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A Day In The Life of a Thin Girl

4 a.m..sit-ups in the dark, a few leg raises…10 push-ups before peeing like an arthritic racehorse. 4:25…head under the sink, hair standing straight up like a troll doll…gargle…make bed. 4:55…out the door to Starbucks.  Stop at all-night fruit stand for … Continue reading

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Puppy, Clean and Pressed

 Meet Miles, my new neighbor on the 6th floor. We actually met in the laundry room when he popped out of a bath towel. I jumped, thinking he was a big rat since rumor has it, we had one the … Continue reading

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 The G train is a subway line running through Queens into Brooklyn I rarely take. As I wait on the platform longer than I should, when it does come surrounded by dust and fog, it makes me think of the … Continue reading

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Best Story Of The Week

My pal Hal’s wife, Kate, was once a flight attendant.  On one of her bicoastal flights, Lassie was seated in first-class. What an indelible image that must be. Were Lassie’s paws crossed while perhaps perusing the Daily Racing Form?  Did … Continue reading

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Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Baines Johnson

 This seems to be history week on since I feel the need to weigh in after seeing the film Jackie, that annoyed me on many levels,  starting with Natalie Portman’s over the top performance, but what I’d like to add … Continue reading

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Is That A Penis On Your iPhone, Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

I’m on the G train at 7 a.m. en route to Brooklyn. There’s a young Asian boy sitting next to me clearly on his way to school, 11 years old, maybe 12, Googling penises on his phone. At first I … Continue reading

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Manners At Large

I often write about the New York subway, it’s ups and downs, the good, bad and the ugly, so when I found myself facing a fellow, quite Kennedyesque…6 feet 3, tawny, rumpled hair waving with arrogance, I can’t claim to … Continue reading

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Mimi Mimi Me

Bad news.  Mimi, my former neighbor, cancelled her visit. The powers that be convinced her traveling in the cold was a bad idea.  Let me just say, they were wrong.  She’s such a hardy soul, for starters, who could certainly … Continue reading

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Christoper Morley…Writer

 Nothing is more exciting than making the acquaintance of an author you’ve never met before. A friend sent me a slim, well read library copy of The Haunted Bookshop, written in 1919 by Christopher Morley (1890-1957), a work of fiction … Continue reading

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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

I see many things riding the New York subway. There’s the guy panhandling in three different languages accommodating the tourist crowd.  The gypsy guitar players who seranade you in-between stops.  School groups pinned together like paper dolls en route to … Continue reading

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