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We’re designed to get through everything, big and small, so the way we’re adapting to the presence of a pandemic should come as no surprise. We’re such a great model we humans are, IKEA could easily sell us in plexiglass … Continue reading

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A Miss Understanding

I hate being called ma’am. It makes me think of my grandmother when she’d roll her stockings down to her ankles, to cool off, she’d say. It sure must have cooled off Grampa. It explained all those Miss Rheingold Posters … Continue reading

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The Wounders

It’s the latest genre of behavior going around, and it’s not pretty.  People who go through life cut and parrying when you’re not even carrying a sword. It’s a pity a preventable shot wasn’t available. A guy I know in … Continue reading

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In A Manner of Speaking

The definition of manners is a person’s outward bearing or way of behaving toward others: his arrogance and pompous manner | a shy and diffident manner… polite or well-bred social behavior : didn’t your mother teach you any manners? • … Continue reading

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Cautionary Tails

An incident that occurred a while back when I was in the park with my friend Jennifer and her dog Anthony has come to mind. What inspired it was hearing a woman scream to another woman while she was on … Continue reading

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