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Best Story of the Week…July 19

Thursday…8 A.M It’s pouring. The kind of rain that drenches and drowns despite umbrellas, Wellies and yellow rain slickers. I’m tooling out of Starbucks with my birthday latte, yes, they treat you to the item of your choice if you … Continue reading

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The Red Socks

I’ll admit, I do tend to have strange encounters. I think it’s partly because I pay attention  like most writers, and I’m willing more often than not to engage…like this morning. It was pouring all day but I was determined … Continue reading

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When You Know It’s You

My impatience has reached a brand new high. I came to this conclusion after getting pissed at the microwave that was just taking a little too long to heat my soup. The other tip off was that I was yelling … Continue reading

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Wet and Wild

Last Friday when I was running the skies completely opened. When you find yourself in the middle of Central Park and it suddenly pours there’s nothing you can do except keep going. There isn’t even an awning you can huddle under … Continue reading

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Dinner and a Movie

I feel dinner and a movie, unless you’re indoors combining the 2, should be conducted separately. I went to a matinee on Friday. I was feeling blue and my pal Ali had given me a pass to a Lowes Theater … Continue reading

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