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Best Story of the Week…August 13th

I’m in front of my building, waiting for a food delivery. I get anxious and walk to the corner, looking for the regular delivery kid to come peddling down the street. There’s a nicely dressed young mom a few feet … Continue reading

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So Long Pete

Pete Hamill died on Wednesday at the impressive age of 85. He was everything I wanted to be as a writer: brave, passionate, prolific and humble, when people called out his name. I remember meeting him on Astor Place right … Continue reading

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Drunk, Naked and 16

In front of Starbucks…87th and Third – 6:00 a.m. I’m watching a young boy stagger down the street with his pants down around his ankles, and he can’t be more than 16. Obviously out all night, a quart of Jameson … Continue reading

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Best Story of the Week…Raccoons on Parade

Between Covid life, and the heat, people are getting up earlier. Nature, however, never alters her rhythms, no matter what. It’s daybreak, the prettiest time of the morning, as I make my way north. There are bikers to my right, … Continue reading

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A Little Story I’d Like To Share

I was on my way to a laundry with my bath mat cradled in my arms, when I happened to pass one I’ve never noticed before. A tiny, elderly Asian woman was in this little space, all alone folding sheets. … Continue reading

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Hoppy Birdday

It was my birthday, and a friend presented me with a massive bouquet of multicolored gladiolas with stems, almost as tall as me. I’m from Connecticut, so I can’t show my irritation since, one pink rose would have done it, … Continue reading

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Assault and Batteries

I’m in the Park as the sun is coming up, alone except for a pigeon who won’t take no for an answer. After stretching my calves the size of mangoes from all my years of running, take flight I see … Continue reading

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Colorful Women

Lately on my morning run, I see two women of a certain age, strolling, with beautiful scarves wrapped around their heads, Caribbean style. You see them like lights a half a mile away, their colors brushing the Park’s landscape like … Continue reading

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General Andrew Cuomo

New York has finally seen the day, without one virus fatality. After all we’ve been through, whoever would have thought. Governor Andrew Cuomo has done his work well, but as he’s already said, it’s not over yet. States that opened … Continue reading

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Recorded Events

A baby raccoon in the Park, was going from tree to tree, clearly forgetting where he lived. I so wanted to intervene and say, it’s happened to me many times, of course when I was 10 sheets to the wind … Continue reading

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