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Oh God

I was raised Catholic, though running for my life, my mother using God like a machete to scare me half to death, certainly a bad rap for the great creator. My God as of late is more casual, in a … Continue reading

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Lucky Dog

Lucky is a 15 year-old toy poodle who’s on his way to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. He belongs to Mr. Brooks Brothers, the man I see in Starbucks most mornings. I first saw them one Sunday more … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Real

I heard someone say, we need to stop fighting reality in order to be happy. It stopped me in my tracks since we do shadowbox with what is, something I already know, not accepting the things we cannot change, to quote … Continue reading

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January 1, 2017

A clean slate is how I’m looking at the day…an opportunity for change. Have you ever heard, the definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? 2016 for me was all about … Continue reading

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Going To The Hardware Store For Oranges

l love this expression since, though cleverly cryptic, says it all.  It’s when you have a need, secret or confidence you trust to the wrong person, coming away more bitch-slapped than comforted. I’ve been in an inexplicable swoon unable to … Continue reading

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Don’t Pick Up The Rope

I love this expression meaning, do not engage when provoked, surely an art to hone. I’m provoked on the hour by an assortment of irritants, from the woman across from me who leaves her wet garbage in the hall when … Continue reading

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When Crazy Comes A Callin

Tooling through my 6th decade, I’m very selective who I allow into my life.  It comes from years of making the error of not checking mental credentials. When you come from an alcoholic home, this becomes crucial. It’s no surprise … Continue reading

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Awaiting The Outcome

Anne Lamott said quoting Paul Tillich, the opposite of faith is certainty.  In other words, we always think we know what’s what as if we’re chronically writing a screenplay. The truth is, we know nothing. As some of you know, … Continue reading

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Seen Through Your Eyes

I’m still at a point in my writing where I care what the world thinks of me hesitating to shock with the inappropriate. For instance, there’s an essay in my pipeline called Cyberly F–ked I just can’t bring myself to … Continue reading

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Why They Call It Recovery

The proper definition of recovery is…a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength which says it in a nutshell. I often allude to 12 Step programs…borrowing slogans, chanting their rhetoric mainly because it’s helped me so. I … Continue reading

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