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Bill Hicks…23 Years Ago Today

I wasn’t going to write about Bill this round, feeling a little uncomfortable after someone I like a lot, questioned our relationship, and what I’ve chosen to reveal. But then it didn’t feel right to let the day pass without … Continue reading

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Schmucks In Our Midst

Schmuck, from the Yiddish word smok meaning penis, according to Webster, is a foolish and contemptible person, a nice way of saying someone’s an asshole, or a dick, if you will. Sadly we encounter them when we least expect to. … Continue reading

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Show Off

I see a guy in just a T-shirt and no coat with biceps so big, you could sit on them and watch the game. One can’t help but to notice, not just their size, but that it’s 20 degrees out … Continue reading

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Just Call Me Red

A young red-headed father is carrying his identical offspring on his shoulders as they tool down Park.  You can feel his joy, like sudden sun, shining in your path. I sidle alongside and say to the little boy no more … Continue reading

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A Connecticut Christmas

I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother who loved Christmas. I always feel her over my shoulder whenever buying gifts, since I inherited my holiday leanings from her. Our house could have been a Hallmark ad the way she … Continue reading

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Put Up Your Nukes

  Am I never safe from the assholes of the world? I’m in Tiramisu, a cheap, casual bistro near my house, eating a little pasta.  I’m in a good mood since, when I’m done, will be heading to the library … Continue reading

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Best Story of the Week

I’m in Starbucks putting milk in my coffee standing between a middle-aged woman and a girl around 20. As I’m stirring I watch the younger one take a good 40 sugar packets she casually puts in her purse. The older … Continue reading

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Worst Story Of The Week

I’m walking home passing Park Avenue Synagogue when I see a well dressed, 40ish, African American man leaning against the wall by the back entrance with his head in his hands. Of course I stop. “Are you alright sir?” I … Continue reading

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Can A Leopard Change Her Spots?

I’ve never been a lover of animal prints.  Hey, I’m from Connecticut.  Back when I lived there, if you walked down Main Street in spots of any kind, they’d shoot you.They don’t call it The Nutmeg State for nothing. But … Continue reading

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Skirmish On Lex

A word you see often in Civil War books, and a favorite of mine since I have so many. A skirmish is an episode of irregular or unpremeditated fighting…a quarrel, tiff, spat or clash. I clashed alright, with a mean … Continue reading

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