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Read Me Because I’m Compelling

I know, such a haughty title…but so be it. We writers want an audience, we’d be lying if we claimed differently. This writer however, would rather have readers who truly loved her writing than the old…if you read me, I’ll … Continue reading

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Writing Badly

Writer Anne Lamott says it’s perfectly okay to write shitty drafts.  How the hell can you get to the fruit of your story if you don’t start somewhere. We all want to be brilliant our first time up at bat, … Continue reading

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Susannah’s Summer Reading List

I make no bones about reading.  Other than writing and laughing, it’s my favorite thing to do.  I’m always amazed how many people don’t read.  If you haven’t the time to sit and kick your feet up, you could listen … Continue reading

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Awaiting The Outcome

Anne Lamott said quoting Paul Tillich, the opposite of faith is certainty.  In other words, we always think we know what’s what as if we’re chronically writing a screenplay. The truth is, we know nothing. As some of you know, … Continue reading

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Rising Above The Unknown

I posted another short essay hoping to be a part of a group called Friday Fictioneers. Since 6 a.m. I’ve been trying to link my story to their site, to no avail. I have instructions printed out, and still can’t … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Peanut Gallery

A peanut gallery, according to Webster, is a group of people who criticize someone, often by focusing on insignificant details. In other words, a pack of miserable fuckers who never learned, if you can’t say something nice, then shut the … Continue reading

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Incense Survivor

I read this term in an Anne Lamott book deciding it described my feelings toward Catholicism perfectly, being the recovering Catholic I am. It also reminded me, Easter is upon us.  It was always my favorite holiday, even now, at … Continue reading

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Seeing An Old Friend

Winter encourages hibernation. It’s as though the neighborhood carefully tucks itself  away till spring. But like daffodils and tulips, once it hits, everyone is back out…including me. I’ve been quite melancholy lately over a number of things nothing seems to … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures

I used to have a much bigger life, first as a decently paid model then as the girlfriend of a well-to-do man. I traveled, attended parties and charity events along with eating out every night. It explains why I never … Continue reading

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Love Bats Last

Love Bats Last resonates because I know how true it is. I don’t care what anyone says. My shrink so disagrees with this…wonders where my need to be so nice stems from? He sweetly calls me a people pleaser…a do-gooder…an … Continue reading

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