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Restraining Order

I never knew how much restraint I had until spontaneously, inviting a woman I know over for tea. She’s my age, a wife and mother, raised by decent parents with probably fewer vices than mine, yet her manners rival an … Continue reading

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No Worry Sunday

I’m neurotic by nature. It comes from being on my own for so long.  Having to cut and parry life’s many twists and turns single-handedly. Toss in coming from an alcoholic home, and it’s a wonder, I don’t spend my … Continue reading

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Mistaken Integrity

Two men come into a cafe. One is dressed to the nines, the other, rags.  He asks politely, if he sweeps the floor, would they give him breakfast.  “Just cafa an a roll,” he says.  The man in charge agrees. … Continue reading

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The Truth Shall Set You Free, but…

first will kick your ass. How true is that, to learn something horrifying, knocking you for a loop, allowing, once your heart rises off the mat, to move on…lighter, reclaiming the bounce in your step. We’re such tough, little creatures.  … Continue reading

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Altercation Number 3,454

One of my readers, David from Korea…greenwalledtower.wordpress.com, commented that I seem to offend the most interesting variety of people. I got a kick out of that…but guess what Dave, it happened again. Before boring you with the particulars, I realize, … Continue reading

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Don’t Just Do Something…Sit There

How hard is it to be patient? I’ll tell you how hard, it’s utterly excruciating. Right now my life is very quiet. It feels as though I’m watching it from the sidelines like a ballplayer forced to sit on the … Continue reading

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