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Harvey’s Chicks Come Home To Roost

The papers are filled with producer, Harvey Weinstein’s, inappropriate behavior with just about every actress in Hollywood short of Lassie, though she may bark today. The legendary casting couch, has never been so featured. Seems daily, someone new joins the … Continue reading

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Good Writing

I’m reading essays by journalist, Pete Hamill, a favorite writer of mine.  If I had picked up, Piecework, earlier, it would have led my latest reading list. Compiled in 1996, I recall reading this collection then, but his writing has … Continue reading

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The Barista and the Paperboy

Love is in bloom, and at 5 a.m. no less. I’ve been watching it unfold for months now, like an exotic plant acclimating to a hotter climate. Charlotte, I’ll call her, is overweight, but so, so pretty, reminding me of … Continue reading

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Notes From The Carlyle – August, 2017

 I can’t believe it’s September. Summer, where did you go? I thought, before I put all my white away, I’d wear it, one more time to Bemelmans, to give it its seasonal sendoff. I know.  You would think I’d be … Continue reading

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Thongs, Laundry and the Ramones

I send my washing out, despite now having a lovely laundry at my disposal in the basement of my new building. Old habits die hard, what can I say? Jolly Chan’s, though he died 20 years ago and the business … Continue reading

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Manners At Large

I often write about the New York subway, it’s ups and downs, the good, bad and the ugly, so when I found myself facing a fellow, quite Kennedyesque…6 feet 3, tawny, rumpled hair waving with arrogance, I can’t claim to … Continue reading

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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

I see many things riding the New York subway. There’s the guy panhandling in three different languages accommodating the tourist crowd.  The gypsy guitar players who seranade you in-between stops.  School groups pinned together like paper dolls en route to … Continue reading

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Losing A Friend

It’s happening again.   Someone I love has packed their bags.  You’d think since my hearing loss I’d be used to it by now, but the truth is, it still hurts like hell. One feels as if you’re worth ten … Continue reading

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Birds do It…Bees Do It

And even squirrels in Central Park, it seems, do it like little gray porn stars. There I was in full stride when I see two of the randiest squirrels going at it like Liz and Dick.  I mean WOW…were they … Continue reading

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Ring Around The Collar…or…Sex On A Telephone Pole

A friend phoned and said, “Susannah, you don’t talk about sex enough.” Ya don’t say.  Okay, you horny heathen…this one’s for you. I’ve just been pondering my youthful libido I so wish could be willed to science since, she was … Continue reading

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