on The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Page since, it’s always a treat to read. Whenever I ask someone, if they’re a Noonan fan, they either say yes immediately or, I don’t always agree with … Continue reading

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Last Lunch

I was in a neighborhood bistro having a salad,  when a very rattled woman came in. I watched her dart around the restaurant like the Secret Service finally choosing a table adjacent to mine easily seating 6.  Suddenly two other … Continue reading

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My friend Connie died. She was in the hospital presumably getting better about to be released, when she suddenly just passed. Her brother, whom she lived with said, how strange it was because she talked that whole day about coming … Continue reading

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