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Uncouth Youth

Just when you think, you’ve seen everything. I’m standing in the express line at Whole Foods.  There’s a teenager, all of 15, in front of me, and a very old man with a cane, in front of her. I see … Continue reading

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Tall Dark And Rude

I’m beginning to think I attract schmucks since there seems to be something about me they love. There were at least a dozen other women in all shapes and sizes on the number 6 train headed downtown, but this particular … Continue reading

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The Punch And Susie Show

When did your average supermarket turn into the Roman Coliseum? I half expect a lion to come up behind me toting a rib roast. The aggression in the check-out aisle for example is really getting out of hand. Life With … Continue reading

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How Much Do You Want It?

I had an early appointment downtown this morning so as I waited to cross 79th Street I watched an older man I actually knew, jump in front of a well-dressed woman to steal a cab.   This sadly is common behavior … Continue reading

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I Could Have Been Home Reading

Blind dates were meant for the blind. What possessed me to listen to Trudy, who everyone knows would go out with a parking meter if it had an expense account, is a mystery. I have no one to blame but … Continue reading

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Murder Inc.

Before I begin just know this won’t be one of my cheerier posts. I am vilely upset with the contemptible, reprehensible, disgraceful there are at least 100 more adjectives I’d like to use, ‘medical profession.’ I’m about to write Congress … Continue reading

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