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A Writer’s Self-doubt

My creativity has been up on the ledge lately dangling her feet. She feels alone and inept, underappreciated and forlorn, yet the well isn’t dry. It still seems damp, way at the bottom. I sit at my desk most days … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Know, Ask

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing something. Unfortunately many people are ashamed to ask. I was like that, feeling small because I hadn’t attended college. When people now are surprised by this, it makes me smile. A woman I knew … Continue reading

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Whine And Cheese

Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves, wondered Robin Williams. If I’m the best man at a wedding, why is she marrying him? asked Jerry Seinfeld. I realize these were two jokes, but were they really? Aren’t … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Reading

I’m a cereal reader myself and no, that’s not a typo since I sneak in a chapter or two over my oatmeal in the morning, considering it multitasking. When people say, other than social media, they never read, I’m unusually … Continue reading

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Is J. Crew Single?

I only ask since, he emails 3 times a day to let me know about his package, so to speak, that’s on its way, though a little late as though my socks stopped off for a beer. To find a … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions I Probably Won’t Keep

Letting my hair go gray, like Patti Smith.  Now if I could only sing. I might grow bangs, to hide my wrinkled brow, but what if I look like Lucy, in Peanuts.  Not resembling a refugee when I run. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Did You Know…Hollywood Edition

Gary Cooper turned down the role of Rhett Butler in the film, Gone With the Wind, regretting it for the rest of his life. The Marx Brothers came up with their name during a poker game, Julius becoming Groucho, Adolph, … Continue reading

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Fashion On The Cheap

I always laugh when someone says, I’m well dressed, assuming, I spend a fortune on what I wear. HAH, is all I can say. I have 3 words for you. J. Crew Factory.   Alright 5, tossing in The Gap. The … Continue reading

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A Miss Understanding

I hate being called ma’am. It makes me think of my grandmother when she’d roll her stockings down to her ankles, to cool off, she’d say. It sure must have cooled off Grampa. It explained all those Miss Rheingold Posters … Continue reading

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To Your Neutral Corners

I’m no political animal by any means, and frankly, couldn’t care less whose approval ratings are up or down, however…there is something I’d like to say. STOP INSULTING ONE ANOTHER!!! WHY CAN’T YOU PLAY NICE DURING THIS CHALLENGING TIME? Excuse … Continue reading

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