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Closed Temporarily

I remember when Woody Allen was asked, what was his favorite word in the English language, and he said, benign. If I were asked that right now, I’d say, temporarily. It’s what all the shops along Madison Avenue have printed … Continue reading

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Horsin’ Around

I’ve always loved horses. If you were to visit me, you’d find a dozen framed photos and posters throughout my house. I have no idea where my equestrian streak stems from, but it’s there, ignited at a moment’s notice, bringing … Continue reading

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The Comfort Of History

This shutdown business has me quite undone. I can’t believe it’s still unresolved without any end in sight. What about those of us inside the wall? I went to my bookcase taking down an atlas on past presidents: Lincoln, FDR, … Continue reading

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Things You May Not Know

I love trivia, the stuff that’s not mainstream, but should be since it’s always so fascinating, along with entertaining. Did you know P.T. Barnum’s initials stood for Phineas Taylor? Or, that Napoleon insisted his wife, Josephine, didn’t bathe because he … Continue reading

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Worst Story of the Week…September 27

I was accosted at Starbucks by a guy I know who reads my blog. Why, has always been a mystery since he seems to HATE everything I write. As I was putting in my customary 25 packets of sugar into … Continue reading

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A Word That Sizzles

I’m reading a book about George H.W. Bush by the esteemed writer, Jon Meecham (Destiny and Power…The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush), and a line jumped out at me… Bush appreciated steadiness over sizzle… Letting it roll around … Continue reading

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Ten Things You May Not Know

1) Out of the 3000 people who died at The World Trade Center (323 firefighters), 1100 were never found…bones and all disappearing into the earth’s atmosphere. 2) Theodore Roosevelt, out of 42 American Presidents, was the only one born and … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned From The West Wing

I’m here humming Hail To The Chief.  I thought this was a perfect day to post this now that the election is over. It also made me remember why I loved The West Wing so much. Watching how the government … Continue reading

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Flawed With Grace

After finishing the Jefferson book (Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power) I mused over how much we’ve assaulted him concerning his personal life and just how often we do that in general. Americans in particular are never happy unless we’re … Continue reading

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Shaken and Stirred

Yes, it sounds like I’m describing a cocktail of sorts when actually I’m referring to the feeling of fear or as they break it down in 12 Step – false evidence appearing real. I like that explanation – it makes … Continue reading

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