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A Little Tenderness

I’m in Starbucks crying, the happiness I promised myself nowhere to be found. While huddled in a corner wrapped in layers of wool, wondering if spring will ever come again, a baby in the tiniest red hoodie, toddles over to … Continue reading

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All That Is Golden

I just came back from paying a shiva call for Atticus Goldring, the 14 year-old Golden Retriever, Mattie and Roy, my former neighbors, lost over the weekend. Atti was riddled with arthritis, barely able to walk, so they took him … Continue reading

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Lady Lost

My holiday was spent quietly…sleeping, reading, strolling through the park with the dog next door. It was around 1 in the afternoon while lying in bed with Sarah Vowell rereading a book of hers for the third time, when out … Continue reading

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Puss and Boots

This morning, leaving Panera, I saw a young man sleeping in the entrance of the subway, his back facing the street.  He looked as if he was camping out sprawled on a blanket, his boots by his side. This is … Continue reading

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Heart Of A Lion

Was thinking, while running in the cold without earphones…all my life I’ve had to stand up for myself and how hard it is, especially when you’re a kid. It’s the one, running with no iPod plus…your mind opens like a … Continue reading

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The Can Man And Me

6:45 a.m. corner of 80th and Madison… There’s a man picking out all the cans and plastic bottles from the corner trashcan. I squeeze around him to mail a letter. He grabs my ankle causing me to almost fall and … Continue reading

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Humanity On 77th And Lex

When I was crawling home from the emergency room at 6 in the morning, a woman around my same age stopped me. She had a crumpled note in her hand with the directions to some shelter on it and that … Continue reading

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Hearts Cracked Open

Valentine’s Day is often referred to as a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ and I suppose in a way that’s true but for me, it has always served as a reminder of what’s really important. ‘LOVE…’ When all is said and done it’s … Continue reading

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