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Living in the Day

Isak Dinesen wrote…the reason God made the world round was so we couldn’t see too far ahead. I’m a person who lives in the day. I learned this lesson in 12 Step ten years ago, practicing it best I can. … Continue reading

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Back In Step

I’ve been a member of Al-Anon, a 12-Step program for those affected by the aftershocks of alcohol, for 12 years. I stopped attending meetings due to my hearing loss, but two weeks ago, went back. It was the best decision … Continue reading

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Put Up Your Nukes

  Am I never safe from the assholes of the world? I’m in Tiramisu, a cheap, casual bistro near my house, eating a little pasta.  I’m in a good mood since, when I’m done, will be heading to the library … Continue reading

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Weathering Change

Change…I hate it.  If I had my way, I’d stand still into eternity. What’s bothering me now?  Life, and all its vagaries. Definition: an unexpected and inexplicable change in a situation or in someone’s behavior : the vagaries of the … Continue reading

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Helping Someone You Hate

I realize hate’s a strong word and whatever happened to, Love thy neighbor?  It’s in the back of the closet right next to honor thy father and thy mother.  Yeah well, both those ships have sadly sailed, though the first … Continue reading

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Happy With So Very Little

I ran into a girl I know who, when she asked what’s new and I said, not much…just on my way to the library to read said, “I always marvel Susannah, how you exist with so very little.” Not knowing … Continue reading

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When Crazy Comes A Callin

Tooling through my 6th decade, I’m very selective who I allow into my life.  It comes from years of making the error of not checking mental credentials. When you come from an alcoholic home, this becomes crucial. It’s no surprise … Continue reading

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In An Alcoholic Home

Both my parents were drinkers, and not of the modest variety. My father died of cirrhosis of the liver at forty, while my mother, with ice tinkling in her glass, terrorized everyone and everything in her path. Even the goldfish … Continue reading

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I Want To Hold Your Hand

I’ve had some issues lately quite humbling I won’t go into at this time, but my sense of observation has never been keener. There was a pretty, 40ish looking lady walking hand in hand with her daughter. What caught my … Continue reading

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The Fat Man Goeth

Before I launch into a much needed rant over my former ear doctor, please note I have nothing against those who are plump or heavy. This is aimed only at one particular individual with the bedside manner of a marsupial, … Continue reading

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