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Shove Thy Neighbor

I’m in the elevator with a woman in a fur coat I think lives on 12.  She’s in her 80s, still snappily dressed, but occasionally stalls like a Chevy forgetting where she’s parked. I was told by her daughter, if … Continue reading

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Une Toilette

Why does everything sound so much better in French? My day didn’t start off too well, my toilet, for no apparent reason refusing to flush. Now it wasn’t as if a Marine slept over, so it was just being old … Continue reading

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Murder At Midnight

It’s very hard for me to kill anything having that Quaker/Shaker thing that says, I truly don’t have the right. That said, I massacred a moth in my kitchen Swiffing him to death heartsick ever since. He moved in a … Continue reading

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Howdy Neighbor

A family moved across the hall from me. It came as a surprise since I thought there was just one woman. Turns out there are four of them stuffed into this tiny apartment including a seven year-old boy. I met … Continue reading

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Laying Pipe

We had a pipe break in our building that happened to pass through my bathroom. Four men have been here for three days replacing it. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone and any minute Rod Serling will come … Continue reading

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In Heat

A friend just told me he has so much heat in his apartment he’s wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I, on the other hand, have on two coats. There’s so much snow coming down I just may change my name … Continue reading

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Flushed And Frosted

My heat is off…again. I went to bed like an Eskimo buried so far beneath my covers I worried I’d smother. I kept sticking my head out for air, to make sure I was still alive. My landlady, who’s nice … Continue reading

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Hark, Is That Sex You’re Having?

It’s awful when you can’t sleep, unless of course you’re an owl or raccoon…or cocaine addict who prefers it that way. From taking so much Prednisone for my ongoing hearing issues, my whole being is out of whack. I sleep … Continue reading

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I’m All Shook Up

Why am I all shook up? Because Millicent, the little Asian girl upstairs is about to give birth to Japan. She is so big I’m truly worried she’s going to tip over. The smallest of women carrying this force has … Continue reading

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Sex On The Second Floor

You read about buildings like mine in novels and cheesy screenplays never thinking they actually exist. That prewar 7 story structure now wedged in-between the garish new. Despite its issues, it continues to stand but unless, like me, you’re a … Continue reading

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