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Pollyanna…Shot Through the Heart

 For those of you who may not know, Pollyanna, the heroine in Eleanor H. Porter’s 1913 classic children’s book of the same name, is code for optimism. A Pollyanna is someone always opting for sunshine, rather than clouds. Definitely a … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Me Ed?

I’m a Bobby Kennedy fan. I even have his picture in a nice, silver frame on my window sill, so it’s not unusual for me to be reading about him still again, as in, Robert Kennedy, a Memoir, by Jack … Continue reading

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Letters Unsent

I am annoyed at so many people at the moment, I want to write and tell them so…scream on the page like a banshee with a pen. Makes me think of Abraham Lincoln who wrote many angry missives, he smartly, … Continue reading

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Hill And Don

I wish it were, Phil and Don, as in the Everly Brothers.  Oh come on, you remember them, they sang Wake Up Little Susie and Birddog? The truth is, I’m stunned by both of our presidential nominees, like a lamb … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Camille

I haven’t written about my glamorous pal lately, because I haven’t seen her, not since becoming besotted with a Cuban named Edmundo. It’s a pity when women get involved with a man, how they abandon everything else, like a heroin … Continue reading

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If I Had Money

I ‘d stand in front of Theory’s window drooling over their little spring dresses in beige and pink. Is that aqua I see peaking behind a bashful blue? Makes you want to pick up a Faulkner novel and read on … Continue reading

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Enduring Others

Jean Paul Sartre said…hell is other people. Come to find out, he wasn’t just whistling Dixie that Jean. I am so bogged down by the bad behavior of others that it’s a miracle I’m upright. You think you know who … Continue reading

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What So Proudly We Hail

Today is the 4th of July, a really big day in America’s history. It’s the day marking our independence from Britain thanks to the valor of many in a wretched seven year war.  I have to say I am involuntarily … Continue reading

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Presidents Day

First of all, if anyone cares, George Washington, aka ‘The Father of Our Country,’ who was at the helm obtaining our independence from Britain in 1776, was born on February 22nd (1732) not the 19th; furthermore I feel rather strongly … Continue reading

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The Plots Against The President

I never get tired of reading about the Roosevelts whether it be Teddy, Eleanor or Franklin. The book I recently finished, ‘The Plots Against The President,’ by Sally Denton is about Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of our greatest, beloved presidents … Continue reading

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