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Blessed Are The Peacemakers

I get so much shit, for being nice, pardon my parlance,¬†choosing to take the highroad since there’s less traffic on it, if you will. I’m amazed how often my cheerful countenance is challenged as though I suffer from some debilitating … Continue reading

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Pain Management

It sucks to be sensitive. How’s that for an opening line?¬† My feelings get hurt or at least jostled every fifteen minutes making me believe the callous shall inherit the earth because the rest of us will be too busy … Continue reading

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Blind Man’s Bluff

The train gets more and more interesting every time I take it. I’m on my way home nice and cozy sprawled in a seat, when an elderly, blind Black man gets on at 42nd Street. I immediately get up to … Continue reading

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East Meets West

Coming back on a crowded train, I watched a very homespun looking older gentleman, definitely a tourist, accidentally hit a Hispanic kid in the face with his elbow. OOPS If I had to guess, I’d say he hailed from Oklahoma … Continue reading

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Big Sticks

Teddy Roosevelt is my all-time favorite president for a pack of reasons. He was smart, bighearted, wrote and read prolifically, had courage and bluster, but not too much so not to weep when in 1918 Quentin, his youngest son’s plane, … Continue reading

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MRI On Rye, Hold The Noise

Well it’s over. I had my open MRI knocked out on Valium or Val, as I affectionately called her, on Saturday. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I gave in and took something. I had this moment … Continue reading

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Home At Last

I wanted to let everyone know that Traveller the cat and her 3 kittens have all been lovingly adopted and the best part is, they left in pairs. (See post 7/11/12 Three Little Kittens) Traveller and Joan of Arc now … Continue reading

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There are so many sad, awful animal stories that it’s nice to hear a happy one for a change. I was running along Central Park’s west side when I saw a white pit bull happily rolling in the grass. You … Continue reading

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