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Buoys in the Water

Yesterday as I was leaving my building, a woman from an upper floor was weeping on the arm of the doorman who was helping her to the elevator. Despite being 3 in the afternoon, she was in her bathrobe. I … Continue reading

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Shame on HU-mer

You know where I’d be without my sense of humor? In the nearest nuthouse, that’s where. Apparently my silly little Beagle piece https://athingirl.com/2018/10/ was not received well by someone, feeling it necessary to send me a personal email to tell … Continue reading

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They Love Me, They Love Me Not

 A therapist I once had, called it the vacillation dance, when one minute, you’re the toast of someone’s life, the next, toast. She explained it as having intimacy issues.  My explanation rang truer…it was just plain, fucked up behavior. The … Continue reading

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Back In Step

I’ve been a member of Al-Anon, a 12-Step program for those affected by the aftershocks of alcohol, for 12 years. I stopped attending meetings due to my hearing loss, but two weeks ago, went back. It was the best decision … Continue reading

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It might have been easier to write about levis, but here it goes. Sometimes I see mothers with their babies sporting the same face…or a dad and his son who walk alike, long legs, just in two different sizes. It’s … Continue reading

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A Connecticut Christmas

I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother who loved Christmas. I always feel her over my shoulder whenever buying gifts, since I inherited my holiday leanings from her. Our house could have been a Hallmark ad the way she … Continue reading

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Helping Someone You Hate

I realize hate’s a strong word and whatever happened to, Love thy neighbor?  It’s in the back of the closet right next to honor thy father and thy mother.  Yeah well, both those ships have sadly sailed, though the first … Continue reading

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Last Call

I have stopped drinking, for how long, I don’t know.  But having that alcoholic gene passed down from my parents, those yield signs are flashing. Dave Attell, a comic I love says, he drinks to quiet the voices.  My father … Continue reading

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When Crazy Comes A Callin

Tooling through my 6th decade, I’m very selective who I allow into my life.  It comes from years of making the error of not checking mental credentials. When you come from an alcoholic home, this becomes crucial. It’s no surprise … Continue reading

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Feeling Unlovable

My dear, sweet, late mother would always say, how unlovable I am.  It was an awful thing to tell a child.  I grew up thinking this was true, and that’s why men cheated, lied and eventually left. After years of … Continue reading

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