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Best Story of the Week…June 28

A young, what I call, weekend Dad, is proudly strolling down the Avenue with his 2 year-old son toddling beside him, pushing a stroller with one hand, holding his tiny hand in the other, when he starts to violently cough… … Continue reading

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Why I Love Little Kids

 Because they remind me to lighten the fuck up and smell the roses. You see a baby in a stroller, cooing and gurgling, having a grand old time in the moment needing so little for their amusement, like playing with … Continue reading

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Babies, Back To One

I recently worked with a set of little girl triplets that set my heart on fire. . I didn’t see them come in, with their minute Irish mom they were the spitting image of, trailed by two doting nannies. There … Continue reading

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Look Who’s Talking

Remember the movie when Kirstie Alley plays the mom and Bruce Willis did the voice of the baby? I was sitting on a bench in front of Dean and Deluca, a neighborhood coffee joint, when a woman came by parking … Continue reading

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Sweet Interlude

As I was walking down 86th Street a woman holding a baby was coming towards me.  She was pointing to a tree explaining its blossoms.  I loved how intensely the child listened as if he understood every word she said. … Continue reading

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

I’m here wrapped in blankets perusing Google Images. I went from food to cats to Chanel and ended up at babies. How cute are they. I’d take a little off the back if I were you. I know…I’m gonna pull … Continue reading

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Accessorized To Death

Why me? Why do I have to be the one to witness a baby being tortured with jewelry at 10 o’clock in the morning? I was on my way to a go-see for a post-menopausal drug…yes, this is what happens … Continue reading

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Tiny Packaging

Carmela, the basset hound, and I were lounging on a park bench having a much needed siesta, when a very imposing baby carriage pulled up next to us. You would have thought it was a Rolls the way its driver … Continue reading

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Mama Pangs

I had lunch at a little Italian place on the Upper West Side. I like how the whole front opens so as you eat, regardless of where you’re seated, one can discreetly watch the world go by. They also make … Continue reading

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I’ll Take 3, No Ice

I met a woman standing in line at the post office with triplets; a boy and two girls. After twenty minutes of staring at triplicate everything – blankets, booties, bibs, I sidled up next to her and said, “I think … Continue reading

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