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Take Care of Those You Love

Erica, I’ll call her, came to me in tears, because Allen, I’ll call him, left her. Should have known something was up when she asked if I had any scotch to put in her coffee. It was 8 a.m. Can’t … Continue reading

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I’ll Never Tell

I hate being in the position when someone says, don’t tell anyone what I’m about to say…promise me. You’re suddenly saddled with a secret you never wanted to know to begin with. And let’s face it, the moment one person … Continue reading

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Marriage Below Sea Level

I truly don’t understand the modern family. It was Sunday, so I knew everybody, who wasn’t at their country house, was at brunch….New York’s favorite weekend pastime. There I was serenely eating my avocado and walnut salad when a family … Continue reading

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Maternal Stirrings

Last Friday I posted a rather private essay about my mother called I Remember Mama. In my own defense, I’m working on being more candid over what I write, and that includes what’s painful for me. My friend Peter from … Continue reading

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I Remember Mama

My mother suffered from what I like to call connubial ennui. House cleaning, laundry and especially my father just weren’t enough to hold her interest. What she needed was a job, but my father refused to let her work. To … Continue reading

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Memoir Unrequited

I make no bones about how much I love to read, memoir in particular. To read someone’s life story is such a privilege providing they tell the truth. I feel teased and misled when a writer holds back. Candor is … Continue reading

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I spent last night in bed with Carrie Fisher. Let me rephrase that. I spent last night in bed with Shockaholic, the new book by Carrie Fisher. I read it in one long sitting along with a bag of Fig … Continue reading

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Love On One Side

I think unrequited love might be the most painful love of all. Have you ever had utmost affection for someone who didn’t feel the same about you? The first time this happened to me was in grammar school. I was … Continue reading

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