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Best Story of the Week…May 16

Central Park…first light As I’m cantering up Harlem Hill, otherwise known as Hamilton Heights, since it’s Alexander Hamilton’s old neighborhood, I see a young boy perched on the grass, elbows resting on his knees, selling bottled water. His cardboard sign … Continue reading

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A Valentine’s Day Story

I’m at Housing Works Thrift Shop sniffing around, hoping nothing major catches my eye, since last time I popped in, madam came home lugging a rocking chair. There’s a little Latino fella transfixed by a red and white bike that’s … Continue reading

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Run For Your Life

I run most mornings, and have since my 20s. I ran when few did, remembering being stopped in Italy by the police to find out what exactly I was running from. “Signorina, who is’a chaz’ing yooo’?” I’m convinced it’s one … Continue reading

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Outfielder, for the Yanks

I witnessed the funniest scene in the park with a Golden Labradoodle and his middle-aged master who were casually playing catch, until…. the ball went flying downhill at the speed of light, the Doodle in hot pursuit going faster and … Continue reading

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 I love listening to others talk, especially when I can actually hear them. The articulate verses the urban…sounds of slang and what’s correct. Often a word jumps out, getting my attention like this morning, eavesdropping on a burly fellow in … Continue reading

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The Rising Son

I rarely regret not having kids. When my biological clock began ticking loudly, I let it’s batteries run out with a sad, silent grace. If I couldn’t be a parent with a loving partner, I wasn’t about to go it … Continue reading

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Tits On The Bar

I used to be quite the femme fatale, though no longer, having retired my phone number like an all-star who plays no more. When I hit, I’d say, 58, I no longer had an interest in being the seductress, though … Continue reading

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It’s What You Do

I met a woman while stretching in the park. What I first noticed about her was, the emotional weight she seemed to carry along with some on her hips and thighs.  Since we were the only ones there, I decided … Continue reading

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Teed Off

My main goal in life, besides paying the rent, is to imbue joy and merriment everywhere I go, but every once in a while even Pollyanna pulls up anchor. I’m in Panera contemplating cookies, when a 7 foot tall man … Continue reading

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Be Safe

  Every morning, before the sun is up when I go out to run, the designated doorman never fails to say, be safe. He knows I’m headed to the park oblivious to the navy sky I’m about to jog under. … Continue reading

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