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Susannah’s Spring, Summer Reading List…2021

I’ve been on a French kick… so try picturing me in a beret with an Hermes scarf tied coquettishly around my neck, humming Frère Jacques. Books can do that, change your identity so even your own mother wouldn’t know you. … Continue reading

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The Full Monty

There’s an elderly French couple living in my building I’ve come to know. They walk arm in arm, taking the air, moored happily in each other’s longtime company. I love how they look, elegantly plain without fuss, his white hair … Continue reading

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Une Toilette

Why does everything sound so much better in French? My day didn’t start off too well, my toilet, for no apparent reason refusing to flush. Now it wasn’t as if a Marine slept over, so it was just being old … Continue reading

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Sans Culottes

Sans culottes is French for no undies…a state I’m often in, especially in the heat. I shed everything possible, having tremendous understanding of the nudist’s mentality. I had an appointment for my annual skin scan when my dermatologist dons a … Continue reading

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Notes From The Carlyle – September, 2015

  So here I sit on a mission, at least that’s my excuse for being here.  My friend Alex is working on a cover for my collection of Carlyle pieces I hope to assemble into a book.  He wants an … Continue reading

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Crying At Two Percent

I can never walk past anyone weeping, I don’t care who it is, always having to stop to see if there’s anything I can do. The answer is usually no, but feel the mere acknowledgement of someone’s pain makes it … Continue reading

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On The Books

My summer reading has been very eclectic so far. It kicked off with Jane Austen, Nora Ephron and E.B. White segueing into John Waters, Antonia Fraser and a mass of books on 9/11. Since my hearing issues I read more … Continue reading

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Bon Mots

Bon mots is French, for good words, something I try to practice. I’ve learned to think before speaking spreading more cheer than dissension. This came about because of all the ingenuous, silly remarks made to me by people who should … Continue reading

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Let Freedom Ring

If you were to ask me what women I admire most, Lady Liberty would be in my top three. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t so hot I’d be in a robe and tiara myself, not shorts and … Continue reading

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The Nightgown

Self-care comes in many guises. It’s the manner in which we choose to live and the overall way we treat ourselves: how we eat, the amount of sleep we get, the way we keep our homes. Everything we do reflects … Continue reading

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