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Recorded Events

A baby raccoon in the Park, was going from tree to tree, clearly forgetting where he lived. I so wanted to intervene and say, it’s happened to me many times, of course when I was 10 sheets to the wind … Continue reading

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The Politeness of Puppies

Punctilio, a fancy word for good manners, not that you hear it a lot, but when you do, it reminds us of a different time when politeness wasn’t so rare. Etiquette, rules of conduct, or just the customary code for … Continue reading

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Voyeurs Anonymous

 It’s no secret I’m an avid observer…how else would I have so much nonsense to write about. I found myself, in the park, over the weekend, watching two squirrels play.  They were taking turns chasing one another…up a tree, down … Continue reading

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Have We Met?

I was perusing past posts to see just how many times I’ve written about animals. It’s amazing how often I have had a four-legged experience to share. Get ready because here comes another one. My love for them influences the … Continue reading

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